A #SHRM17 Interview with Neen James

I have not had the pleasure of meeting speaker/writer Neen James in real life yet, but it will probably be a highlight of SHRM17.  I have connected and communicated with Neen James via social media on a couple of platforms and found her to be energetic, bright and a ball of fun. Oh, and did I mention smart?

Check out the following discussion and see if you are like me and looking forward to seeing her on the Smart Stage and interacting with her afterwards, as you stand in line to buy her book and get is signed.

JJ  What key highlights would an HR practitioner gain from reading your book? Why do you think that?

NJ  Folding Time is filed with practical strategies every HR professional can apply immediately at work and home. Each chapter also features a page called ‘Accelerate’ this lists bullet points for the main learnings in that chapter (it’s like the cheat sheet for the chapter). It is a book the designed for people who don’t have time to read!

You don’t have time to do everything, only time to do what matters. This book provides a clear model of how to achieve TWICE as much in HALF the time. With practical tips for managing your time, attention and energy this book benefits you personally and professionally and it’s easy to share with those you lead and serve.

·         Learn how to conquer your world in just 15-minute increments.

·         Learn how to say no… nicely!

·         Learn the difference between planners, crammers and slammers and discover your productivity style.

·         Learn tips for managing your massive to-list

·         Learn how to prioritize everything so you feel like you can get more done

JJ  Are there other key points from your session that you feel HR practitioners would learn from that are outside your book?

NJ  Attention Pays: In a world that is so distracted where leaders are overwhelmed, overstressed, and overtired… HR leaders profit by paying attention. Paying attention increases profitability, productivity and accountability. All vital deliverables for anyone leading and managing people. In this Attention Advantage session at the SMART stage we will share with you how to pay INTENTIONAL attention. The book Folding Time shares strategies for managing time and attention and your personal energy. We have two SMART stage sessions so join me Monday AND Wednesday! So excited #happylittleAussie

JJ  What is a book you’d recommend, other than your own, that HR folks would benefit from? It doesn’t have to be a straight HR book.

NJ  Significance by Jon Petz. This book shares a story of how to create more significance each day. In Folding Time we talk about getting more done so we can create more moments that matter. Jon Petz book is a great compliment to this thinking.

JJ What speakers do you plan to see at SHRM17 and why?

NJ  Jon Petz because he is an exceptional presenter and always provides such value to his audiences, and I always learn by watching him.

Kat Cole and Patrick Lecioni will provide enormous value to the audience!

David Horsager is a great presenter and his work in Trust is vital for every HR professional.

So many great sessions I wish I could clone myself and go to them all!

Neen James will be delivering her presentation on Folding Time from the Smart Stage at Monday at 12:40 p.m. and Wednesday at 10:25 a.m. with Folding Time book signings to follow immediately in the SHRMStore.




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