10 Innovative Talent Acquisition Strategies For Small Businesses


Small businesses often have to compete against bigger companies who can offer candidates better benefits and higher compensation. This means that small businesses have to innovate in order to compete. Whether it’s company culture, diversity, or purpose, it’s imperative to find something that sets you apart from the corporations. 

Ten small business HR professionals share innovative talent acquisition strategies they’ve employed to attract great people.

Additional Stock in the Company for Referrals

We're pretty basic with our talent acquisition, LinkedIn and job boards. We...


In Crisis, an Opportunity to “Be Extra”


In the weeks since COVID-19 proceeded to turn our workplaces inside out, I have received dozens of calls from my fellow CEOs looking for insights and advice. Many are asking SHRM about best practices for protecting their workers and transitioning to a virtual operation.

Others are looking for help making hard decisions about furloughs, layoffs, and sustainability of the enterprise itself.

All are concerned about the future, with good reason. New survey data from SHRM show that a large number of workers and businesses—especially smaller businesses—simply can’t...


Out of Sight But Top of Mind: Tips for Remote Work



With the global COVID-19 outbreak, many companies have adopted a remote work policy to keep employees safe and prevent further spread of the virus.

Even before this period, remote work was already becoming the new normal: Surveys estimate that between 40 percent to 70 percent of workers in the U.S. telecommute at least once a week, and nearly half of US job seekers say the ability to work remotely is a significant factor in choosing a job.

Working remotely has well-being benefits for workers -...


State Legislative Response to COVID-19


With the outbreak of COVID-19, both governors and state legislatures have been the true “boots on the ground” leading their respective state’s response to COVID-19. The spread of the virus across all 50 states, as we have all now seen, has had a dramatic effect on the workplace, and our daily lives.

The growing number of COVID-19 cases across the country has caused state governors and legislatures to come to grips with some of the most difficult personal and legislative challenges in recent history-and each state is fervently working towards bringing this outbreak to a halt. 


While COVID-19...


Staying Connected Through Teams


Almost overnight, our work lives have been dramatically altered, with businesses announcing mandatory telecommuting during COVID-19. It has been amazing to see the corporate leadership surrounding this and people coming together to fight the pandemic, so the work-life disruption is a small price to pay. While those of us able to work from home are certainly blessed to have that option, it has led to new realities.

For those who don’t have the luxury of a home office, a makeshift workstation in their living rooms or dining rooms have had to...


Do Good. Be Kind.


How are you holding up? It’s a question we should be asking everyone we know. I’m positive I never thought I’d live to see a situation where all of life as we know it was altered in a matter of days. So, how are you holding up?

I think this is more important to know than “how are you doing?” I’m sure even in the midst of all that is occurring we’d give folks a positive nod of “I’m good” whether that was the case or not. I hope you are holding up well even though we are surrounded...


Moving Toward Certainty #COVID19


We are three weeks into a 12-week (?) isolation. Times are uncertain but words like transparency and candor are becoming commonplace. It's been refreshing. When you dig into what is genuinely important, the difference between partnership and product transaction starts to emerge. When we stop pretending to be on opposite sides of the table, trust gets us closer to genuine human development.

In times when things are undetermined, leadership is of paramount importance. I don't mean this in terms of pulpit speeches from CEOs. Leadership right now comes from the trenches. The...


First, Do No Harm #COVID19



The statement “First, do no harm”, or “Primum non nocere” is often incorrectly attributed to the Hippocratic Oath but is thought to be derived from "to abstain from doing harm" in the oath.

No time since 1918 has the medical community faced a challenge like the COVID-19 pandemic we currently face. Beyond the thousands of patients, Department Chairs with their HR partners are facing a different application of this phrase.

Many healthcare facilities are recognizing three main categories of employees to prioritize in accommodations.

  1. Our teammates that are over 65
  2. ...