Little Wins #COVID19



As we enter another week in quarantine we've all figured out how to use zoom and have adapted the ability to wear shorts with a sport coat. We're tired of hearing strategies of how to work from home and we certainly aren't delighted when receiving cold calls from vendors "just checking up on us". Many people have lost jobs, others their businesses, and some, their lives. There simply is no silver lining.

As we traverse another day in the bunker, unsure if it's Saturday or Monday, little wins are the thing that...


Provide Contact and a Ritual for Telecommuters



Q: All 15 employees I manage are working from home and we’re staying connected via email and other video conferencing tools. However, although the team has maintained productivity, they now seem serious, stressed and anxious. Our normally light-hearted banter is gone and I’m a bit worried about the mental health of some of my employees. Besides a reminder that EAP services are available what else can I do to support them?

A: It’s natural for people to be a bit more serious, stressed and anxious these days. After all we’re...


11+ Ideas to Engage and Support Your Remote Teams


In recent weeks the podcast has covered critical topics like the Families First Coronavirus Response Act and how HR technology providers are supporting businesses during this time. Today, we’re going to take a step toward engaging those workers that are working remotely, many of them doing so for the first time. 

In this solo episode, Ben covers 11+ ways HR leaders and line managers can support and engage their workers, from simple concepts like one on one’s to more complex ideas for how to run company all-hands briefings. Working remotely may be a challenge right now, but for those...


Why Workplace Disability Inclusion Matters Now More Than Ever



The COVID-19 pandemic has created a profound shift in workplaces across the United States and the world. “Because we’ve always done it that way” is suddenly out the window. Instead, much of the American workforce has had to get creative and find new ways of working.

In the language of workplace disability inclusion, “accommodations” are supports that enable employees to thrive at work. And overnight, we’ve seen millions of Americans using new workplace accommodations. Whether they’re working from home or working with a mask they didn’t need a few...


The Importance of Supporting Your People Managers #COVID19


SHRM asked human resource professionals to share their stories about something that has made a difference in their HR careers.

Trisha Zulic, Senior Director, Business Operations and Strategy at WSA Distributing, Inc. shares how she is connecting with and supporting her people managers every day. "It's important to make sure you’re taking care of your people managers," says Zulic, "because they are the people shaping the culture of your organization.”



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How to Conduct Virtual Layoffs—Compassionately



Getting laid off is never easy, but the coronavirus crisis has made the experience even more harrowing for many workers today. You may have already heard about organizations laying off employees en-masse via gigantic Zoom meetings or emails. When these terrible tales started making the news, I was truly shocked.

HR—we can do better. It’s true that the pandemic has transformed workplace norms seemingly overnight. But that doesn’t mean our compassion and respect for people can go out the window. Companies still need to be very mindful...


Making Culture Tangible



The outbreak of COVID-19 has forced many employees and teams to work remotely as businesses try to maintain operations. This new model of work is putting company culture to the test. Without physical interaction and typical processes, employees may not feel as connected or productive. Leaders need to adapt their culture to accommodate the current reality of working so that employees remain rooted in the culture while teleworking. 

The importance of culture is clear, as research shows culture is a key factor in higher employee engagement, productivity, motivation and collaboration....


COVID-19: Global Government Policy Outlook


Over the last few months, we have seen a historically large policy response across the globe, as governments continue adjusting to the new world of work brought upon by this pandemic. Governments have taken unprecedented actions, ranging from school closures, travel bans, non-essential business closures, social distancing, among others—as reflected in the maps below.[1]



Key findings of a Global...