For Working Dads, Workflex Works 



Growing up, both my father and mother worked. What may have been the exception when I was a kid has become the norm, where most young families are dual-income. Now 35 and married with a five-year-old son and a wife who also works full-time, mine is just such a family.  

In our household, a typical workweek requires a significant amount of flexibility to coordinate our son’s drop-off/pickup from school, doctors’ appointments, and after-school activities, just to name a few. While I am fortunate to have an employer that provides a flexible work arrangement that accommodates my hectic...


#Nextchat: How to Build a People-First Culture



Every organization wants to be a best place to work. But what does it take to get there? Fortune writes, “A great place to work is one where employees trust the people they work with, have pride in the work they do, and enjoy the people they work with … and these same qualities—trust, pride, and camaraderie—also fuel business performance.”

One company that knows all about this is Ultimate Softwareit’s No. 3 on Fortune’s 2018 100 Best Companies to Work For list.

Julie Dodd is Ultimate Software's...


It's Time! #SHRM18



SHRM18! It’s time to pack my bags and head for the airport. As part of the SHRM Blogging team, I’m looking forward to sharing my insights through the SHRM18 blog. I’m excited about meeting my #HRTribe #Nextchat #SHRMBloggers in real life. There are brunches, happy hours and photo opportunities in the works.

As an HR professional, I’ve been poring over the schedule, making my first, second and even third place choices for different session times. I have my ‘must see’ and ‘want to see’ sessions picked. I’ve noted vendors...


29 Pieces



Twenty-nine. That is the number of pieces of mail I received from vendors in the lead up to the opening of SHRM18 in Chicago tomorrow.


That’s a nice assortment of pre-SHRM mail.

As someone who has been blessed to attend multiple of these annual extravaganzas of everything HR, I have gotten used to some of the mailings and the content they contain. Some vendors appear to use the same thing each year. For example, I can...


SHRM Welcomes WFPMA World Congress to Chicago


SHRM President and CEO Johnny C. Taylor, Jr., with the WFPMA leadership in Chicago. From left, Bob Morton, Peter Wilson, Leyla Nascimento and Jorge Jauregui.


I am excited to welcome some of the greatest HR leaders in the world to Chicago this week for the World Federation of People Management Associations (WFPMA) biannual World Congress. SHRM is honored to be hosting over 1,300 representatives from 80 national HR associations—the “SHRMs” of the rest of the world—from Argentina to Zimbabwe.

Founded in 1976, WFPMA supports the development of HR professionals and...


#SHRM18 Speaker Spotlight: Pamela Meyer, PhD



I took some time to chat with Pamela Meyer, Ph.D about her #SHRM18 session Agility Shift: People Practices, Models and Metrics to Create a More Agile, Competitive Organization. Her session title caught my attention because ‘Agile’ is a term that comes up often in my recruiting work and I’ve always been interested in how we can leverage that in the HR world. Pamela and I discussed so much around this session and I want to share a little...


How are You Creating the Change You Want to See? #SHRM18


The 2018 SHRM Annual Conference & Exposition is just a couple of days away and I’m so excited to see Chicago for the first time. For those that are going or have been to a SHRM National Conference do you ever take a second to think, well how did I get here? How did I become a so interested in HR that I’m traveling thousands of miles to be with 15,000+ HR professionals and leaders from around the world? Where did your inspiration start? What programs impacted you?

Each year,...


#SHRM18: Q&A with Maestro Health CHRO Sheryl Simmons



I have a long list of speakers I can’t wait to see at SHRM18 next week. High on that list is Sheryl Simmons, CHRO of Maestro Health. Her #SHRM18 session, Making Your Case to the C-Suite: Why You Should Be at the Table, is on Tuesday afternoon.

Simmons has led HR teams for many years. In this Q&A, she shares how she got into HR, why she runs toward change, her perspective on diversity in hiring and what...


Exhibitor Interview with Self Management Group (SMG) #SHRM18




We are what feels like seconds away from the SHRM18 Conference. 

I had the great privilege with interviewing one of SHRM18’s exhibitors, Self Management Group.  I too had the great privilege with interviewing Kathryn Christie, Director, Talent & Strategy, with Self Management Group, as she is presenting at the SHRM18 Conference on Tuesday 6/19/18 at 4:00 PM.  Check out the interview with Kathryn Christie.

Please see the below interview with Self Management Group (SMG)

Please tell us a...


A Q&A With DayOne Baby! #SHRM18




I recently connected with Esther Kestenbaum, CEO of DayOne Baby and learned a lot about how they can improve the work environment for new moms and families! They work with HR and benefits departments to create a custom plan to fit their company’s needs. More information on their services can be found here! Read on to learn more about Esther and this awesome company you can meet at #SHRM18!

Esther, would you mind telling us a...