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Q&A with Jeffery Halter #SHRM17

As part of our coverage of the SHRM 2017 Annual Conference & Exposition, each of the official bloggers is conducting Q&As with session speakers.  As I scanned the list of speakers, one that caught my attention right away was Jeffrey Tobias Halter, president of strategic consulting company YWomen. His session is titled, “Why Women – The Leadership Imperative to Advancing Women and Engaging Men.”  As I started to dig around a little about who he is and what he does, I was immediately intrigued.  Jeffrey is a “corporate gender strategist”. Just what exactly is...


#Nextchat RECAP: #SHRM17 Bloggers Are ‘All In’—In Real Life


On March 22, @shrmnextchat chatted with the #SHRM17 Bloggers for #Nextchat: #SHRM17 Bloggers Are All In - In Real Life

In case you missed this super-informative chat packed with tips and advice that will help you prepare for #SHRM17 you can read all the tweets here




8 Reasons to Adopt Experiential Learning

The goal of company-provided training is to improve performance and, ultimately, business results. But in order to achieve this, employee training must change behavior. In Experiential Learning (Eagle's Flight, 2016), author Phil Geldart outlines the three distinct components of experiential learning:

-- Experience.

-- Debrief.

-- Application.

Experiential learning is not the only way to deliver training. But when it is included with other forms of standard training such as role-play, case study and guided exercises, it can optimize the potential impact.

Here are eight reasons, according to Geldart, experiential learning leads...


Heading to #SHRM17 as an International Attendee?



Last year I attended SHRM for the first time - it was spectacular!

Attending as an international delegate, the scale of the conference was mind-blowing - much bigger than anything I've attended in Australia or New Zealand. I was surprised with the number of international participants, but to be honest the biggest takeaway for me was the calibre of attendees and speakers alike.

It wasn't just the keynotes either (although they were pretty spectacular all round) - the value I got from the other attendees - in particular, the organisers,...


#SHRM17 – Interview with Jerry Cox of Brainier


I live in Silicon Valley, the technology capital of the world. You’d think a person of my regional bias would turn his nose up to the Mid-West when tackling the subject of technology design. But, there is something about the creative force that exists in the purple city of Minneapolis. Is it the time spent on the lake or the fact that the weather is less than ideal 10 months out of the year? Either way, if you are a Human Resource Professional, you’ll find your fair share of Minneapolis-Based companies in the Exhibitor Hall at #SHRM17.

With hundreds...


The #1 Thing You Should NOT Do at #SHRM17

It is hard not to read several articles a day bemoaning the performance appraisal process, and how it should be abolished. There have been a lot of reasons given for wanting its demise. However, I have discovered the real reason.  Much like lawyers make the worst clients, and doctors make the worst patients, HR professionals make the worst appraisers.
How do I know this?
I have attended the SHRM Annual Conference for 16 straight years and spoken to hundreds of speakers.  I have served on the Green...

#SHRM17 Prep: Networking, Inspiration and Education -- What are Your Goals?

It’s springtime and for many of us, this means rebirth, growth and perhaps even “new life.”  All around us, we see the signs. Before we know it, life will literally be buzzing around us. As HR professionals, we see this transformation in our work as well. Goals and objectives were developed earlier in the year and spring urges forth the execution of strategies, the allocation of resources and the development of the workforce. So much needs to be learned and done to ensure the goals are realized before winter settles upon us...


#Nextchat: #SHRM17 Bloggers Are ‘All In’—In Real Life



Are you ready to go “all in” on your HR education?

The SHRM 2017 Annual Conference & Exposition is fast approaching, and whether you’re a first-time or seasoned attendee, there will be something for everyone at this year’s event. This year’s theme is All In, and there’s no better place than #SHRM17 to learn about all the latest trends and innovations in HR.

As thousands of HR professionals and exposition vendors make plans to travel to New Orleans, La.,, from June 18-21, SHRM will be working around the clock to...


Q & A with SHRM Store Manager Andi Cale #SHRM17



With the 2017 SHRM Annual Conference and Exposition rapidly approaching, articles will be written on keynotes, concurrent speakers, networking and even what to wear or not wear.  One area that is been overlooked is one of my (and many others) high points to any Annual Conference and that is the SHRM Store.

Every conference, SHRM staffers and hundreds of volunteers set up the world’s largest HR oriented bookstore (10,000 + square feet) in two days and tear it down in less than one.  Many people wander through killing time,...


My #SHRM17 To-Do List

Two months from now thousands of HR Professionals (and a enough amateurs to make it interesting) will descend on New Orleans for the 2017 Society of Human Resource Management annual conference. There will be parties. There will be regrets. There will be 100s of trade show booths. There will be a few (many?) who will make the parties but not the booths (slackers!) There will be swag – some great – some squeeze balls and pens. And most importantly, there will be bloggers documenting, commenting, satirizing, and complaining about the conference. I’m...