5 Business & HR Videos on Innovation Worth Watching

The emergence of the four-generation workforce has changed the way we interact and do business on a daily basis. While new technologies have changed when and where we work best, the adoption of social media has changed the way we communicate and recruit top talent. To say that innovation is an important component for companies to succeed today is an understatement. Innovation is a business imperative for today’s executives if they want their organizations to remain competitive, drive bottom-line results and ensure success.

We’ve gathered some of the best business- and HR-related videos that highlight the importance of innovation in today’s changing business climate. Let us know what strikes a chord, what you agree or disagree with, or if there are any videos we missed.

  1. Shannon Deegan: How Google's 20 Percent Time Fosters Innovation 
  2. Mark Zuckerberg on Innovation 
  3. G. BrintRyan: HR's Role in an Innovative Environment 
  4. Guy Kawasaki: Identifying Opportunities for Innovation 
  5. How can I be an inspiration to my staff? 
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