Why Your Company Needs a Mobile Technology Policy

Being a person who loves my iPhone and iPad, articles about mobile trends usually catch my eye.  This one from Portfolio discusses how important mobile and wireless services are to businesses.  Check out these stats (they’re from last year and still pretty amazing):

59% of small businesses say wireless technology is essential to their business

33% of small business owners check their mobile device before brushing their teeth

I’m not sure dentists are real happy to hear that last one.  But here’s another one that will capture your attention:

Mobile-fluent firms earn $10.8 million...


#NEXTCHAT Recap: Is HR Technology Really Making Our Jobs Easier?

On August 15, SHRM We Know Next invited special guest Steve Boese to chat about the topic:  "Is HR Technology Really Making Our Jobs Easier?"

The informative conversation was directed at helping human resource professionals understand and make sense of the rapidly changing HR technology scene -- a daunting challenge for many HR pros who have a thousand other issues on their plate. 

The chat addressed questions like "What are some ways HR can realize the expected benefits of technology investments?" and "How can the HR professional become better educated on the current HR technology market?"...


Summer's Gold Medal HR Reads

 The SHRMStore has award-winning and popular HR titles. Here are the ones that performed at their peak this summer! 

 Gold Medal SHRM Read:

The Essential Guide to Workplace InvestigationsThis invaluable resource provides all the plain-language forms, sample policies, checklists and sample documentation that managers, supervisors, business owners and HR professionals need to conduct a successful investigation, step-by-step, that will stand up in court. Get the facts on:

  • Deciding whether to investigate
  • Choosing an investigator.
  • Interviewing and gathering evidence.
  • Evaluating the evidence.
  • ...

Part II - Rewarding Positive Deviance

In Part I, “Be Yourself – Everyone Else Is Taken” - we stressed the importance of embracing your uniqueness on your path to success.

As we experience 21st century demographic and technical transformations in the workplace, one important adjustment that leaders can make is to acknowledge and reward positive deviance – both formally and informally. 

In a community, the collective actions of each member define the culture of the group. Well, almost. There are usually a few outliers – those who stick out, swim upstream, and tend to succeed against the odds. They are the positive deviants....


Should the Strategic Plan Rest in Peace?

Should the Strategic Plan Rest in Peace?
At one time, business executives believed that strategic planning was the answer to all of their problems. The process that started in the 1950’s evolved through various strategic analyses including SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats), Michael Porter’s competitive strategy model, core competencies, strategic intent and business transformation. Today, many are questioning the strategic plan's usefulness.

There are many reasons for this. I'll give three:

  1. Involvement of Strategic Planning Consultants. Okay, I don’t want to tar every consultant with the same brush, but generally, consultants take
  2. ...

Being A Great Place To Work

The Minneapolis/St. Paul Business Journal has named its 2012 Best Places to Work honorees. An exceptional group of companies in the hometown delivering progressive work style design and experience during a time when so many employers simply cannot get it right. This group has figured out that culture is a real competitive advantage. Fun to watch.

I’ll be keynoting their Best Places to Work Awards Luncheon this August. I look forward to addressing the challenge of sustaining such exceptional performance. Getting there is hard work. Staying there might be even harder.

Good is...


A scary NLRB decision threatening the integrity of workplace investigations

HR heads are still spinning as they try to digest what the National Labor Relations Board has tried to accomplish this year.

The Acting General Counsel has issued confusing reports on social media. The Board has also attempted to create quickie union elections, and require companies to abide by a union-poster rule. Why, just a few weeks ago, the Board ruled that an "at will" provision in an employee handbook may violate the National Labor Relations Act. That one is still a head-scratcher for me.

But the National Labor Relations Board has really stepped in it again,...


SHRMStore's Top 10 Reads After Annual Conference

The SHRMStore had more than 900 items to choose from on-site at this year's Annual Conference and Exposition, including books from more than 90 speakers. Below are the top sellers from the show.

  1. The Chief HR Officer: (Top-Selling SHRM-Published Book at Annual Conference) This book shows how, in today’s extremely competitive work environment, the job of CHRO has expanded to encompass many important roles. Among other things, HR leaders must adapt to and address the demands of an increasingly diverse and demanding workforce, globalization, stricter regulatory requirements, increased accountability to the CEO and board of
  2. ...

More Jobs Expected in Second Half of 2012

Despite continued job growth, little change is expected in jobless rate  

The weak state of the U.S. job market has become old news, but the labor force is still trying to recover from an unprecedented economic downturn. Hiring will continue steadily in the manufacturing and service sectors in August—following national labor market trends—according to the Society for Human Resource Management’s (SHRM) Leading Indicators of National Employment (LINE) survey for August 2012.

But a recent report by the Associated Press (AP) noted three years have passed since the Great Recession officially ended, and the vast...


HR Tools and Tech: The Resumator: Social Recruiting Platform

The Resumator offers HR professionals an innovative way to locate qualified job candidates through not only social media but across various popular job sites, while only utilizing one interface. Through the application, the user can promote job openings using social media, free job boards and other online resources. After recruiters evaluate various responses, The Resumator provides efficient applicant tracking, productivity tools, easy job syndication through numerous sites, automated rejection and confirmation messages, real time reports and analytics, custom job applications and specific roles set for individuals and team...