3 Areas that HR Pros Should Never Take for Granted



It’s true what they say — a company is only as good as its people. It is successful because of the hard work of the employees. It is respected because the people that are in its ranks command respect. If the company wants to last long, then it really should invest in its people.

Human resource management is here to take care of the heart of every organization. The people that work for HR make sure that the company’s workforce is well taken care of in every way possible. HR professionals...


Five Compelling Reasons to Attend A Virtual Conference



Conferences and events have been crucial to my sense-making of change over the years. I have been attending them as a speaker, delegate, blogger and sponsor! If you are looking for some reasons to attend a virtual conference, here is my experience soaked five.  

Having attended several virtual events over the last few years, I can tell you that well-designed virtual conference events bring a ton of value. Of course, I do not get the sights, smells, sounds of an ‘in real life’ conference in a virtual one. But...


Creating a Powerful Workplace Culture: Key Takeaways from Former Netflix CTO, Patty McCord



When SHRM canceled the 2020 Annual SHRM Conference due to the pandemic, I felt I had missed out on what would have been another fantastic opportunity to learn and interact with HR professionals from around the world.

However, when SHRM announced its brand-new digital series called Tune in Tuesdays, you can imagine how excited I felt about it. I saw this as an excellent way to encourage virtual learning and interactions among HR professionals.

As SHRM describes it, "Tune in Tuesday" is a digital series of interactive episodes that...


Why Warmth Matters in Leadership



Managers and leaders who deliver authority without warmth often tend to devolve into authoritarianism, expecting high performance of employees or teams for no other reason than it has been demanded of them. Effective leaders are authoritative, not authoritarian. With the latter, teams perform their best out of fear of punishment; in the former, people perform their best out of a desire to contribute to the success of something they care about, whether it’s an individual project or task or an entire company mission. 

Showing Vulnerability

You get that kind of performance...


The Making Of An Expert


It was somewhere in 2007-2008 that I read an innocuously titled piece in the Harvard Business Review by Anders Ericsson and two of his colleagues. The piece titled "The Making Of An Expert" would go on to become a key tenet of my work and thought. I still remember sitting by the window and letting the coffee go cold as I gorged on the ideas in the essay. I got to understand expertise and ‘deliberate practice’ better. The latter helped me draw out the basics of working towards my goals. It was life-altering in many ways. 

Anders Ericsson passed away in June 2020 and this...


The Best Way to Prepare for Phone Interviews

Have you ever wondered how recruiters score your phone interview? 

In this video, Self Made Millennial Madeline Mann divulges what she looks for when talking to candidates, and shares her best advice on how you can prepare to absolutely crush your phone interview.

These methods have helped Madeline's students pass phone interviews at companies like Google, Apple, Sony, Amazon, and Netflix. Madeline also shares her No. 1 tip for maximizing your salary negotiating power when the conversation turns to money.


Originally posted on Madeline Mann's Self Made Millennial...


3 Ways You Can Extend the Work Lifecycle of Older Employees



One of the biggest biases we have as leaders is ageism. If you’re 35 years old and running a department and you are looking to fill a position on your team that will be your righthand person, the last thing you’re looking for is a 55-year-old to fill that spot! That’s just me being real for a second.

You and I both know that a 35-year-old hiring manager is looking for a 25 – 28 year old to fill that spot.

That’s mainly because at 35 you’re still basically stupid....


“Tune in Tuesdays” Episode One: We’re Not Going Back to Normal



As a Talent Acquisition Manager, it’s important for me to stay on top of pressing topics and best practices within the workforce. As we continue to navigate through COVID-19 and pivot into the “new normal,” my SHRM membership gives me the opportunity and resources to learn from other HR leaders and have fluid conversations about the future of the workforce. SHRM’s first “Tune in Tuesdays” provided a great platform with Patty McCord, former Chief Talent Officer of Netflix, and Johnny C. Taylor, Jr., President & CEO of SHRM, diving into...