25 Companies Using Mobile Hiring Apps to Recruit

Mobile is the next frontier when it comes to recruitment technologies. Our industries innovations follow in the footsteps of consumer and business industry trends. First, with data storage systems like the applicant tracking systems, and then cloud and SaaS based systems, and the use of social media as part of recruiting. Yes, mobile is the next frontier in the recruiting world, and slow yet steady progress is being made.

Types of Mobile Recruitment

When it comes to mobile recruiting and recruitment initiatives, there are three accepted ways to integrate mobile into your corporate recruiting strategy.

  • Social Recruitment via Mobile. Mobile can used for social recruiting and engaging with job seekers who are increasingly on the go.
  • Mobile Rendered Career Pages. Just like viewing and shopping as customer site like Zappos,companies are increasingly offering mobile rendered career pages that change based on the type of screen and resolution of the device in which you are using to view the website.
  • Mobile Apps Downloaded on Your Smart Phone. Just like downloading Angry Birds to your mobile, job seekers can download the latest company careers app to their smart phones.

Slow Adoption of Mobile Job Search by Companies

Only 3 percent of Fortune 500 companies have mobile career pages, apps or websites according to a 2012 study from iMomentus despite it’s mainstream popularity among businesses targeted mobile consumers. Trends in the business industry are important because adoption by corporations for internal or HR purposes follows suit. Companies have a hard time making the leap either because of the increased need to develop an often pricy recruitment marketing campaign as well as the fact that senior business leaders don’t understand how job seekers are using the technology. “A growing number of job seekers are using mobile as part of their job search especially when you consider that the ultimate use of mobile devices is for email consumption,” says Chris Hoyt, a recruitment marketing leader from PepsiCo. “Thinking this way, all recruiters are already executing mobile hiring and job search strategies for their respective companies.”

The 25 companies listed here have apps available for download for iTunes, Android or Blackberry phones.

  • PepsiCo Careers. Called “Us Possibilities.” (Download iTunes & Android)
  • Daimler Trucks North America Careers. (Download iTunes & Android)
  • Hitachi Careers. (Download iTunes)
  • EDHEC Careers. Career app for College in France, UK and Singapore. (Download iTunes)
  • Adecco Singapore Careers. (Download iTunes)
  • iMomentous Careers. (Download iTunes)
  • Accenture Careers. (Download iTunes)
  • Air Energi Jobs. (Download iTunes & Android)
  • Bija Careers. (Download iTunes)
  • Blackberry Jobs. Called “Jobs in Motion.” (Download Android)

Do you have a mobile app for recruitment or are mobile career pages or social recruiting more important to you? I look forward to hearing your thoughts.

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