Workplace Communication: Ideas To Improve Communication At Work #SHRM19


According to Myers-Briggs, more than 88 percent of Fortune 500 companies use assessment tools for people development globally. Why is workplace communication important? Because it enables people to be productive and efficient. 

We all know what happens when there is a communication mixup. Mostly, the word “loss” comes up. Lost time. Lost productivity. Lost revenue. Lost clients. Lost opportunity. 

You don’t want your company to be in that boat. So, how do organizations improve communication at work? Fortunately, there’s several workplace communication companies with lots...


Employee Recognition & Rewards: 11 Ideas To Improve Retention #SHRM19


People do better work when they feel appreciated and valued. That’s why it’s important to recognize and reward employees for their efforts and contributions. 

But recognition and rewards are also really hard to get right. As a business owner, I’ve struggled for years to properly recognize and reward employees. Slip a gift card here. Write a thank you note there. Buy an anniversary ballon, give a raise, verbally recognize an employee at a company meeting...the tactics are endless. 

As I’ve learned, without the right strategy, sometimes...


Outsourcing HR & Payroll: Questions For Companies To Ask #SHRM19


One thing becomes apparent when you step in the expo hall at Annual SHRM: the number of HR & Payroll outsourcing solutions is overwhelming. There’s over 1,289 HCM companies listed in SHRM’s vendor directory, and many of those companies seem to be here. 

There’s big booths with character artists, small booths with the facts, medium sized booths competing amongst the noise. Fortunately, I had the chance to stop by a few of those booths to get insights into effectively outsourcing HR and payroll in 2019. What are...


Employment Testing: Background Checks, Assessments & More #SHRM19



Making a hiring decision is really hard. I don’t care if it’s your first time or your 1,000th time - evaluating a person for a job isn’t easy. 

I’ve hired 50+ people in my first few years of being in business. Our pre-employment process has evolved dramatically. At first, there was zero employment testing. No background checks. No assessments. Nothing more than one in-person interview with our team.

That changed quickly. And although our pre-employment process now includes the common necessities, we still periodically...


Recruiting Employees In 2019: Trends, Strategies, & Ideas #SHRM19


I’ve been attending annual SHRM conferences for 12 years now, and this annual conference is distinctively different for one key reason:


Translation? Recruiting employees in 2019 is difficult. 

Fortunately, there are several hundred companies exhibiting at the annual SHRM conference this year who have ideas, strategies, and recruiting trends to share to help you attract talent. Here’s what some of those conversations have looked like at the annual SHRM conference.

Programmatic Job Advertising 

Employers can take...


Observations on #SHRM19 - Continuing the Buzz


I have to admit that I did not know the keynote speaker Brené Brown. I could tell from the buzz in the audience that she was well known and well thought of, so I paid attention. I am glad I did. I have also looked at some of her stuff online since #SHRM19. That made me pay attention even more.

Bravery and Courage

One of Ms. Brown’s theme was bravery and courage. I have often mulled that subject over in my head a number of times. She said that her research...


Get Your Ethics in Order Before They Bring You Down – #SHRM19



I was a little surprised to see Chuck Gallagher enter the stage in an orange jumpsuit. I have actually known him for a few years, but I never knew he was in prison. It was a reminder that many times we don’t know people’s backgrounds and life stories. They influence a person’s behavior.  Right in line with SHRM19’s initiative for second chances, Chuck Gallagher’s presentation on ethics was spot on. 

If anyone in the audience needed credibility, Chuck’s story of being incarcerated certainly gave him that. As a society we like to blame a...


#SHRM19 Live Special - Jon & Wendy talk to Kevin Hubbard

We're joined by Kevin Hubbard for our first ever live in front of an audience recording of the show!  This was part of our session with the Emerging Professionals group at SHRM19 in Las Vegas. Kevin is currently an Executive MBA - Human Resources Leadership student with the Jack Welch Management Institute as well as a Campus Coordinator for Strayer University in Columbus, GA.  We talk about why Kevin is pursuing HR as a career, getting involved in the online HR community, and more. 

Kevin's recommendation:

How to reach Kevin:

Be sure to join us...


Observations on #SHRM19- Continuing the Buzz



The most recent SHRM conference, #SHRM19, which was held in Las Vegas in June, was my eighth in a row. As an official member of the Blogger Squad, I was obligated to write about the conference. Unfortunately, I took some vacation and then the 4th of July holiday, and as a result, it has taken until now for me to sit down and write about my experiences at this conference. I have had several conversations, I stay up on reading comments in the official conference digest, and have paid attention...


#SHRM19 in a Nutshell



I still can’t forget the excitement I get, every time, I prepare myself for the 2019 SHRM Annual Conference & Exposition. This year wasn’t any different. I was even more excited than before to meet our ever-growing blogger team; we had so many new faces this year, but it felt like we have known each other for years. Yep, that is the power of social media! It helps you stay connected to your loved ones even if they are miles apart.

On Sunday, June 23, I had the pleasure...