#SHRM18: Be Good to Each Other



The 2018 Annual SHRM Conference and Exposition is now in the record books, and it proved to be the event of a lifetime. I’ve taken a few days to reflect on what the event has meant to me personally, and how it has not only impacted my life, but also the lives of people across the globe. I have a feeling my key takeaway from the event may be shared by so many others. I want you to take a second and remember the best moments from the event...


Different Opinions, Common Goals #SHRM18





What happens when you have a difference of opinion with someone?  I got to test out that question in the opening session of SHRM18.  Governor Jeb Bush opened up the conference and to be honest, I wasn’t that thrilled.  I was pretty sure we had nothing in common, but as a member of the SHRM Blog squad I wanted to honor my commitment to...


Expand Your World By Thinking Bigger - #SHRM18



Each year the Society for Human Resource Management Annual Conference and Expo has a theme, some sort of idea that’s woven throughout the event, a guiding force for speakers and attendees as they navigate the show.  This year’s event, which wrapped up in Chicago last week, encouraged us all to “Expand Your World.”

What exactly does this idea mean and what should it mean to HR professionals?  My...


The Paradox of How Similarity Enhances Diversity #SHRM18



The 2018 SHRM conference is over and as usual, after this type of experience I take time to review my notes and reflect on what I learned. The entire program was fantastic, including an array of keynotes, session speakers, a SMART stage and the opportunity to learn about leading edge HR products and services at the exposition hall.

This said, my greatest point of learning that I want to apply back at work is how the 2018 blog squad was able to effectively work together as an engaged, unified team. I’ve never...


Final Thoughts -- Connections and Turning Points #SHRM18



I just wrapped my 7th SHRM Annual Conference, and my first as a member of the SHRM Blog Squad. This conference has stretched me more than any development event I have ever been to. And it wasn't the sessions, it wasn't the Smart Stage talks or the General Sessions that really made the most impact. Those were all great, don't get me wrong. But the most impactful thing for me was the connections that I made with my fellow attendees.

For those of you who don't know me, I'm a serious...


There’s a First Time for Everything: #SHRM18



This past week, I did something that took me beyond my comfort zone; I expanded my world at my first ever-annual SHRM conference in Chicago. If you’re not an HR pro, you might be asking yourself, what is SHRM? SHRM stands for the Society for Human Resource Management. It is the world’s largest HR professional society. #SHRM18 was a trending hashtag on Twitter this past week. This year’s conference had a record turnout with more than 20,000 HR professionals in attendance, and I had the opportunity to be a part of it. This experience...


#SHRM18 Recap – We’ve Learned, Now We Need to Change



I’m already missing the SHRM18 Conference in Chicago! So many great memories made and ideas for speaking, hopefully SHRM2020!

The conference provided me with so many opportunities for my job and my personal brand (Smirk). It always goes by way too fast, but the amount of knowledge and connections I’ve gained makes it worth every penny.

This year I was able to connect with so many HR Pros who I really feel have my back in this field. Some of them aren’t just great HR Professionals, but also, great friends.

I had...


#SHRM18: Expanding My World One Relationship at a Time


I spent 4 days and 4 nights in Chicago for the SHRM 18 conference, and in all that time I saw very little of Chicago. I didn’t see the bean, or Wrigley Field. I didn’t get to the House of Blues or eat a Chicago-style hot dog. I wouldn’t have even had a slice of deep dish pizza if it weren’t for fellow blogger Keith Enochs finding a place that delivered to the convention center so we could eat it in the blogger lounge.

Some people might consider that I missed...


A #SHRM18 Wrap-Up



#SHRM18 was my first national SHRM conference, and I cannot thank Mary Kaylor and SHRM enough for making attending possible for me! I had a wonderful time – the blogger lounge, seating area for the keynotes, food (& coffee <3), sessions, book store and expo floor were all top-notch. It exceeded my expectations to see everything so well done and all the details taken care of.

I definitely needed a few days to unwind afterwards and digest everything I learned. I wanted to share all of the sessions I was...


13 Key Takeaways from 13 Sessions at #SHRM18




Here are 13 key takeaways from the 13 sessions I attended at the SHRM Annual Conference (#SHRM18) in Chicago.

These takeaways are by no means a summary of the session itself. These are singular moments in sessions jam-packed with them. They stood out, they made me think, they affirmed or challenged what I know, or they presented a theme that I think helped tie my #SHRM18 experience together.

I often joke that this conference spawns a thousand...