"Who do you want next to you in court?"

That was the value statement of an employer I worked for a while back. The world of compliance was changing rapidly: paper was being converted to digital, employees were representing companies in the social was the birth of big data. I worked for the best company in the industry and we dominated in the space. We had great leadership, forward-thinking strategy, and outstanding corporate governance. But, the job meant nothing to me! I loved the people who I worked with and the company valued my leadership, but I really didn't...


25 Companies Using Mobile Hiring Apps to Recruit

Mobile is the next frontier when it comes to recruitment technologies. Our industries innovations follow in the footsteps of consumer and business industry trends. First, with data storage systems like the applicant tracking systems, and then cloud and SaaS based systems, and the use of social media as part of recruiting. Yes, mobile is the next frontier in the recruiting world, and slow yet steady progress is being made.

Types of Mobile Recruitment

When it comes to mobile recruiting and recruitment initiatives, there are three accepted ways to integrate mobile into your corporate recruiting strategy.

  • ...

#Nextchat RECAP: What's Next for Work Authorization?

On April 24, @weknownext chatted with Justin Storch of The American Council on International Personnel (@ACIPimmigration) and Daniel Brown, Partner, Fragomen, Del Rey, Bernsen & Loewy LLP (@DBrown367) on "What's Next for Work Authorization?"

In case you missed it, here are all the great tweets from the chat:


Leave as an ADA reasonable accommodation; when is enough...enough?

Unquestionably, when it come to tackling the Americans with Disabilities Act, one of the biggest issues affecting the workplace and accommodating disabled employees is providing leave as a reasonable accommodation. Anecdotally, a question that plagues most employers is just how much leave is enough?

We know that an indefinite leave of absence is not a reasonable accommodation. But, what about when an employee takes one leave, after another, after another.

When is enough enough?

* * *

The Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals offered some guidance recently in Santandreu v. Miami Dade County. When an employee is uncertain about the...


Gamers Are ‘Greatest Untapped Human Resource’

Did you know there are currently 1 billion gamers worldwide? And did you know that a 2012 Gallup survey revealed that 71 percent of U.S. workers are not engaged on the job? The connection between these two facts and the impact gaming can have on employee engagement and talent management were the subject of game designer and futurist Jane McGonigal’s April 16 keynote presentation at the Society for Human Resource Management’s 2013 Talent Management Conference & Exposition.

The cost of lost productivity as a result of workforce disengagement is $30 billion annually, McGonigal said. Worse, “when 71 percent of workers...


HR Stuck in Pilot Mode

This should come as no surprise, but the HR department is crucial to the operations of any business. Identifying and onboarding the people responsible for delivering key objectives, keeping current employees engaged and working productively and ensuring all employees receive necessary training and development are just some of our more high profile functions. What is surprising, though, is how few HR professionals realize their value and their power to drive change.


All too often, I have seen HR professionals from a...


#Nextchat: What’s Next for Work Authorization?

Immigration reform is fully under way as the “Gang of Eight," a group of Republican and Democratic senators, introduced its bi-partisan immigration reform bill on April 18. Human resources professionals around the country are paying close attention as passage of the bill could profoundly affect their internal processes and overall talent management strategies.  

Many HR pros -- who may also be required to use the E-Verify system -- are also just getting their arms around the new I-9 form, which includes several improvements to minimize errors in completion.  The changes include:

  • Adding data fields, including the employee’s foreign
  • ...

Talent Management 3.0

What is the ultimate goal of talent management?  The answer depends on whom you ask within the field.  For recruiters, they may say it is to find the best people for the job.  For trainers, developing employees for success in their current and future roles may be the end goal.  At the HR director level, the goal may be retention and succession planning for the best and brightest.  Talent management has many different facets, making it tempting to focus on the most immediate and salient goals within an HR professional’s job responsibilities.  But all of these facets have one very...


HR Responds to Boston Bombing and Manhunt

Christine Lahey wasn’t sure at first what the cryptic text she received on her cell phone around 3 p.m. on April 15, 2013, meant. The message read: “I’m safe. Turn on the news.”

The text came from a co-worker who was watching the end of the Boston Marathon near the offices of Liberty Mutual Insurance, where Lahey is vice president of employee relations and human resource services.

“I was at home and received this text within 10 minutes of the blast,” Lahey recalled. “I didn’t know up until that point that there had been an attack.”

Both explosions that tore...


What Do Succession Planning and Aging Parents have in Common?

I’ve discussed the issue of aging parents numerous times and am currently at the place in life where I’m starting to put a plan together to make sure that if and when something happens to either of my parents, the transition will be a smooth one. Whether an illness, an accident or perhaps my parents come to the point they can no longer take care of themselves, proactive preparedness is a much better approach than avoiding the inevitable.

When we’re younger, we tend to think that things will always stay the same, we’ll always have the friends in high school...