#SHRM17 Recap, 2018 Events, And A Little Me Time



I did two presentations, as well as blogged this year at #SHRM17 in New Orleans. I pushed myself harder than any other year at “the biggest HR conference in the world!”. But I also had some me time, including 18 holes of golf at a local course on Monday. No, I didn’t break 100 and the remainder of my group did (83,85 and 89 to my lagging 104), you also know there is always a silver lining. We played the back tees (longest distance) in 96-degree heat and I par’ d...


“All In” for a Better, Stronger Workplace - #SHRM17


“All In” was the theme for the 2017 Society for Human Resource Management Annual Conference and Expo, which wrapped up last week.  A theme that could be interpreted in a multitude of ways, it was certainly pervasive throughout the week with attendees often being asked and challenged, “what are you all in for?” So of course, I had to ask myself the same question, what am I all in for in the wake of SHRM17?  My answer is simple: Better, Stronger Workplaces.

Most of the themes and key messages I focused...


If Not You, Who? If Not Now, When? Kat Cole @ #SHRM17

I’m writing a series of three short blogs that touch on the key points that I encountered in New Orleans while attending the SHRM 2017 Conference and Exposition. 

I’m going to start with the Sunday keynote, Kat Cole.  I’m a fan boy of this amazing business leader who I’ve known for a few years and have seen her speak nine previous times.

Cole is the group president of FOCUS Brands, the franchisor and operator of Cinnabon, Carvel, Auntie Anne’s pretzels, Schlotzsky’s, Moe’s...


Stay in Touch #SHRM17


It never feels like enough time at national conference.

Every one is back home by now and getting in their usual work routine again (after a 12 and a half hour crash to recharge our introverted batteries-just me?). We are all catching up on what we missed while we were in NOLA and cranking out our "final thoughts" on #SHRM17 while asking ourselves how did it come and go so quickly? This was my fifth annual conference and it may have been the best one yet. 

Every year the Smart Stage...


USA! USA! Forging the Extraordinary Team: From Many to One #SHRM17

Iris Firstenberg told us a story during her master series session at the SHRM Conference 2017 “Forging the Extraordinary Team: From Many to One”, which I am about to share with you all, on how a team came together in two ways: by heart and mind.

Iris Firstenberg explaining the importance of setting standards for a team at the SHRM Conference Master Series: “Forging the Extraordinary Team: From Many to One”.

If you want to think about history, you go back to 1989 and you think, exactly my thoughts. You must...


#SHRM17 Take Aways


The Society for Human Resource Management have concluded our 69th Annual Conference. Ideas were shared, people spoke and exhibitors exhibited while HR Pros braved the rain and well-functioning air conditioning.

This having been my 10th SHRM Annual Conference, finding new and intriguing information was a bit of a challenge.

Points of Intrigue:
Vivek Patel's Guide to Vendor Selection 
Laszlo Bock's Theory of Compensation: Pay Unfairly
The awe inspiring Ryan EstisSteve Browne & Jason Lauritsen
Nextgen People's Exploration of Performance Management
Zen Workplace's exploration of Mindfulness in...


Just Another Manic Thursday: #SHRM17 After Action Report



Ever have a Thursday feel oddly like a Monday?

For me, and probably some other #SHRM17 attendees getting their feet back under them post-conference, getting settled back in definitely makes for a Monday mood. Before leaving for my first SHRM Annual Conference, my department’s manager requested that I simply come back with something that I could share with the team.

Even as I write this, it’s difficult to narrow down the exhaustive library of knowledge downloaded to my brain over the course of four days to one singular, standout takeaway...


Things I Loved About #SHRM17—A Non-HR Professional’s Viewpoint



I’m not an HR professional, I’m a business owner. But I’ve worked with HR solution providers for 20-plus years on the marketing side, so I’ve attended the SHRM Annual Conference many times. And from my viewpoint, SHRM17 was perhaps my favorite yet, for a variety of reasons. Here are some things I loved about this year’s event in New Orleans.

1. The number of and diversity of attendees. SHRM17 attracted more than 15,400 people (second most in history) from all over the world. No other U.S. HR event attracts as many international attendees. The popularity of the event...


Put Down the Planner: Serendipitous Connections at #SHRM17



As the final day of a whirlwind known as #SHRM17 begins to wind down, I’ve spent some time reflecting on my recent experiences and comparing it to the carefully crafted and curated encounter I had spent hours planning prior to my departure. Anyone with a classic Type A friend can confirm for you that we are not able to easily enjoy events, especially if we’ve committed ourselves to some sort of responsibilities, without a master action plan. Flying by the seat of our pants is just not an option!



#Nextchat RECAP: A #SHRM17 Wrap-Up

On June 21, @shrmnextchat conducted a #SHRM17 Wrap-Up #Nextchat with #SHRM17 attendees and those #NotAtSHRM17 about what they learned, who they met, and how the overall experience contributed to their personal and professional growth.

If you missed this super-fun and informative chat, you can see all the tweets here: