Step Out of Line !!


I’ve just returned from SHRM18, and this was one of the best SHRM Annual Conferences I’ve attended. It was the largest and most attended in SHRM’s history, and yet it felt very accessible and easy to maneuver. The attendees were geeked whether they were in sessions, browsing the SHRM store, enjoying the keynotes or taking in the wonder of Chicago.

At the end of one of the days, the 17,000+ attendees all seemed to be leaving at the same time. I was in the midst of everyone else and was hot and tired – just like the masses....


The CHRO Perspective: How the Best Make it Happen! #SHRM18



Pre-conference, Paula Harvey wrote a blog about the Sunday, June 17th session.  On the way to the session, Paula grabbed fellow blogger, Anthony Paradiso, so they could write this article together, incorporating two interesting perspectives.

As the onsite guide indicated, this session provided the unique opportunity to hear from influential and forward-thinking HR leaders.  The moderator and panel discussed the impact of the organization they...


My Favorite Quotes from #SHRM18



#SHRM18 was a HUGE success. As a second time attendee, I was surprised to see how many people were interested to know what we do as #SHRM18 bloggers and what sessions we’re interested in attending. People were so interested to know how we got into SHRM and how can they start their own blog. I was so happy to pass along all the good information as well as my experience working with the SHRM team.

I attended many great sessions including...


A Millennial Outlook on #SHRM18



A huge thank you to Rebecca Peters, SHRM, and CHCI for inviting me to #SHRM18! Fresh out of college, I am grateful for the opportunity to develop professionally and expand my network.

My initial perspective that HR merely files paperwork and polices the workforce was shattered at #SHRM18. I am excited to discover, there is room for number crunching, strategic decision-making and most importantly, creativity. Johnny C. Taylor hit the nail on the head in declaring, now is the greatest time to be an HR professional.

After navigating through the...


HR Technology in the Post SHRM18 Era



The 2018 Society for Human Resource Management Annual Conference & Exposition has concluded. and HR professionals are in equal parts exhausted and inspired as they digest knowledge and seek to share it in their native space.

Having attended eight SHRM Annual Conferences in the last decade, I'm always impressed with the evolution of networking and knowledge sharing that continues to build out the HR tool belt.

First time attendees always share with me their amazement with the Exhibitor Hall; a physical representation of the crowded Human Capital Management space. With...


Expanding HR: To Infinity… and Beyond! #SHRM18


#SHRM18 was only my second annual conference, but it was no surprise that I came home once more with a brain overflowing with new ideas and perspectives. Upon my adventure home, I sat at Gate L7 in O’Hare International Airport and struggled to pry my thoughts away from the stream of HR-consciousness buzzing in my brain. This year’s conference theme was “Expanding Your World” and couldn’t have been more accurately descriptive of my own experience.

As with so many, I too “fell” into HR and after beginning to understand it as...


5 Tips for #SHRM19 from a First Time Attendee at #SHRM18



Are you thinking about registering for #SHRM19 in Las Vegas? Maybe you already have and you are looking for some tips from a first-time attendee. I will provide you with a few helpful tips that made my first #SHRM conference a major success!

Plan on planning to make last minute changes

It is great and all to have a plan on which sessions you may want to attend but remember that you are attending a conference with 18,000-20,000 other people and the sessions do fill up quickly! I made several...


If I Could Change the World: #SHRM18 Recap



“Stop everything you’re doing. I need this in two hours.”

I was submerged back into the real world of work almost instantly as I walked into Midway airport after SHRM 2018. For a few days, I was in this oasis of people with big ideas and plans for changing the world. We were having conversations that were so much larger than work. The kind of stuff that could really change people’s lives. But there I was, slammed back into the real world abruptly.

In all fairness, our bubble was just...


3 Levers to Increase Diversity in Your Organization




Building a diversity strategy is a critical goal for many organizations, but how do you get started? Diversity can feel ambitiously amorphous because it touches every part of the organization from hiring to onboarding to culture. Not only do you want to attract a more diverse pool of candidates, but you want to keep them engaged and motivated over time. This means that to scale diversity throughout your organization, you need to consider all parts of the...