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I recently connected with Esther Kestenbaum, CEO of DayOne Baby and learned a lot about how they can improve the work environment for new moms and families! They work with HR and benefits departments to create a custom plan to fit their company’s needs. More information on their services can be found here! Read on to learn more about Esther and this awesome company you can meet at #SHRM18!

Esther, would you mind telling us a bit about yourself and your role with Day One Baby?

Sure, I am CEO of DayOne baby and it’s a role with a company mission that I am so proud of. I have been in the business world all my life and the past number of years in CEO roles, but until DayOne I had never had the privilege of working with a company that has such a strong social impact associated with its goods and services. The ability to do good while doing well in this case to support new parents in the workplace while building a wonderful company – is nothing short of a great joy.

Can you summarize for us the products/services/resources available through your company?

DayOne offers the full gamut of products and services to fully support workplace lactation. We are a one-stop end to end solution and we do it at scale with a national footprint and now starting to offer some of our services in Canada, the UK and Ireland. We work with companies including Microsoft, AirBnB, Netflix, Salesforce.com, Pinterest, Sephora, The Golden State Warriors, and many more large companies as well as smaller ones to provide Portable Mother’s Rooms, Hospital Grade Breast Pumps, Total Care Packages for Mother’s rooms that include hygiene, comfort and nutritional products, as well as HIPAA-compliant video based lactation consulting with board certified lactation experts, and educational programs.

What is your favorite thing about leading Day One Baby?

There are actually two and they’re interrelated. I love it when I am visiting a corporate customer and a mom will step out of a mother’s room where she has been enjoying our hospital grade breast pumps, lactation consulting and other amenities and simply says “thank you so much to you and your company for how much better you have made my and my families lives”; Of course what this means on the individual scale at large scale means that we are really moving the ball forward for family life and women’s equality in the workplace. How can you not love doing that for a living?

Most employers that I’m aware of do have a lactation room, but what are the benefits of having a Portable Mother’s Room?

We call our new product a Portable Mother’s Room – because what happens there is pumping of breast milk and other basic necessities, and for the most part, women who are using hospital grade breast pumps are doing so “hands free” so most are continuing to work on mobile, laptop and phone calls/conference calls. Although many companies do have a mother’s room, many do not and those who do have fewer than they would like. In an increasingly flexible workspace environment where things move about quite a bit we know that “hard-coding” a dedicated are is a challenge and real estate is at a premium – so even if you could do it, it might take quite some time. With a mass-market priced portable mother’s room that is lightweight unobtrusive and easily assembled by a lay person in about 20 minutes, (two models require no tools one requires a basic screwdriver), we know that companies will find it easy to implement what they need and want to do for their employees.

What can attendees expect when they visit your booth at SHRM 18? 

We are excited to let attendees see our low cost portable mother’s room, experience it the way it would work in a workplace together with hospital-grade breast pumps, hygiene comfort and nutrition amenities, and to meet our team including board certified lactation experts. They can also consider availing themselves of the 20% SHRM conference launch celebration discount on the portable mother’s rooms.

What are you looking forward to most about the conference?

We love HR and Benefits professionals – they are our partners in making the world a better place for moms, their partners, babies and extended families so we look forward to chatting with lots of them and learning all of the cool and innovative ways they are addressing supporting new families in the workplace!

What is the best way for those with questions to connect with you?

You can reach me at esther@dayonebaby.com!



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