5 Ways to Infuse Your Job Posts with Personality



Writing a job post no longer has to be the most boring task ever! When hiring new talent for your business, you want to make sure you find someone qualified, reliable and fit for the job. Just like you’d like your ideal candidate to personalize a job application, you should also gear your post towards your ideal candidate. If you need a bubbly and warm administrative assistant, you probably don’t want to write a cut and dry job description. In this article, we will explore a few ways to infuse a little life into your job post.


Tell your potential candidates about your company, who you are looking for, what the role entails and what perks there are to be had. Don’t want to list the salary? Consider what else your company has to offer. Do you have an awesome team lunch every Thursday or a killer happy hour Friday? Is your company softball team undefeated? Tell your candidate about these aspects of your company that illustrate the culture that sets it apart from the others.


Consider your job post an advertisement for your company. Make sure the information is laid out clearly and concisely. The average job seeker spends 30 seconds looking at a job post to determine if it is right or wrong. Make sure your post can grab them in this short span of time. This is a great place to use images, as well. Do you have a picture of your team at an outing or hard at work in your awesome-looking office? Attach that to the top of the job post! People love photos, so pictures always perform well.


Just like writing an advertisement, a social media post or any marketing materials, take the time to determine the keywords associated with the job. Think of what search terms a job seeker could use. Does the job offered go by any other name? If you are hiring an account supervisor, are you looking for a junior or a senior? If you use more specific “long-tail” keywords you use for your post, you will attract a more specialized pool of applicants.


While you don’t want to write one line saying “Accountant Needed, Good Pay. Call XXX-XXX-XXXX”, you also don’t want to write a ten page dissertation on the perfect Accountant. Strike a balance between length and information. Write out all the information you deem pertinent then edit, edit, edit! Get another set of eyes on your job post. It is always helpful to have help in editing mode.


Everyone has looked for a job in the past. It is an exhaustive process wherein it can feel like your resume and cover letters are just flying out into an vast abyss, never to be seen by human eyes! The job search process often begins with reading job posts. Close your eyes and think of your ideal candidate reading the same job post over and over for “Sales Associate”. Pretty boring stuff. How can you make your job post pop? Appeal to the candidate in the job search process.

Use these five tips to infuse the most personality and information into a reasonably-worded job post. Start out with a job post template and sprinkle your company’s culture and personality on top!

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