3 Tips for Employers Recruiting College Graduates


One-third of organizations (35 percent) have already hired college students to begin working before or after their graduation, according to the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) Hiring of 2015 College Graduates Survey.

Additionally, 71 percent of the organizations that have not hired any graduates yet are planning to do so, an 18 percent increase since 2013.

However, with the increased demand for college graduates, 14 percent of organizations are experiencing more difficulty recruiting college students compared to 2014. Organizations face the most difficulty filling positions in science (36 percent), trades (30 percent), engineering (30 percent) and technology (29 percent).

How to overcome challenges recruiting college graduates:

1. Offer the benefits that college graduates value most in a job.

Young job seekers ranked pay as their top job priority, tied with career advancement opportunities (both 59 percent). This was followed by training (50 percent), meaningful work (44 percent), organizational culture (35 percent) and work/life balance (34 percent).  

“Even if companies are unable to offer competitive compensation packages, professional development and workplace flexibility are attractive alternatives for college graduates,” said Evren Esen, director of survey programs at SHRM. 

2. Provide training for college graduates.

In an effort to overcome recruiting difficulties for highly skilled positions, almost one-half of employers (46 percent) offer training programs for recent graduates with limited work experience.

3. Partner with colleges and universities.

The most effective methods for recruiting college graduates include collaborating with colleges and universities (68 percent), employee referrals (31 percent), the organization’s career website (25 percent) and social networking websites (23 percent).

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