You're the Love of My Life

Imagine coming to work and receiving, on your desk, a card from your boss that says:

"You’re my everything, all the time, forever, but especially on this Valentine’s Day."

"Tell me your Dreams of us being together forever… and I’ll tell you my dreams about yours coming true. Happy Valentine’s Day!"

"It’s Valentine’s Day… a day of love… the very special day we set aside for wishing things in a very special way."

"I am yours and you are mine, and that’s why you get this Valentine."

"I’m not Cupid, but I’ll hit your...


The Leadership Collective

Remember when companies were run as dictatorships? We simply cannot do that anymore. There are too many people in too many places with too much work to be done. Nowadays, one man or woman cannot run a start-up -- let alone a global corporation.

In the past, while formulating an employee engagement strategy I would often hear, "The CEO wants it that way, so that's the way we are going to do it." Today, the CEO-centric program may be the very thing that drives tomorrow's talent away.

So now what do we do? Raising commissions is not enough....


Reimagining HR: Why We Must Think Differently in 2013

When interviewing candidates for a new Head of HR position at HireVue, I had a simple question for each applicant: If you could have a clean slate and start the talent acquisition process totally anew, what would you do? Surprisingly, the majority of candidates were unable to provide a good answer. Most just talked about doing things the old way, but using new tools.

Unfortunately, this way of thinking, where we look to adapt the latest technologies to our existing processes without making fundamental changes, is prevalent throughout the HR profession. However, new technology can only do so...


#Nextchat RECAP: Building Better HR

On February 6, SHRM @WeKnowNext chatted with Janine Truitt (@CzarinaofHR) about "Building Better HR".

Some of the best and brightest folks in the human resources profession jumped into the chat to share their ideas.

In case you missed it, here are all the great tweets from the chat: 






Toasting 20 Years of FMLA?


By Lisa Horn (@SHRMLobbyist), SHRM’s Senior Government Relations Advisor

By now you’ve heard that this week (Feb. 5) marked the 20th anniversary of the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA).  This landmark federal leave statute has no doubt afforded countless new parents opportunities to bond with children while allowing other employees time off to recover from major health issues or to care for seriously ill loved ones – all without fear of losing a job. 

As someone who has twice benefited from FMLA leave, I can’t help but toast the statute’s 20th anniversary and the peace of mind it...


7 Quick Tips for building a "fan base" as a young leader...

With changing cultural trends, the rise of the knowledge worker, and technology-catalyzed speed of ramp-up, we're seeing more and more examples of younger leaders, managing folks older than them. This was once unheard of. Tenure, not tenacity, once trumped all. Not anymore.

Why build your “fan base?” A village to raise a child, a world to make that child a success.

I'm a sucker for the storyline in which a single man or woman rises up above all odds, then gets to bask in the sweet glory of showing up those who doubted them.

That said, I've...


#Nextchat: Building Better HR

HR professionals often work so diligently at improving the culture of the organizations in which we serve that we often forget to take care of each other and our own profession.  We spend so much time creating opportunities for employees that we forget we need development, too.  With so much work and so little time, how can HR pros foster a culture of continuous improvement and find ways to help and support each other internally, nationally and even globally?

HR can become intrinsically better for the greater purpose of improving the profession.  Culture, flexibility and innovation are the trinity to...


#Nextchat: How Organizations Can Tame Social Media's Wild West

There’s been a lot of conversation lately about the role of social media in today’s workplace.  While we’ve pretty much established that social media is here to stay, there are still many workplaces that discourage -- if not totally prohibit -- the use of social media (or any internet activity) at work. 

The question isn’t whether to allow social media use at the office, but how your organization can harness it to improve communication and to increase engagement and awareness -- internally and externally.  Social media is the new “Wild West” of communication and even the smallest companies...


HOW TO: Properly address disability accommodation when hiring

I was reading this federal court opinion over the weekend. It involves a disability-discrimination claim brought by a deaf man who applied to become a lifeguard at a county pool, but didn't get the job because the county thought his disability would compromise swimmer safety. Plus, the town was not convinced that it could accommodate the deaf applicant because it couldn't be 100% certain that he could safely be on the lifeguard stand alone, without someone constantly by his side.

Folks, I'm guilty.

I'll admit, that when I started reading this opinion, I immediately jumped to...