Corporate Wellness: Shred Those Inbox Pounds and Tighten Up Your Email Communications

Corporate wellness is not just the physical and mental wellness for employees. Corporate Wellness can also refer to the health and well-being of corporate systems like email. For 2013, resolve to get your inbox in shape and rethink how you use email as a communication tool. 

Over the holidays, I had to give up a couple vacation days to come into the office and get out of “email jail.” My company, and many other corporations, have email storage and retention policies that limit the amount of emails we can have in our email inbox and folders. I had...


Distinguishing Goals and Resolutions

We’re about a month into 2013…hard to believe, eh? I wanted to see how those resolutions are coming along.

Don’t worry if you didn’t set any resolutions – there’s still time. Or if you’ve already forgotten about them, you can start again. The important part of resolutions is having something you want work toward that’s important to you.

I know, I know . . . there are anti-resolution people out there. People who will tell you resolutions are for losers. I tend to think of resolutions like goals. Actions I want to accomplish in the upcoming year....


#Nextchat RECAP: Should Recruiters Judge Candidates by Their Social Media Profiles?

On January 9, SHRM We Know Next chatted with John Hudson (@JohnPHudson) about the topic: "Should Recruiters Judge Candidates by Their Social Media Profiles?"

In case you missed it, here are all the great tweets from the chat:






Are there Flaws in our Wellness Initiatives?

I have been thinking a lot about wellness initiatives for the past couple of years perhaps due to having participated in Illinois annual Workplace Wellness WOWIE Awards a couple years back. ILSHRM in partnership with Blue Cross / Blue Shield of Illinois has really created an excellent program in acknowledging companies across Illinois in their wellness efforts as well as encouraging others to step it up a notch!

After having reviewed several applications, it seemed that overall there were only a few companies who were actually seeing major results and ROI (for lack of a...


Is it a skills gap or a bias against the long-term unemployed?

I'd like to call your attention to what is essentially more wood for the fire of the seemingly endless 'Skills gap' debate - a summary of some recent research by two Northeastern University academics, William Dickens and Rand Ghayad, titled 'It's not a skills mismatch: Disaggregate evidence on the US-unemployment-vacancy relationship' posted this past weekend on the Vox site. 
You should take a few minutes to read the piece from Dickens and Ghayad - it provides an interesting and somewhat alternative method of examining the alleged skills gap problem - the scenario that so many...


The Plight of the Sole HR Practitioner

I have found a new respect for sole HR practitioners. I myself have never been a sole practitioner and have always worked for larger companies who had HR staff anywhere from 15-50 people. Until my latest client assignment. I mentioned back in November that I had stepped in to fill a gap for a wonderful client who was losing their HR Director. This client is a 90 person sales/service organization located outside of Chicago. This role is that of a sole practitioner who does have a receptionist reporting to them, but ultimately all of the HR “stuff” falls...


#Nextchat: Should Recruiters Judge Candidates by Their Social Media Profiles?

Should job seekers clean up their social media profiles when actively searching for a job?

Perhaps it would be wise to delete the “I hate my boss” posts, the mug shot of your wild weekend in Vegas, or the rants about your disdain for baby seals. But the weekend pictures where you are having a beer or a glass of wine and a great time? Those funny cat memes? Where’s the harm?

Social networking sites have an intended purpose, but most are created for people to share their experiences and to show a personal side.

As recruiters and HR professionals,...


The Human Capital Advantage

Without leadership, a business enterprise will eventually fail. Survival is possible without a strategy but seldom over the long haul. Great strategy with lousy execution isn’t worth the piece of paper it is written on. The consequence of these proclamations is obvious. Get it right, bring it all together and you have commercial magic. The glue that binds leadership, strategy, and execution is people – quality individuals at the board level, in the C-suite, in the office, on the factory floor, and in the field.     
Until the information age, companies needed scads of people to run...


#Nextchat RECAP: Why HR Still Has an Image Problem

On January 9, SHRM We Know Next chatted with Laurie Ruettimann (@LRuettimann) and Tim Sackett (@TimSackett) about the topic "Why HR Still Has an Image Problem."

In case you missed this fun and informative chat, here are all the great tweets:



9 Steps You Can Take Today To Find A New Job in 2013

It’s a brand new year, a time where many people attack their New Year’s resolutions with excitement and resolve. If you were one of the many people whose resolution involves finding a new job or making  career change, you may be wondering where to start. Here are nine steps you can take today to position yourself well to find your next gig.

  1. Update your resume: How long has it been since you updated your resume? Chances are it could benefit from at least a few tweaks. Whether you’re actively looking for a job or not, it’s a
  2. ...