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Background Screening vs. Candidate Experience Cool Tools Podcast with Craig Fisher and Gerry Crispin from #SHRM16

Everyone matters.  Good communication from employers throughout the job application process can help mitigate job applicant concerns.  Job candidates are noisy.  These undeniable truths are covered in an article I wrote for SHRM before the SHRM 2016 annual conference.  
This podcast is a follow-up to that article about how background screening can challenge a job applicant’s experience.  Gerry Crispin and I talk with Richard Seldon and Nick Fishman of Sterling Talent Solutions to discover just what is the right approach to the background screening process to ensure a great experience for job candidates.
We discuss what steps...

Thoughts from the DNC: Five Ways to Close the Skills Gap


Today, I joined business leaders, members of Congress and experts from well-respected think tanks for a panel discussion on one of the most pressing workplace policy issues of our time: the skills gap. The panel, sponsored by centrist think tank Third Way, was convened during the Democratic National Convention (DNC) to unpack the challenge of—and highlight solutions to—developing a workforce that is ready to meet the demands of the new economy.

The first question pitched to me was basic but relevant in light of some current debate:...


The Cool Tools Show at #SHRM16


SHRM 16 in Washington DC was a pretty special time for Cool Tools Show hosts, Craig and Lars.  For one, DC is Lars’ stomping grounds.  Also the last time we met up at a SHRM event there Lars gave Craig and Kevin Grossman a tour of his office at that time, the old NPR HQ.

Each time we get together for a SHRM annual event we scour the expo hall for new tech, cool tools, and most importantly furry mascots.  We love furry mascots.  Well we took our video equipment (iPhone) around and had some good fun on day...


Expo Spotlight: Five Impressive HR Vendors From #SHRM16

While SHRM16 has come and gone and SHRM17 is on the horizon (Hello NOLA!), the bridge between the two conferences is the wide selection of HR vendors who make your work life much easier. As an official blogger and podcast host, I had an opportunity to walk the expo floor and speak with many of the vendors who had demos, giveaways, and even fun movie-themed costumes. Beyond the swag and the opportunity to get more steps in on my FitBit, I wanted to connect with vendors whose offerings add immense value...


Leadership Books Lead the Pack at #SHRM16

It is always interesting to see what the SHRMStore’s top sellers are each year at the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) Annual Conference & Exposition. Beyond what I expect—the keynote speakers’ books, books approved for SHRM recertification credit and “I Love HR” accessories—the items that sell best give a glimpse into the challenges HR professionals face and the tools they are looking for to help meet their needs.

This year, while many HR topics stood out—employee relations, compliance and performance management, to name a few—the one topic that...


It's STILL About the People #SHRM16


Every year at the SHRM National Conference, you see all sorts of blog posts about how the content is great, but it’s really about the people you meet and the relationships you build. Hell, I’ve even written that blog post.

This year, I wanted to attend more sessions and see more of the content that’s out there. I went through the schedule and picked out a bunch of sessions that looked good (and there were lots) and was ready to session the heck out of this place.

And then I got...


A Follow-Up Discussion on Workplace Bullying #SHRM16


As part of my blogging team coverage of the 2016 SHRM Annual Conference and Exposition, several weeks ago I conducted a Q&A with Catherine Mattice, one of the conference’s concurrent speakers.  The post served as a preview of her session, titled “The Real World: Case Studies of Real Organizations Who Solved Their Workplace Bullying Problems” and gave us some insight into her thoughts on the reality of workplace bullying.  You can read that initial Q&A post here

So naturally at the conference I took the opportunity to attend her session....


Communications survey reveals the potential of mobile to transform engagement #SHRM16


Red e App Survey of HR Professionals at the SHRM 2016 Annual Conference & Exposition Reveals a Lack of Connection with Hourly Employees

Red e App, an internal communications mobile application used by corporations globally to more effectively communicate with hourly workers, surveyed over 300 HR professionals at the national SHRM (Society for Human Resources Management) conference. The survey results indicate that companies are unable to measure internal communications and are slowly adapting to the mobile behaviors of their workforce.

At the leading event for HR executives, Red e App learned that only 27 percent of companies surveyed have...


Election 2016: Polarizing Candidates Create Significant Headaches at Work #SHRM16












Evren Esen, SHRM-SCP

Director, Workforce Analytics, SHRM

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This election year is brining greater political volatility to the workplace, with slightly more than one-quarter of respondents to a new Society...


What Does it Take to Become an Award-Winning Executive? #SHRM16



Tim Mulligan, J.D.

CHRO, San Diego Zoo Global


Winner - 2016 CHRO of the Year (HRO Today)

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