Volcano -- Are You Ready for the Post-Pandemic World of Work?



If you’ve taken any bit of time on Social Media (and I know we have), you can’t help but see the up and downs that stay-at-home orders are having on everyone’s psyches. So many are brimming just below the surface needing to know what’s next and wanting to get to it now. What will life look like once we’re back up and running? This is the $64,000 post-pandemic question (if that’s not enough money for you, blame the 50’s for the context). To give away upfront the most likely answer...


Increase Business Agility with an Internal Talent Marketplace



Organization models need to evolve to be more responsive to rapid shifts in skills, technology and business models. We have developed ideas about how to build a new talent operating model to help organizations apply the concept of the gig economy inside their firms. This model allows companies to share talent across boundaries by dynamically matching and deploying skills to work. It creates a competitive advantage through an employee experience that democratizes work, facilitates learning and unleashes internal capacity. 

The Internal Network

In today’s competitive landscape, it is...


10 Performance Management Tips For Measuring Employee Impact



Knowing the tangible impact employees are having on your business is critical. In order to do so, you need an effective performance management program. The way this program looks varies from business to business. So we asked 10 HR experts to share their top tips for measuring employee impact. 

Read on to learn about the varying methods of tracking this important metric.

Keep It Simple

It can be easy to get carried away with measuring employee performance. The more “impact” is analyzed, the deeper you...


Stopping – Part I



I have re-discovered some books in my library.  

Dr. David Kundtz penned this in 1998,  Stopping--How to Be Still When You Have to Keep Going.

According to Kundtz, stopping has three levels:

Stillpoints – stopping quickly and doing nothing for just a moment

Stopovers – this level is an hour to several days. In this level, you have the feeling that you have been away and have had a mini vacation for the soul

Grinding Halts – will probably happen only happen a couple of times in most people’s lives. They are times from a week to a month...


Artificial Intelligence (AI) and An Infection (AI): How COVID-19 is Accelerating the Future of Work


In the first of a three-part series looking at the COVID-19 pandemic and worker displacement, Emma Smith and Ross Smith look at the accelerating effect the outbreak will have on the future of work.  

We’ve heard a lot about the Fourth Industrial Revolution and how the nature of work will change as machine intelligence starts to pass human intelligence. Advancements in robotics, computer vision and speech, and machine learning will accelerate the application of automation to human tasks.

It looks like the novel coronavirus has hastened the entrance into this future world...


Collaborative Leadership in a Virtual World



As an organizational psychologist, I’m curious about the role of leaders in a virtual work world with uncertain futures. Leaders are looked to for guidance during these uncharted times, but assuming we have to revert to command-and-control leadership to get everything done is wrong. Collaborative leadership is desperately needed at this moment in history.   

Why Collaborative Leadership?

Beyond the current critical need for collaborative leadership, recent research suggests it is highly in-demand. Case in point: Millennials make up approximately 40 percent of the workforce and they view leadership as...


Our Time is Now !!


Can you feel and see the rumblings of the next phase of the COVID-19 crisis on the horizon? We’ve been in a mix of constant change, uncertainty and regulatory direction. People are getting antsy. People are getting even more expressive and emotional. The feeling isn’t all good either. With the inevitable lifting of restrictions, people are voicing their opinions on timing, the extent of movement and political posturing is growing. To be honest, this next phase can be almost as unsettling as the front part of this time in our history.

We were asked to take drastic and immediate...


What does the C-suite Want out of an HR Leader?



You may be sitting at home right now, asking yourself this very question! I wonder what my CEO prefers I do in my role. It’s a valid question, and one I find that great HR leaders already know the answer to, because they ask the question, often!

When I wrote my SHRM published book, The Talent Fix, part of the research I did was to interview hundreds of c-suite executives. CEOs, COOs, CHROs, CIOs, etc. I wanted to find out what made a world-class HR and Talent leader versus...


Little Wins #COVID19



As we enter another week in quarantine we've all figured out how to use zoom and have adapted the ability to wear shorts with a sport coat. We're tired of hearing strategies of how to work from home and we certainly aren't delighted when receiving cold calls from vendors "just checking up on us". Many people have lost jobs, others their businesses, and some, their lives. There simply is no silver lining.

As we traverse another day in the bunker, unsure if it's Saturday or Monday, little wins are the thing that...