#SHRM19: Better Workplaces Start With YOU


Change happens one person at a time; building better workplaces starts with YOU.

This summer I will be returning to the blogger team for the 2019 SHRM Annual Conference & Exposition (#SHRM19) in Las Vegas. I’m excited about the opportunity to work with friends, colleagues, and peers in telling the story of the world’s largest HR conference, comprised of nearly 200 concurrent sessions, covering the most important topics in the field of Human Resources:

  • Workplace Strategy
  • Technology
  • Business Acumen & Metrics
  • Compliance
  • Global HR
  • Leadership
  • Communication
  • Talent
  • Compensation
  • ...

Q&A with Giovanni Everduin, SHRM-SCP #SHRM19


Digital workplace and employee experience (EX) represent the future of work. Much like marketers use analytics to measure customer experience, HR professionals are turning to the practice of “people analytics” to learn more about how their employees work, what drives them to perform, in order to make better decisions about all aspects of HR strategy with the goal of improving business. Number by Mckinsey and Company for example show that insights driven from people analytics lead to 80% increase in recruiting efficiency, 25% rise in...


From Expanding My World to Creating Better Workplaces


A lot can change in a year. Last year around this time, I was putting the finishing touches on booking my trip for #SHRM18. I was ready to expand my world at my first ever annual SHRM conference. A year later, I’m writing my first SHRM Annual Conference and Exposition (2019) blog post as a #SHRM19Blogger! This year it’s all about creating better workplaces.

As luck would have it, I had a moment to chat with an amazing friend, Mr. Steve Browne. I won’t share the details of our...


Prep Steps – #SHRM19


The only and only Jeff Palkowski, a.k.a. @Jeff Pally, has started the official countdown to SHRM19. Jeff is also one of the official bloggers for this event.  

Conferences present a unique opportunity to gather like-minded people.  Your SHRM Team has created a star-studded line up for you. Here are some tested suggestions to make your Conference one of the best and most memorable in Vegas.

  1. Be Here Now. Be Present. Devote your time, attention and energy to the Rock Stars that you will have the chance to meet
  2. ...

HRDOO - Building Your Team #SHRM19



There is much to be said about an HR Department of One. As the lone resource for compliance, employee relations, administration and the occasional retirement party, no one day is ever the same. It would be delightful to roll back your chair and delegate a project, get some clarity on a problem or even just blow off some steam. These are the times that you wish that there was more than one of you. If only you had a team. The solution is not so hard to find. If you...


Alone in a Crowd - Workplace Loneliness and Its Impact #SHRM19



I remember the first time I met her. She started off as an intern and within three months she was hired to join our team full time. That's how good she was! Over a period of four years we became best friends. She was my ride to the office, my coffee break buddy, lunch partner, after office snack pal...the list goes on. She was my pillar of support and we would talk to each other about our personal life, work frustrations, incidents with...


Creating Better Workplaces - Meet the #SHRM19 Bloggers




Creating better workplaces starts with a commitment to excellence. And there's no better place to begin or continue this commitment than the 2019 SHRM Annual Conference & Exposition – #SHRM19.

HR's role sits uniquely at the intersection of people and business – and this positioning presents unique challenges and opportunities. Hot-button issues facing society have permeated our workplaces as technology and innovation continue to change how work gets done....