#Nextchat: 2018 HR Advocacy and Public Policy Priorities



Last week President Trump outlined an ambitious agenda during his first State of the Union address. Meanwhile, lawmakers are wrapping-up their respective party retreats to set forth their legislative agendas.  Now the focus is on priority issues for the remainder of the 115th Congress, including many that will impact the workplace. 

So this is a perfect time to chat about SHRM’s public policy priorities for 2018, including key issues HR professionals will advocate on during the upcoming Hill Day at the 2018 SHRM Employment Law and Legislative Conference!

Join SHRM’s Government Affairs team at 3:00 p.m. ET on February 7 for public policy-focused #Nextchat! Special guests will include Mike Aitken @SHRMVPAitken, Lisa Horn @SHRMLobbystLisa, Patrick Brady @SHRMPBrady, Chatrane Birbal @SHRMBirbal, Nancy Hammer @hammershrm, Jason Gabhart @SHRMCAJason and our affiliate the Council for Global Immigration @Global_imm and Rebecca Peters @CFGIPeters and Justin Storch @CFGIStorch. This is an opportunity for SHRM members and Council members to interact with the Government Affairs team to discuss workplace-related legislative proposals that will likely receive attention this year.

From paid leave and workplace flexibility, to health care and immigration, HR issues are front and center on the Washington agenda.  There’s no better time than now to get engaged and learn tips and techniques of how you can help influence future policy decisions.

We’ll also provide an insider’s view of the upcoming 2018 Employment Law and Legislative Conference (#SHRMLeg), taking place March 12-14 in Washington, DC. This conference provides an opportunity for SHRM members to continue the #Nextchat public policy conversation. Conference attendees will hear about legislative issues pending at federal and states levels, and conduct Capitol Hill meetings with their lawmakers to discuss key HR public policy issues, including relevant proposals from the president’s State of the Union address.

To get us started, here are a few questions we’ll tackle during #Nextchat:

Q1: Hearing the SOTU, why is it more important than ever for HR professionals to engage in advocacy?

Q2: If you were setting the agenda, what workplace public policy issue would you instruct policymakers to address?

Q3: How might changes to expand employer-sponsored tuition assistance such as increasing the limit and including student loan repayment impact your talent acquisition and retention efforts, and employees?

Q4: One topic #SHRMLeg Hill Day attendees will advocate on is paid leave. What challenges have you encountered with paid sick leave mandates? 

Q5: How might a delay in the ACA employer mandate penalty impact your organizations’ benefit offerings?   

Q6: Congress is set to consider immigration proposals this year including worksite enforcement. What current proposals have impacted operations in your workplace (E-Verify, DACA)?

Q7:  Why are you attending the 2018 SHRM Employment Law and Legislative Conference?  

If you missed this #Nextchat you can read the recap here


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