An Introvert's Guide to #SHRM17


If large groups of people, lots of activity, sound, noise, and light feel overwhelming, you may be an introvert. Let’s just say that SHRM National is an extrovert’s delight.

Yet, the conference is full of interesting people, opportunity, valuable information, and things that promise to make your life easier, people happier, and decisions easier. There is so much to learn and explore.

My favorite trick for managing the overwhelm is to hide in plain sight behind my camera. It gives me a focus, literally. And I get to just edit anything...


The HR Profession is Ready… Are You?

SHRM CEO Hank Jackson and SHRM Board Chair Coretha Rushing visit the “Commitment Wall” at #SHRM17, where participants are confirming what they are “All In” for.

Greetings from New Orleans and the SHRM Annual Conference and Exposition—the largest gathering of HR professionals in the world, and maybe even in history. On Day One of #SHRM17, we are closing in on record attendance, with more than 15,400 registrants.
Everyone here, and all of you out there, face a common challenge today: How to cope with the tremendous pace of change barreling toward...

Five Must-See Sessions For High Performing Millennials @ #SHRM17

This blog is going to give you the low-down on sessions you need to attend to be a #Boss. Whether this is your first time attending a national conference for work or you’ve been around the block a few times, there is quite a bit to learn if you pick the right sessions at SHRM17. With hundreds of sessions and thousands of people, the conference can seem intimidating but fear not! Here are my top five picks for sessions you need to attend if you want to become a well-rounded, results-focused game changer...


Overwhelmed and Excited at #SHRM17


The SHRM conference is utterly huge. With a location that looks like it belongs in the Death Star and rooms that size of stadiums, it leaves me overwhelmed yet excited for what's to come.
And there’s so many choices: what sessions do I go to, do I go to pre-conference sessions, what the actual heck is smart stage? So what choices do you make? Since I’m 15 and this is my first conference, I’m here to give you an ill informed opinion on that. But here’s what I am interested...

#SHRM17 Bound: Get the most out of your NOLA experience!

#SHRM17 Bound: Get the most out of your NOLA experience!

Whether you’re a first time attendee or a SHRM Annual Conference veteran, it can be a little overwhelming stepping into a big city full of jazz, Cajun culinary adventures, and now – HR professionals! If you want to make the most of your #SHRM17 and #NOLA experience while also keeping your stress to a functioning minimum, read on, intrepid #HR pro!

Don’t let FOMO take over

Me and my millennial cohorts are often guilty of serious cases of FOMO (fear of missing out), but I think it can affect us...


#FirstTimer #SHRM17





Well, I leave for New Orleans tomorrow. I am packed and ready to learn at my very first SHRM annual conference!!! The packing seemed like the hardest part and now I get to be on “vacation”, as my friends called it, in New Orleans for the next 4 days.

The reason I am most excited to attend the SHRM annual conference is to learn more about HR. HR is difficult to explain and it seems like everyone has their own definition. Some consider the profession like therapy and...


Father’s Day at SHRM17



On Sunday I will awake at 5:00 a.m. to make my way across country to the city of New Orleans. Many will already be filling the conference center halls at SHRM17 in celebration of our great profession.

Sunday also bring along Father’s Day. While spending the day up in the air is not my perfect idea of a great Dad’s day, these are the sacrifices we make for the Society for Human Resource Management. The great news is we get to spend Father’s Day with 30,000 like-minded people.

Our profession...


#SHRM17 = Sleep Deprivation



I am home from work. I schlepped the suitcase up from the basement. It is GO TIME. The tweet stream was rife with things like T-minus… until #SHRM17 or  #HRChristmas, these folks are #Allin  for #NOLA. I am stoked to go too!  With a 6:05 a.m. departure in the morning, I will be up well before the crack of dawn.  Will I rest when I get to New Orleans?  Are you crazy? I am headed to the hotel to  shuck the bags and immediately over to the convention center baby! Then I am gonna get my “papers” and...


A #SHRM17 Interview with Joe Weinlick of Beyond



A recent study by SHRM indicated two-thirds of companies hiring full-time employees are experiencing troubles recruiting for open jobs. The reason? Recruitment advertising is about ten years behind in HR; Beyond, The Career Network, has made it very clear that this needs a reboot. Changes come fast in this industry, but are we focusing on changes that matter? The responsibility of finding a job has been delegated to the job seeker, and recruiters have to get extra tactical if they want to reach candidates who aren’t actively searching for new

A #SHRM17 Interview with Arthur Tacchino of SyncStream Solutions



The Affordable Care Act has sweeping components with a varied array of requirements. It has many provisions that will impact employers in the near future and additional components that will continue to evolve.

It is essential for every employer to continue to have a current understanding of the shifting landscape, to develop a vibrant and thoughtful plan to address these complex components and to ensure that they are making every effort to maintain the most advantageous position for their organization and employees as possible.

SyncStream Solutions helps employers manage the...