A Q&A with #SHRM19 Exhibitor J. J. Keller & Associates, Inc.


As a Human Resources Professional from Wisconsin, I wanted to feature some of the exhibitors from my home state that will be sharing information about their products and services at the 2019 SHRM Annual Conference and Exposition. One of these Wisconsin based exhibitors is J. J. Keller & Associates, Inc. from Neenah, Wisconsin. I had the opportunity to ask several questions to Becca Brown, marketing & communications specialist and Katy Diekfuss, senior marketing director about their organization and what they J. J. Keller has to offer attendees at #SHRM19.

For those that may not be familiar with J. J. Keller, could you tell us a little about your Neenah, Wisconsin based company and your products and services?

I’m proud to represent J. J. Keller & Associates, Inc. because J. J. Keller is the nation’s most respected name in safety and regulatory compliance. Ultimately, we help businesses keep employees safe and treat them fairly.

Since J. J. Keller began as a one-man consulting firm in 1953, we’ve grown to over 1,400 associates serving more than 600,000 customers — including 90 percent of the Fortune 1000® companies. Our subject-matter expertise spans nearly 1,500 topics, and our diverse solutions include training via online courses, streaming video or DVD; online management tools; managed services; consulting services; publications; ELogs and mobile technology; forms and supplies. You can find more about our products and services at JJKeller.com.

HR professionals rely on J. J. Keller’s in-house expertise and wide selection of products and services addressing critical HR topics — including FMLA, ADA, HIPAA, FLSA, and employment law — to reduce risk and improve compliance and performance management.

As an industry expert in employment law, transportation, safety and compliance for over 60 years, what some ways that J. J. Keller can assist human resources professionals and their organizations in these important areas?

At J. J. Keller, we’ll help ensure your people are safe, your operation is compliant, and you’re implementing best practices to maintain that level of diligence and excellence—to both sustain your operation and elevate it to the next level.

Our subject-matter experts keep tabs on the latest employment law changes, pending changes and trending topics. We’ll ensure you have the most up-to-date information available. And you can rely on our products and services to stay in compliance with key issues such as training, hiring, drug testing, discrimination, employee leave, classification of employees, minimum wage, and labor law postings.

How many years have you been exhibiting at the SHRM Annual Conference, and how does the SHRM Annual Conference and Exhibition compare in size and scope to other venues where J. J. Keller exhibits?

J. J. Keller has been an exhibitor at the SHRM Annual Conference for 15 years. We know the HR professionals at this conference share our dedication to employees and creating safe, respectful workplaces for them. So, we always look forward to the conversations we’ll have, the questions we can answer and the new people we’ll meet at our booth.

Every conference J. J. Keller attends has its unique focus. Some, for example, might focus on workplace safety – and that’s a great fit for J. J. Keller as well. But the SHRM Annual Conference is the biggest HR event we attend, and the professionals we interact with here are some of the most engaged and passionate we’ve seen. We like to help HR professionals with the big picture of creating better workplaces and also the specific programs and details of safety and compliance.

In the area of compliance, what are some of current issues that pose the most significant risks to human resources professionals and their organizations if not addressed properly?

An overarching theme that poses a significant compliance risk for HR professionals is increasing frequency or speed of state and local law changes. If your company isn’t on top of these changes, you face a risk of being out of compliance in a number of areas. Specifically, HR professionals need to understand changing requirements related to sexual harassment prevention, workplace violence preparedness, pregnancy accommodation laws, employee leave, gender identity/sexual orientation discrimination, the ever-changing marijuana laws, drug testing policies, a new pay data requirement from the EEOC, correct classification of employees as exempt or non-exempt, posting compliance, and ignoring compliance requests. There’s a wealth of information J. J. Keller can share about these topics – and more – as HR professionals strive to keep pace with the changes.

What can conference attendees expect to see when they visit your booth (#2734) at the Las Vegas Convention Center? Any hints on the kinds of giveaways and any drawings that you may have for attendees?

Stop by the J. J. Keller booth, and you’ll see some incredible new training programs: One is Sexual Harassment Prevention training. We’re using a completely new approach to prevent sexual harassment, empowering bystanders to really change how unwanted and unlawful harassment is addressed in the workplace. Another new training program is on how to prepare for, survive and recover from active shooter/active threat situations in the workplace. Both of these are powerful programs loaded with information that is easy to retain and easy to employ.

Also in our booth, you’ll get a sneak peek at completely immersive, virtual reality, or VR, training program we’re testing for concept. The topic for the VR experience is sexual harassment prevention in the workplace, and participants will go through a number of scenarios and choose what action to take given the scenario. It’s cutting- edge and very memorable!

For games this year, we’re breaking out a crowd favorite, Plinko-style game! It’s fun, it’s easy and the prizes are really cool. Take a few minutes and put J. J. Keller on your agenda. You’ll be happy you did.

What are some top takeaways that attendees should take back to their organizations to consider partnering with J. J. Keller?

  1. J. J. Keller is dedicated to helping professionals – like SHRM members – with their toughest compliance challenges, and our internal team of experts makes it all possible.
  2. We offer a wide and diverse set of solutions to companies of any size advance in their compliance journey. We have new, must-see solutions for critical topics, including sexual harassment prevention, workplace violence, and safety management.
  3. If you’re in any of the following industries or professionals we should talk:
  • Human Resources
  • Fleet & Transportation
  • Environmental, Health & Safety

For our attendees that may have never visited Wisconsin, could you describe what a visitor to Neenah, Wisconsin might experience by visiting your headquarters city and the Fox Valley?

The J. J. Keller Corporate Campus and our local offices are located in Wisconsin’s Fox River Valley – not far from historic downtown Neenah, where the company first began. I would say our Midwestern community offers a comfortable balance of big-city conveniences and small-town friendliness. If you visit the area, you might find yourself caught up in the excitement of a legendary Green Bay Packers football game, walking through one of or many music festivals and farmers markets, taste-testing at a local brewery or winery, or hiking or biking along trails, lakes and rivers.

Wisconsin’s Fox River Valley is also a premier place for business. Our diverse economy includes the paper, technology, manufacturing, retail, service and electronics industries as well as a strong entrepreneurial spirit. Employers benefit from a highly skilled workforce and supportive economic development atmosphere. And they give back generously to the local community, through prominent philanthropic programs and charitable foundations.

J. J. Keller, the company, calls this thriving community home, yet we are also connected to communities throughout the country through our customers and nearly 400 associates who work remotely from other locations. Our company continues to grow, and so do our connections.

Be sure to visit J. J. Keller’s booth #2734 at #SHRM19!


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