5 Ways to Improve Your Job Descriptions


Just as a resume is a candidate’s first chance to make a great impression, so too are a company’s job listings. A great job description will encourage a more qualified candidate to apply, just as a poor listing can ensure he or she moves on to other openings. In fact, the average job seeker spends less than 30 seconds reviewing a job posting, so effective descriptions are vital to standing out from the pack and attracting top talent.

Here are 5 easy ways to bring more qualified candidates into your hiring pipeline:

Searchable, Relevant Titles

Optimizing how many people view your job listing greatly increases the odds of finding a qualified candidate. One of the easiest ways to optimize this process is to make sure that your job title is searchable and relevant. Unconventional job titles are trendy, but in job advertisements they can be confusing and generally aren’t the most relevant to a candidate’s search query. Put yourself in the job seeker’s shoes and create your job title based on the keywords for which your desired candidate will most likely search.

Sell the Role

With less than 30 seconds to peak someone’s interest, there’s no reason to write a comprehensive description of every task the job encompasses. Keep the listing concise and think about why someone would really want the position. Is there opportunity for growth? A chance to make a big impact? Projects that sound interesting? These attributes will stand out and motivate more qualified candidates to apply. Before you begin writing the description, however, be sure to spend time identifying these items with your hiring team.

Sell the Company

The role could be great, but if a company isn’t attractive, you could still lose the right candidate. Spend time identifying what makes your company worth joining. This could mean talking about your unique benefits, training programs, and company culture - anything that helps you stand out from your competitors. Telling your company story will help get job seekers interested and more eager to apply.

Invite (and Make it Easy for) Candidates to Apply

Always remember that your job posting is an advertisement, not a legal document. Therefore, postings should be aesthetically pleasing and easy to follow. At the end, you should invite interested candidates to apply. There are ways, such as qualifying questions, to screen applicants and discourage applies that aren’t a match. Whichever screening method you use, always be sure that your application process has as few steps as possible. Just as unqualified candidates will drop out of a long apply process, qualified applicants will too.


This tip should be obvious, but far too many postings go live with typos, grammatical errors or incorrect information. If possible, have a second pair of eyes read through the full job description before it is published. Furthermore, many postings are recycled year after year, so be sure to update the information regularly. Errors are not what you want prospective candidates to remember about your company.



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