7 Superpowers of a Great Leader



If you could choose one superpower, what would it be? According to Ranker.com, a totally unscientific but incredibly interesting website for list ranking, the number one superpower we desire is teleportation. Forget the nuisance of flying with that ridiculous cape, teleportation allows you to simply vanish from point A and quickly materialize at point B, and you don’t even need a funky looking suit with a leotard.

In your role as a leader, do you have any idea the powers you possess? With the simple human powers you possess today, you can dramatically influence employee attitudes and behavior. Your ability to lead people to higher levels of performance while building strong working relationships can mean the difference between net profit and loss.

The good news is that any company with the right CEO and leadership team can create a powerful organization built on trust.  In order for you to conquer your industry, below are seven superpowers of a great leader:

#1 - The Super Power of Priority: Determine your top priorities and communicate them to your team. Remain laser-focused and sidestep productivity villains who run in fire drill mode to justify their existence.  A great leader must be focused to maintain the team’s sanity.

#2 – The Super Power of Equality – Great leaders treat each member of their team the same, with dignity and respect. There will be employees, however, who desire to gain an advantage over their teammates by brown-nosing. You will not be fooled nor will you succumb to treating others differently. Team results will be the performance measurement you will use.

#3 – The Super Power of M(a)cro-Management – Your job is to step back and get out of the way. Set-up a respectful, welcoming environment and allow your people to be productive.  Great leaders seek out and destroy micro-management behavior because it kills productivity and creativity.

#4 – The Super Power of Coaching – The age of the boss is dead. People don’t need bosses who look over their shoulder. Great leaders possess the coach mindset by showing people how to be successful and coaching them through victories and losses. A coach sees valuable learning opportunities in both.

#5 – The Super Power of Dynamic Design – Successful teams are staffed with a dynamic group of people with various skill sets. There are team members who are detailed while others are big picture visionaries.  Great leaders make the best use of each person’s skills and abilities.  They don’t need, nor do they want, clones of themselves. Great leaders hire people to fill in the gaps where certain skills are needed.

#6 The Super Power of Fun – Great leaders integrate fun with their work. There is no business rule that says fun is not allowed. Hard work and fun should go together. People are designed to create, produce and work. We derive a sense of satisfaction by accomplishing tasks and goals at work. It makes sense to allow fun to happen spontaneously and on purpose.

#7 - The Super Power of Kindness - Always be kind to your people. When finding out your teenager has wrecked the minivan for the third time, remember to remain kind at work. If you have anger issues, take-up kickboxing. Kindness is a soft skill that is hard but powerful.

Originally published on the Chief People Officer blog.

Originally published on the SHRM blog in 2013.



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