13 HR Leaders Give Insight into Allowing Digital Nomad Employees


As an HR/business leader, provide one piece of insight into allowing digital nomad employees?

To help you best determine the place of digital nomad employees in your organization, we asked HR managers and business leaders this question for their best insights. There are several insights presented to help you embrace and best manage your remote workforce, especially the digital nomad employees.

Here are the insights that these 13 HR leaders provided about allowing digital nomad employees:

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Keep It Weird!

My wife and I traveled to Austin, Texas, this past summer, where I was fortunate to be part of the Austin SHRM Annual Conference. We extended our trip so we could spend some time exploring the city.

Austin has a very cool vibe, and it felt like my kind of town. There was art and music everywhere. Murals adorned countless buildings, with styles ranging from traditional to modern to abstract. The music flowed freely through the air, and it changed with every step you took. You...


Divided Government and Workplace Policy in 2023

Policy, Not Politics logo

With Democrats maintaining control of the Senate and Republicans taking charge of the House of Representatives following Election Day 2022, there are implications for workplace policy. Split control of the federal government means we should not expect significant legislative progress in the 118th Congress. Instead, workplace issues will be addressed by federal regulatory actions, court decisions and state legislation.

Before I turn to those areas, I should note there is still time for the current Congress to act on...


Let’s Get It Straight: Busting Common Myths about Modern Apprenticeships

The majority of companies (87%) are already aware that they currently have a skills gap or will have one within a few years, according to McKinsey & Company. Modern apprenticeship programs will provide a key role in creating a skilled workforce for current and future business needs. The programs are able to adapt quickly to meet changing skills needs, and provide earn-and-learn opportunities for many to get into fields that were closed to them. Apprenticeships have risen 64%...


Workforce Engagement 2023

As buzz phrases like Quiet Quitting & Quiet Firing float in the ether while concerns around Return to Office loom, the need to dispel opinion has given way to a direct need for solutions (not speculation).

What solutions will actually work in my organization? Again, the Human Resource landscape is clouded with an eye on trends and a whole lot of technology, but connection to relevance remains unsolved.

It may be time to turn the microscope away from the world writ large and refocus internally. Maybe your organization is seeing stability as management has...


Driving Inclusion and Dignity at Work: Reflections on SHRM Inclusion 2022

The research is clear: a persistent gap sits between what employees report they are experiencing and what employers believe their workplace and culture are delivering. In fact, while over 80% of employers believe that employees are treated with dignity and respect at their organization regardless of their job, role or level, only 65 percent of employees agree. And when it comes to feeling safe to speak up, the gaps are even worse. In short, and as noted in a 2022 Deloitte report, while a vast majority of leaders think they're caring and...


What’s in Store for Talent Acquisition in 2023?

The last few years have been a wild ride when thinking about how, when, and even why we work. As we look to 2023, we are offering predictions on how the workplace will evolve.

  1. We’re moving from work-life balance to work-life integration. The concept of work-life balance has long been a goal for millions of professionals. But the last few years of remote work have made it even more difficult to tune out the daily demands of the job when off the clock. Many employees have started taking a new approach,
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Ask an Advisor: Watch Your Behavior, You’re on Camera!

Video conferencing became a necessary staff meeting tool for many of us due to the pandemic. With the increased use of online video software for staff meetings, I’ve received increased questions about what can and cannot be addressed with employees during virtual online meetings. 

Our members are experiencing sometimes-unpleasant views of their co-workers’ homes: children on employees’ laps, family members moving around in plain view, messy desks, breastfeeding during meetings and what about those posters on the wall?

Yes, you can address and control these employees’ behaviors during video calls. Employees seem...


Does Remote Work Contribute to Inflation?

BlackRock CEO Larry Fink claimed in a recent interview with Fox that “we have to get our employees back in the office.” According to him, doing so would result in “rising productivity that will offset some of the inflationary pressures.”

Fink did not provide any data in the form of statistics, surveys, or studies to support his claims. He simply insisted, without evidence, that in-office work would reduce inflation. So what does the data say?

A widely-cited July 2022 study from the highly-respected National Bureau of Economic Research (NBER) found strong evidence that remote work decreased inflation. Namely, because employees have a strong preference...


Five Ways Companies Can Fight Ageism

With organizations implementing DE&I initiatives, you might think the modern work environment is becoming an equal place for all to excel and build lifelong careers. However, have we forgotten about the worker over 50? In the U.S. about 35 percent of the population is now age 50 or older. Unfortunately, ageism in the workplace occurs every day across America, and it is often not recognized and sometimes accepted as harmless. You have probably overheard the comments and jokes about older workers being less than mentally astute.

The Great Divide
AARP reports that...