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Empowering Managers to Own Employee Engagement #SHRM18



HR leaders can empower manager to own their employees’ engagement and retention. I spoke with Anne Tomkinson, who is Senior Manager of HR and Operations at DC Public Charter School Board. Not only does her expertise stretch over all aspects of employment relations, employment law, strategic planning and program management, she knows how to empower managers and give them the tools they need to develop and engage their team members. It’s less complicated than you might think. Tomkinson is an official SHRM 2018 blogger, and you can read more of...


Working on My Fitness: An Interview with Wellness Guru Walter Lewis #SHRM18


Every year leading up to SHRM’s annual conference, I get the daily digest emails and see threads and chats going back and forth. There’s the excited conference newbies wondering how to take it all in, people looking for deals on hotel rooms and professionals in certain states or industries organizing meetups. I understand their enthusiasm and appreciate the camaraderie these threads afford them. But there’s always been one group I don’t understand .. .the 5 a.m. runners....


#SHRM18 Special Edition - Jon & Wendy talk to Andrew Morton


In anticipation of the latest #Nextchat about SHRM18, Wendy and I interviewed Andrew Morton for a special episode of the HR Social Hour Half Hour Podcast.  We talked about the Blog Squad, speakers Andrew is looking forward to seeing, and about Andrew's favorite movie that he saw at well too young an age.


Originally posted on HR Social Hour Half Hour Podcast.




#Nextchat RECAP: Get Ready to Expand Your World at #SHRM18


On May 16, @shrmnextchat chatted with Letty Kluttz, SHRM's Director of Conference Promgramming and Development about Expanding Your World at SHRM18. 

If you missed this amazing chat filled with tips and advice to make the most of your SHRM18 experience you can read all the tweets here.




The Transformation to HR Positive: Interview with HR Trailblazers #SHRM18



What does it mean to be HR Positive? I spoke with two HR leaders who are blazing their way to a new perception of HR at their own organizations. Cecilia Clark, Senior HR Generalist at Schwan’s, supplements her HR career with a background in Finance, so she is an expert in connecting business and HR strategy to positively affect the bottom line. Chris Orozco, at Win-River Resort and Casino, turned Human Resources into Team Member Relations, which he currently leads. They are both on the SHRM18 blogger team at...


3 Takeaways Outside #SHRM18 with Bob Kelleher



Last week I posted a podcast with Jim Kight of Focus 3 who will be presenting at SHRM18 in June about his 5-Driver System. If you haven’t listened in, it is worth your 17 minutes. Tim does a wonderful job.

As part of my work ramping up to SHRM18 I also spent some time on the phone with Bob Kelleher. We couldn’t do a podcast, but we did have a wonderful chat about his views...


Final Countdown to #SHRM18



In 33 short days, thousands of HR professionals will converge on the city of Chicago for #SHRM18.  It's an opportunity not to be missed.  For me, this will be my 7th conference, but my first as a member of the SHRM Blog Squad.  I'm beyond excited for the conference this year, looking forward to meet some old friends and make some new ones.

For those of us who may be attending their first SHRM conference, I'd like to pass on a few pointers to help you make the most...


3 Tools to Help You Navigate #SHRM18 in Chicago


I can’t believe we are just about a month away from welcoming 20 thousand + of our HR friends & colleagues friends here in my home city of Chicago! 

With so much to do; and a lot of action happening with a short few days, I wanted to give a little local perspective with some tips on how best to take advantage of your time at #SHRM18.

  1. Check out Choose Chicago

Free time is going to be rare while you at the conference with long days and many conferences...


HR’s Role in Creating a Culture of High Trust: Q & A with Richard Fagerlin #SHRM18




Richard-Fagerlin-Head-ShotI just looked up and realized SHRM18 is about a month away. Wow. Chicago, here we come! As you know, I have the honor of being a part of the SHRM18 Blogger Team and as such have conducted Q & As with three of the speakers who are having sessions. I’ve already posted Karlyn Borysenko and Joe Gerstandt. Last, but...


The Journey to #SHRM18: An Interview with Julie Cohen



Our journey to the 2018 Annual SHRM Conference and Exposition moves forward in an exciting way; an interview with another inspiring and influential business leader! As HR professionals, we often perform work in varying and diverse areas. Perhaps our most essential responsibility is to provide our people with opportunities for growth and success, and performance coaching is one of the most effective ways we can personally deliver value for others. Performance coaching can truly lead to transformative growth...