Is Success without Well-Being Really Success?

The Great Resignation is really a Great Reevaluation of how we live, how we work and what we need to truly thrive. What people are resigning from is a culture of burnout and a broken definition of success. More and more people have come to see that chasing an idea of success based solely on the metrics of money and status isn’t sustainable. It’s like sitting on a two-legged stool — sooner or later we’re going to fall off. What we’re seeing is a shift to a way of living...


How 12 HR Leaders are Reshaping Policies to Improve the Lives of Workers Everywhere - #CauseTheEffect


As a leader in HR, what is one way you are reshaping policies that will not only improve the lives of your workers but hopefully the lives of workers everywhere? - #CauseTheEffect

To help you improve the lives of workers, we asked people managers and HR executives this question for their best insights. From including staff in determining benefits to embracing change, there are several insights that may help you reshape policies and improve the lives of your employees everywhere.  

Here are 12 tips for...


Bold Leadership Through Strategic Resources | #CauseTheEffect

Bold Leadership Through Strategic Resources The COVID-19 pandemic has propelled many into involuntary leadership action over the last two years. Navigating daily regulation inconsistency while addressing changes in the work-from-home policy along with tempering the hiring and retention challenges of the Great Resignation has made Human Resources the busiest department in every organization. SHRM's Cause The Effect campaign is bringing attention to these unforeseen adjustments in the profession. Barely having time to catch one's breath is enough to keep any HR professional on the defensive. Today, I'd like to offer a few thoughts that might strengthen our long game strategy...


Be the Difference | #CauseTheEffect

Martin Luther King, Jr. Monday, is a holiday to celebrate and serve. The timing of Dr. Martin Luther King’s birth is magical as it is a reminder and a call to action early each and every New Year.  An early checkpoint and time to re-set and re-think.  Over his shortened years King had so many wise words.  He was a true #CausetheEffect guide.  So many of his quotes are worthy of a repeat, some of my favorites will be included here.  I start with a core query, “Life’s most persistent and urgent question is, ‘What are you doing for...


The Pupa Effect | #CauseTheEffect

The butterfly effect can be described as an insect flapping its wings in one part of the world and due to the associated minute alteration in air pressure, eventually causing a monumental weather event in a location across the globe. A choice made now, an action taken, words spoken – all will alter, in unforeseen ways, outcomes that are far beyond immediate circumstances. According to this phenomenon, we can never truly know which specific actions actually have consequences. (Deaton, 2020). Some will and some won’t and we have to accept this uncertainty.

The pandemic, and how it has drastically altered...