3 Ways To Increase Your Veteran Hiring


Our Veterans, America's sons and daughters, pursued a noble cause to protect and defend our nation’s freedoms. According to the Population Representation in the Military Services, Service Members transition from the military after serving between 4-10 years.  This number varies between branch but generally those that transition before fully vesting for retirement, do so between 4-10 years. The government does an incredible job of preparing our Service Members for transition but Veterans still struggle to find employment, despite the millions of dollars the government has spent to train them.

I'll give you three reasons why our Veterans continue struggle with unemployment:

  • The military has their own language that employers and recruiters don't understand.
  • The civilian world only sees tactical training, marketing our nation's strength. The routine business side of the military isn't glamorous and therefore not highlighted. This compounds the confusion and misunderstanding of what our Veterans actually do.
  • Employers don't understand the complex organizational structure of the military and therefore do not know which job that is best for that transitioning Veteran.

3 Ways To Increase Veteran Hiring

1) Rely on Experts

Congress officially created the U.S. Military in 1789.  This storied institution is filled with customs and traditions and is unique and complex.  When hiring a Veteran reach out to experts who know and understand the military culture to assist you.  Don’t reinvent the wheel, invest in more staff, just rely on the experts to assist you.

2) Understand the Organizational Basics

Ensure you have a basic understanding of the military as an organization so when a Veteran resume comes across your desk, you are prepared to direct that individual to the proper position.

3) Avoid Pigeonholing

Do not categorize Service Members by their tactical career field in the military.   It is important to understand that simply because someone was an engineer in the military does not mean they have a civilian engineering degree.  They may have a business degree.  Veteran resumes can be easily discarded due to a misunderstanding of their role in the military.

Asking the experts, having a basic grasp of the military as an organization and having an open mind will open doors to Veterans across the country and enable them to live their own American Dream.



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