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#Nextchat: Everything You Need to Know About Managing People



You’ve heard it said again and again, and perhaps you’ve experienced it yourself: People don’t leave organizations—they leave bosses. 

Bad bosses come in many varieties: abusive and toxic, lazy and incompetent. There are few things more miserable in the workplace, and an organization full of bad bosses will kill the culture.

It’s important for managers to be sure they are providing the best experience for their employees. It’s equally important for organizations to provide their employees with the best managers by hiring, promoting and training the right people for these...


SHRM Foundation Annual Conference Scholarship Winner

The SHRM Foundation is proud to present scholarships to students and SHRM members who are pursuing academic and professional development opportunities in the HR field. This year, the SHRM Foundation is awarding five SHRM Annual Conference & Exposition scholarships to individuals from across the U.S.

In 2017, University of Washington (UW) student Markus Smith was the recipient of the Northwest Human Resource Management Association (NHRMA) Student Scholarship and attended SHRM17. His story is the first in a series of SHRM Foundation spotlights


The Cadillac Creep Will Impact Your Econo-Health Plan

As an HR Professional in 2010, I recall thinking, as I struggled to wrap my mind around the myriad of complex provisions included in the ACA, that the Cadillac tax was probably one provision that I didn’t need to concern myself with.  After all, it was years in the future and only applied to those other, richer plans, right?  Time for a fast forward reality-check. 

The Cadillac tax has been delayed in the past but is set to begin in 2022 on high-cost employer-sponsored health coverage.  It will tax health coverage that exceeds $10,200 for individual coverage and $27,500 for...


#Nextchat RECAP: Everything You Need to Know About Managing People


On April 18 @shrmnextchat chatted with Dr. Karlyn Borysenko @DrKarlynB about Everything You Need to Know About Managing People.

In case you missed this excellent chat filled with tips and advice for managers, you can read all the tweets here:







Almost Live from Las Vegas at the SHRM Talent Management Conference



I’m wrapping up three days of great key note presentations, awesome breakout sessions, and a vendor exposition covering a broad offering of Talent software, products and services at the 2018 SHRM Talent Conference & Exposition.

With Fast Company’s Co-founder Bill Taylor kicking off the conference on Monday morning, and Gretchen Rubin, the best-selling author on the topic of "Happiness" closing keynote this morning, close to 1,600 attendees were treated to fascinating learning opportunities.

For me, the Tuesday lunch general session with Jacob Morgan was the highlight. Jacob is best known as...


Getting Your Story Splained: A #SHRM2018 Vendor Profile



A couple of weeks ago I had the pleasure of interviewing Alfredo Castro, a master storyteller. Alfredo will be telling how to use storytelling to improve our business results. Just the other day I had the good fortune to talk to Mark Smith, who has a company that helps companies do a better job of telling their story. Splainers uses short films, generally animated, to help companies explain ideas, or their plans, or even their employee handbooks, in order to get more engagement from the employees or customers. The concept is...


Tony Lee at #SHRMTalent- Content, SHRM’s TA Specialty Credential and SHRM’s June D&I Job Fair


In this Facebook live I sat down with Tony Lee, SHRM's VP of Editorial, at the SHRM Talent Conference and Exposition. Tony discusses SHRM's focus on creating talent acquisition content and credentials, as well as the June 20 Diversity and Inclusion Job Fair as part of Annual Conference in Chicago.  The soon to be launched SHRM Talent Acquisition Specialty Credential  is a way for talent acquisition professionals to distinguish their expertise and build their credibility. SHRM Announced the new Credential at the SHRM Talent Conference and Exposition. 

Tony also discussed SHRM’s Diversity and Inclusion Job Fair,...


Want to Keep Your People? Then Protect What they Care About!



When I was playing with the idea to make a move, I sat down and asked myself, "what is important to me?"

As I sat down, my little girl came up to me and said, “Mommy, I am hungry and I want a snack!” That’s when it hit me! This little girl means the world to me.

I made up my mind at that moment: My move will be based upon what is best for my family.

I have onboarded a couple hundred new employees and the question that I...


#Nextchat Podcast #3 with SHRM CEO Johnny C. Taylor, Jr. -- Advice for New HR Professionals


SHRM's CEO Johnny C. Taylor Jr. joins HR professional Jazmine Wilkes on SHRM's weekly #Nextchat podcast.  Johnny discusses the importance of proving yourself through competency, honing your people management skills, and GIFs and Tweets he would have shared with himself on his first day in HR.  For more on the #Nextchat and all the tweets visit:




#Nextchat Podcast #3 with Jazmine Wilkes - Advice for New HR Professionals


On #Nextchat Podcast #3, special guest, HR professional Jazmine Wilkes, talks about "Advice for New HR Professionals." 

Whether you’re graduating with a degree in HR, being promoted from an administrative role into HR, or transitioning into HR from another profession, tips and advice from other practicing HR professionals at all career levels are always helpful to ensure a smooth and successful start to your new career in HR.