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The most popular man in the world, I have heard, is Steve Browne.  As a newbie on the Blog Squad for SHRM#18 and a podcaster, I was looking for a guest to interview before the actual conference.  Once I saw Steve’s great smile and realized he actually walked his talk, I reached out.  You can hear the entire interview, How to Build Relationships Within Your Workforce with Steve Browne on the Businesses that Care Podcast below.

As the Vice President Director of Human Resources for LaRosa’s, Inc., Steve has created a workforce where people truly care about one another.

Understanding the importance of relationships in business as I do, it was inspiring to listen to Steve talk about how he turned a policy driven workforce into a people driven culture.  The first action he took was none at all.  For three months he watched and listened.  That in itself is a valuable lesson to learn in any situation. 

In our half hour conversation Steve shared some important points to creating a culture where people want to come to work and are proud of the work they do.  Steve wants to be their “safe haven”.  It takes time, but once that relationship is established, your workforce feels more like a family. In most family situations you are more protective, loyal and focused.  The benefits in an organization that conveys this type of atmosphere, gets the same results.

Another point that Steve made was how important it is to accept the fact that people bring their life to work.  I don’t think a work life balance exists because I don’t see them as separate.  I like the idea of finding a work/life harmony.  Steve’s and LaRosa’s understanding of this makes a workforce where people stay a long time.  You might not think you would find a pizza delivery woman stay for 20 years, but at LaRosa’s, it’s happening. 

If you really want to see what Steve is all about, then watch him deliver his wit and wisdom on Tuesday at 10:45, Cultures that ROCK! Five Proven Ways to Develop and Sustain a Phenomenal Workplace or Wednesday, June 20, HR on Purpose!! Five Ways to Own, Lead and Integrate HR Throughout Your Organization.

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