Be The Lead: Lessons from the 2018 SHRM Leadership Development Forum #SHRMLead


This week I attended the SHRM Leadership Development Forum in Boston. It was a GREAT experience!

I have perhaps never been to a conference that made interacting with, and getting to know the PEOPLE attending it so easy. I’m not sure if it was the setup, the topics, the speakers, or simply the extraordinary humans involved, but I loved getting to interact with new friends and old throughout my trip:

The sessions were great too! I am a...


Are You Really “All In”?



It’s been a week since I’ve returned home from SHRM17 and I’ve been contemplating what I learned this time around. I certainly gained a lot from the sessions and the experts who presented them, from the exhibitors who took the time to educate, and from my colleagues I see but once per year.

And then there are the takeaways from observing the folks who attended the conference. I’m an expert eavesdropper and rarely miss conversations in the elevator, on the escalator, in the line for coffee, etc. This year, I was...


#SHRM17 as an Intern


Between the SHRM Foundation Annual Luncheon, the #ALLinSTEP Challenge, and general conference happenings, it’s hard to sum up my entire #SHRM17 experience.

I first heard about #SHRM17 when applying to be a marketing intern for the SHRM Foundation. When I received an offer from SHRM via a phone call with HR, I mentioned I had another offer and would get back to them on my decision. Not even ten minutes later, I received a call from my manager-to-be saying there was a possibility I could travel to New Orleans for SHRM’s...


#SHRM17 in a Nutshell



This year’s conference started off with a great mega session by Kat Cole, the CEO of Focus Brand (yes, the cinnamon rolls from Cinnabon that is the size of your face.) Kat became the CEO at the age of 32 and never gave up. Why? Because she had the “Hustle Muscle” to do it, no matter what problems came in her way.  Despite of whatever problems she had faced in her personal and professional life, she learned from those mistakes and kept growing. Yes, like every other human being, she...


#SHRM 17- Report on Patrick Lencioni


Day three of the conference started off with a keynote address by Patrick Lencioni, the author of the book The Ideal Team Player and founder of The Table Group. His presentation was very interesting and I have tried to capture the high points below.

The old model

Lencioni started off by telling us that the old model of trying to construct teams is dysfunctional. We try to construct teams based on five characteristics. These are trust, conflict, commitment, accountability and results. Unfortunately we have not been successful with such a model. Most teams based on these five characteristics...


Creating Change from #SHRM17



After the #SHRM17 conference, I had a lot of time to think about how I could create change in the workplace. However, I haven’t been in my role for a very long time with my company and I’m not exactly sure how to create change in an environment that is already built.

While attending an “Ask Anything Lunch” Take 10 session at #SHRM17, I asked the pros how to go about creating change in the workplace. Heather Kinzie simply told me to “find out the why”. Being new to a...


Post #SHRM17



Now that things have started to go back to normal after coming back from a wonderful conference in New Orleans... I think it’s time I write about my experience at SHRM17. Besides crushing my daily goal of 10,000 steps a day on my Fitbit, I would say the overall conference was a huge success. From the organization to the awesome speakers and exhibit, the conference was nothing short of amazing. As a first timer at an annual SHRM conference, I was pleased with the entire week and even the location...


Born on the Bayou – HR Social Media #SHRM17



A big topic of discussion that ran through the week of #ASHRM17 was how the New Orleans SHRM 2009 event was in many ways the birth of the social media sphere that exists in SHRM today.  I was part of a terrific informal dinner that took place one night while I was at that conference that built relationships that still flourish today.

Lance Haun, Laurie Ruettimann, Kris Dunn and Jessica Lee (I think) gave the first official SHRM National panel for SHRM. It was moderated by China Gorman.  It was...




Beignets from Sunday brunch at Blake’s on Poydras. DELICIOUS!

SHRM 2017 ended last week and I’m experiencing withdrawal. The people, the sessions, the music, the BEIGNETS! What’s not to love? If you missed it, you missed something big. Literally. It was the biggest SHRM conference ever! Between the concurrent sessions, the Smart Stage, the Take 10s and the General Sessions, you could soak up a wealth of information without even trying.

Many of the sessions I attended shared the common theme of building trust, shifting culture, HR influence and putting people first. This...


#SHRM17 Report- Technology and Background Checks: An Interview with First Advantage


This year at #SHRM17 I was focusing more on future views and technology such at Artificial Intelligence (AI) and what companies were doing to incorporate these advances in technology. Last year at #SHRM16 I interviewed Michael Pilnick of First Advantage. In that interview I had asked Pilnick what he saw as the challenges his industry and his company saw over the next five year. He said he saw three challenges. The first challenge was more regulation and compliance. Secondly, changes in technology that will increase the ease of use, especially through mobile,...