Highlighting Another SHRM22 Session You Don’t Want to Miss!

In a recent blog post, I wrote about a session that Joe Ziska (BMW) and Erica Young (SHRM) will be conducting at this year’s SHRM22. The session is entitled “How BMW Leverages Emerging Technology for People and Talent Needs” and will surely spark ideas about how to leverage emerging technology in your own company. More details on that session can be found here.

In this blog post, I’d like to highlight another impactful session you should be sure to add to your agenda. The session is entitled “Extinguish Burnout...


#SHRM22: Wisdom of Many

SHRM22 is here in a few days; One of the key takeaways from attending conferences is networking with old friends, meeting new friends, and attending informative sessions to take back and apply at work. An essential part of the SHRM22 conference is the Exhibitor’s Hall, filled with service providers, products, and more to help manage the workforce better.

Why to visit Exhibitors Booth: Conferences are the best...


#SHRM22: The Biggest Challenges of HR (and their Solutions)

Like many departments, HR is currently undergoing a huge transformation. Luckily, SHRM22 is around the corner to help you navigate the uncertainty. There you will be able to connect with professionals you can call on for help in the future, get inspired by the leading minds in HR and business, and learn new methods for addressing the biggest challenges in HR and the workplace.

Though the future of work is bound to bring many challenges, below I’ve identified...


#SHRM22: Reveal the Human Truth with Visier

“The only way to make high-quality decisions is a people manager that sees not just what’s in front of you or what’s in your HRIS, but a deeper human truth about the person who potentially you’re trying to unlock.” – Paul Rubenstein, Chief People Officer, Vizier.

The pandemic and great resignation have increased the complexity of talent management multifold. Additionally, the nature of work – the remote, hybrid, and WFA has made augmenting and managing...


Connecting with Students at #SHRM22

It’s here…or nearly so. SHRM22 is days away and I can’t be more excited.

As I travel each year to the annual conference, I look around me and listen for those also attending. See as a regular SHRM Blogger or “Influencer”, it’s part of my job to connect and engage with my fellow attendees. However, with me I’m looking for a specific group when I do… students!

See for me, I fill my bucket by connecting with the future...


13 New Generation People Analytics To #CauseTheEffect

What is one new HR metric or people analytics data points to discover risks and opportunities with in their workforce?

To help you use people analytics data points to discover risks and opportunities within your workforce, we asked CEOs and HR professionals this question for their best insights. From Survivor Rate to Predictive Analytics in Talent Acquisition, there are several HR metrics and new generation people analytics that you may use to discover risks and opportunities within your workforce.



#SHRM22: Connecting Employers and Talent in a Borderless World

After years of working as an HR leader, Rick Hammell had that big moment that changed everything. He experienced the struggle of paying global employees, which at times left his own people with late paychecks and dwindled trust—all caused by miscommunication from outsourced payroll partners. So, looking to solve the challenge of managing, onboarding and paying an international workforce, Rick founded Elements Global Services in 2015.

And he did so while simultaneously creating the Employer of Record (EOR) model and establishing a direct approach to helping customers...


Advice for Attending #SHRM22

With over 200 expert led sessions, 500+ exhibiting companies at the SHRM Expo, and 11 content tracks focused on the most relevant topics in HR today - attending this year’s SHRM 22 can feel more like running a marathon than attending a fun and exciting event. And if you are new to HR, it might feel even MORE overwhelming, especially because you don’t have all the “lingo” memorized!

But like running for a marathon, you wouldn’t just get out of bed, throw on a new pair of sneakers and jump into the...


#SHRM22: Workplace Ethics are an Organizational Value

Paul Falcone believes that ethics need to return to the workplace with passionate intention. As a twenty-year veteran of the entertainment industry, Paul has handled his fair share of ethical decisions. It was early on in his career at Paramount Pictures where he was a Trainer that Paul got hooked on encouraging people to be thoughtful about ethics.

At #SHRM22, Paul will be sharing thoughts in his session based upon his recently launched Harper Collins book, Workplace Ethics: Mastering Ethical Leadership and Sustaining a Moral Workplace. Paul’s experience as a professor at...


Spotlight on #SHRM22 Exhibitor isolved

With a huge exhibition hall with over 500 exhibitors and vendors, the SHRM Annual Conference is a great place to connect with companies who will be demonstrating and selling a variety of products and services to thousands of attendees.

One of the companies that I hope you will take some time to visit is isolved. isolved is a customer centric, Human Capital Management (HCM) company headquartered in Charlotte, NC with eight offices located across the country.

I was able to connect with Melissa Versnik, a Wisconsin-based isolved Marketplace Product Manager. Melissa was also a long-time board member with Greater...