#SHRM19 Recap


The frenzy that is the 2019 SHRM Annual Conference has ended. The early morning sessions, the content-rich breakouts and the late-night parties have ended. And for all 25,000 attendees, what do we have to show for it?  Lots.

  • Learning – while it may seem cliché, there is much to take from the sessions offered.  Of course, the keynotes get the hype, but it’s often in the mega or breakout sessions that those nuggets of information are unpacked and make the biggest impact. Sessions with Dr. Karlyn Borysenko, Sarah Noll-Wilson, Jennifer
  • ...

#Nextchat RECAP: #SHRM19 and What Happened In Vegas


On July 10, @shrmnextchat chatted with #SHRM19 attendees (and all those who watched all the action via social media) about #SHRM19 and what Happened in Vegas, what they learned and how the overall experience contributed to their personal and professional growth.

If you missed this excellent chat, you can read the tweets HERE or below.




SHRM19 Recap - Speaking, Blogging and Networking Like an Introvert!


Although I have attended SHRM Annual Conferences for many years, this year was a new experience for me - my first time speaking at a SHRM Annual Conference, and my first time blogging for SHRM! As in recent years, I spent more time on the vendor floor than attending sessions, but one of the sessions I did attend made my highlight list. For me, this year at SHRM was all about new friends, new experiences and saying yes to things that I said no to before. Every person’s experience at SHRM...


#Nextchat: #SHRM19 and What Happened in Vegas



The SHRM 2019 Annual Conference & Exposition in Las Vegas will go down in history as one of our best ever with 25,000 attendees from 96 countries, 1,534 international representatives, 900 volunteers and 650 exhibitors.

Thousands of HR professionals have returned to their workplaces re-energized with new ideas and solutions to make work better.

This year’s theme was “Creating Better Workplaces,” and there was no better place than #SHRM19 for HR professionals to learn about all the latest trends and innovations happening in the world of work.

From inspiring keynote...


Viva Las Vegas- A #SHRM19 Recap


#SHRM19 was an exciting experience just as I expected. I made note of tips from fellow bloggers, packed my comfy shoes, planned my sessions and my meet-ups, and hopped on the plane. Though not my first conference, I was already anticipating the overwhelming force of 20,0000 global HR professionals ready to take on the world. 

HR Professionals are charged with making a difference at work. We have gone far too long searching for a place to belong in the world of work. We Are Work.


Top Takeaways from #SHRM19


I’m back! Time for blog number two! As I mentioned in “I Survived #SHRM19,” I had a lot to reflect on post-conference! I had almost four pages of thoughts and decided to turn this into a mini blog series. So, if you haven’t read the first one yet, please do so! But also, please enjoy my top seven takeaways from the different sessions I attended during the conference.

*Please note: as mentioned in my first blog, I didn’t attend many sessions… so please don’t be offended if I did quote...


I Survived #SHRM19


It’s been a week since #SHRM19 wrapped up, but thanks to social media, I am still reliving all of the special moments through pictures and key takeaways. And thanks to email, I am also reminded of all of the great vendors that were in attendance. In all seriousness though, #SHRM19 was an unbelievable experience for me this year. I had more opportunities to be a part of events and activities than I knew what to do with. By the time it was all said and done with, I realized that I...


Out of the Box Conference Experiences


Wow, you made it to blog number three! Thank you for your dedication and support by reading all three. If you haven’t read “I Survived #SHRM19” or “Top Takeaways from SHRM19” yet, please head to my blog page to find them. They will help this one make a little more sense! Anyway… As I’ve mentioned in blogs one and two, I didn’t make it to a lot of sessions. Do I regret it? A little… I wish I could have seen more of the presentations. I also wish...


One Week Later — #SHRM19 Reflection


I mentioned earlier that this was my 4th time attending SHRM National. I can tell you without hesitation that it was by far the BEST SHRM National conference, yet!

Many of my fellow #SHRM19Bloggers have shared their experience at #SHRM19, and I have enjoyed reading each and every post that I have seen so far.

My reflection on #SHRM19 is not just on the content of the sessions, but on the people and the connections. One of the main reasons that I value attending SHRM National is the sheer volume of passionate HR...


What Happens in Vegas at #SHRM19, Doesn’t Stay in Vegas – It Gets Blogged About!


“Just hang around people, and good things will happen!” – Steve Browne

So, I am sitting on the airplane back to Chicago following my trip to Las Vegas for the 2019 SHRM National Conference and Exposition when I begin to ruminate on my time. I wasn’t sure what to expect being this year I attended as part of the SHRM Blogger Team. However, I can say without hesitation, #SHRM19 blew away any expectation I had.

I learned. I listened. I conversed. I laughed. I (nearly) cried....