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A recent study by SHRM indicated two-thirds of companies hiring full-time employees are experiencing troubles recruiting for open jobs. The reason? Recruitment advertising is about ten years behind in HR; Beyond, The Career Network, has made it very clear that this needs a reboot. Changes come fast in this industry, but are we focusing on changes that matter? The responsibility of finding a job has been delegated to the job seeker, and recruiters have to get extra tactical if they want to reach candidates who aren’t actively searching for new jobs.
Catching up with candidates of course means meeting them where their “watercooler” is, but where is that? Is it in job boards? Social media? Beyond likes to refer to this new approach as recruitment media. I asked Joe Weinlick, Beyond’s Senior Vice President of Marketing, a few questions about what they’re presenting at #SHRM2017 at Booth 738.
What’s going on at SHRM this year at booth 738?
“We have a juggler, mime, clown, a live band, a giant countdown clock and one big change,” said Weinlick. “Everything we know and practice in recruitment is dated and I think everyone is ready for a shift; this year, we’re coming to SHRM with forward-thinking approaches, and, a little show to go along with it,” Weinlick said.
I’m on the edge of my seat! I talked with Joe to gain a better understanding of what this “new” approach is (recruitment media as they refer it) what it means for HR and candidates, how it works, how it differs from traditional job boards and recruitment advertising… and most importantly, what’s with all these characters!
Q. What’s this “show” you guys are putting on at #SHRM2017?
I can’t fully disclose too many details on what exactly we’re bringing to SHRM (you’ll have to come see for yourself), but essentially, we’re presenting the #SHRM2017 audience with a “mystery surprise” on Sunday night - we’re hyping up the audience with a handful of performers, those that usually indicate the element of surprise and good times (i.e. a juggler, clown, a countdown clock, a mime, a NOLA band). We’re talking about this new recruitment media approach, but that’s not the only twist. In fact, we want everyone to gather around the booth at 5:55pm (sharp!), and encourage them to countdown with us to reveal the next big thing in talent acquisition.
Q. Why did you chose to reveal at SHRM?
SHRM Annual is the biggest HR show in the U.S., so if we want to reach a broad audience that includes not just recruiting professionals, but everyone in HR, SHRM Annual is the place to be. And New Orleans is a great venue. We love that this year SHRM Annual is in one of the most distinctive cities in the nation. So, great show, great city, great place to create some excitement around our reveal.
Q. What does the show mean to Beyond every year?
SHRM Annual has become our rallying cry every year! Our product development queue is often organized around June launches, and through the years we have launched many innovations at SHRM. We go to a lot of shows, but we can't match the excitement that comes from exhibiting at SHRM Annual.
We've also developed a great relationship with the attendees. We've run our t-shirt "spotter" program for years, and every year we give away a few thousand t-shirts to people who are willing to put them on and wear them at the show, then every hour we give away $100 to someone who is walking around the show wearing our t-shirt. We now have people stopping by our booth eager to see what this year's t-shirt design is! We've even had people show up wearing last year's t-shirt as they ask for a new one.
It's an awesome experience, and we enjoy being part of the SHRM community.
Q. Why do you enjoy reaching out to the blog squad every year?
Bloggers are on the forefront of industry innovation. They are always looking to what's next--so they are a great audience for honest feedback on what we are doing, they help push us to innovate, and they've also been nice enough to share some of our news and announcement that they found newsworthy for their audiences. And, on a personal note, they are a fun group to hang out with.
Q. Let’s talk about this approach you’re bringing with the countdown, what is recruitment media?
Simply put, recruitment media refers to the breadth of tactics and places that we can use to put your recruitment marketing and branding message in front of the right audiences at the right time. These tactics include job advertising, email marketing, text messaging, retargeting, and resume search. Why limit your exposure to job boards when we have the ability to reach candidates wherever they live, work, or play?  Instead of relying on job advertising first, and then trying other tactics if that doesn’t work, a recruitment media plan starts with a cohesive multi-channel strategy.
Q. How is a recruitment media strategy different than job advertising?
Job advertising is  a type of recruitment media that typically involves advertising one job—one position in one location—and providing a job description from which candidates can apply. It is the foundation of any campaign, because it provides a way for any interested candidates to see and engage with your job. Only the most active candidates, however, typically engage from job advertising alone. A recruitment media strategy is an integrated plan to reach potential candidates in a variety of methods. Some of these methods might increase their likelihood to apply when they see a job. Others might lead them to a career site. Some, like text messaging, might skip the apply process to start direct conversations with high demand candidates.
Q. Why should HR consider a recruitment media strategy?
This method of outreach doesn’t limit you to active or passive candidates. You can combine the broad reach of traditional job boards with the brand exposure of retargeting and the engagement of text and email messaging. Many companies already have recruitment media strategies today, and use a variety of tactics for recruiting and building their employer brand. These existing strategies aren’t always closely integrated, which is where the real power comes from.
Q. The word passive candidate is used a lot today—some would say overused. What is a passive candidate?
Passive candidates are those who aren’t actively searching for new positions in other companies, but are open to offers. These are professionals who likely have a job, and may even be happy in that job, but are still willing to consider another job if it is attractive enough. According to a recent survey we conducted, only 14% of employees were actively looking for jobs, but 58% were open to offers. Those passive candidates who aren’t active but open to offers are harder to engage than active candidates, but there are many more of them.
Q. How do you reach passive candidates?
Passive candidates aren’t going to go running to your social channels or may never visit your website. These candidates require a tactical approach. Text and email campaigns help target selective candidates–who may look at jobs but rarely apply. And retargeting and display advertising extends outside of the job world to present company recruitment messaging wherever people may be.
We’ll have our whole executive team there to smooth out all the edges on this new angle of recruiting, but I promise you won’t want to miss out what we have in stock for both thought leaders in the space and practicing HR pros. Looking forward to the big day!
Beyond is making every effort to push HR beyond the job ads, beyond the job boards, and create a more effective approach to every candidate. With this integrated marketing approach, we can make better recruitment decisions for years to come.
Learn more about Beyond’s shifts.


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