Congratulations to the 2014 SHRM Pinnacle Award Winners #SHRMLead


The Pinnacle Award Program is designed to recognize outstanding achievements in chapter/state council development and contributions to the advancement of effective human resource management. All SHRM professional chapters and state councils are eligible to compete in this program. Winners will each receive a $1,000 grant presented at a chapter/state council meeting with special recognition in SHRM publications and during the Leadership Conference.  

Congratulations to the 2014 Pinnacle winners!

State Councils

NC SHRM State Council
NC SHRM State Food Drive

Each June, the food banks in North Carolina feel the pressure of the release of children from school.  Children who usually eat breakfast and lunch at school are home for all meals adding stress to already food insecure families.  The NC State Council Community Relations promoted an all-state food drive by allocating council monetary incentives to chapters in the state who hosted a food drive in the month of June. This fun competition promoted interaction between chapters as they vied to be the chapter who donated the most pounds of food per active chapter member.  Chapter members were encouraged to not only to donate food but also to host food drives at their companies.  The results were great as 89% of the chapters in the state participated in the event collecting 14,900 pounds of food and nearly $5000 in cash donations.  Simple in its construct and implementation, this statewide food drive created unity and fun between chapters in the state, promoted visibility of the SHRM chapters in their community, offered the participating chapters a community outreach opportunity and most importantly provided our NC communities with needed support at a time our food insecure families needed us.


ARSHRM State Council
“ARSHRM Collaborates with DHS Superstar Dave Basham to present 3 wildly successful Form I-9/E-Verify Webinars”

In 2013 the program “ARSHRM Collaborates with DHS Superstar Dave Basham to present 3 wildly successful Form I-9/E-Verify Webinars” was created because ARSHRM saw a need for Form I-9/E-Verify training in Arkansas.  This need was due to the recent revisions of the Form I-9 and the changes to the E-Verify system.  The program was implemented using a collaborative relationship between Cathleen Hoffman, ARSHRM Chapter Advocate Director and Mr. Dave Basham, Management & Program Analyst, U.S. citizenship & Immigration Services, Department of Homeland Security.    DHS provided the training materials and ARSHRM submitted webinars for certification and also provided the marketing of the webinars.  The first series of webinars was provided in March 2013 with over 200+ Human Resources Professionals in attendance.  The second series of webinars was provided in June 2014 with over 200+ Human Resources Professionals in attendance.  62% of the attendees responded to the webinar evaluations.  Feedback regarding the webinars was positive.  The program “ARSHRM Collaborates with DHS Superstar Dave Basham to present 3 wildly successful Form I-9/E-Verify Webinars” deserves a Pinnacle Award due to the outcomes of the program.  This collaboration resulted in 400+ Human Resource Professionals learning about all of the changes in the Form I-9 and all of the changes to the E-Verify system.  This training provided the knowledge that the attendees needed to continue to stay in compliance and protect their companies/organizations from fines/penalties.


Nevada State SHRM Council
Nevada SHRM Young Professionals

The Nevada SHRM Young Professionals program was created in 2013 in response to SHRM National identifying the Young Professional demographic as a target area to increase student conversion and increase membership. Overall, the program was focused on providing networking, social and educational opportunities to build, support, and better enable Young Professionals in their development and attainment of career goals.


Small Chapter

Northern Utah Human Resource Association (NUHRA)
Investing in Our Future: Committed to the Next Generation

The Northern Utah Human Resource Association (NUHRA) prides itself in its membership.  Our geographical boundaries limit our numbers, but we believe we have some of the best.  As a 100% chapter in a very educated state, we have the unique advantage to have exceptional members.  Each of our members is gifted and we are always seeking to advance the HR profession by helping our members to grow and develop themselves even more.  We all take pride in the strategic partnership we’ve each been able to foster with our employers and the synergies we’ve seen result.  Even with all we’ve done, it is clear that when the baton passes, we could see all of the good we have done unraveled if the future HR professionals in our area are not prepared.    The legacy we leave behind as HR professionals will fall to the next generation, the students we’ve chosen to nurture and guide into becoming our successors.  With our help, the business results we’ve seen by partnering with management will not only continue, but increase.  We believe that with their unique skills and experiences, along with our help, this next generation will not be our equals, but our betters.  It is our responsibility to see that happen.


SHRM Western Connecticut
Local HR Resource Directory

The HR Resource Directory was created in 2011 to provide not only a list of vendors, but also a go-to booklet that every member can use right at their desk to learn about our SHRM Western CT chapter, board members, employment laws, and the different types of HR programs available. Involvement at the board level was an essential part of this project to produce and deliver a new product.The primary goal of our endeavor was to provide a useful guide of HR vendors to our members, and that mission was accomplished. Our vision was a printed booklet, distributed free of charge, to anyone attending our events including non-members. Three separate groups have benefited from our program.First and foremost, our members benefit by having locally-endorsed HR vendors, should they be seeking new or additional products and services. Our members also have a comprehensive list of employment laws for easy reference, enhancing their value to their employer.  Secondly, our chapter benefits due to the additional visibility and exposure in our local HR community which helps to increase member retention and engagement. As a result, both members and non-members are seeing the enhancements made available by their local SHRM chapter. Lastly, local vendors of HR products and services, whether or not they are members of our chapter, are benefiting from additional exposure to new business prospects. Response to the widely distributed HR Resource Directory has been overwhelmingly. We believe our product exhibits high level of originality and inventiveness.  In addition, our Directory has also significantly increased non-dues revenue.


Apple Valley HR Association (AVHRA)
AVHRA Board / Chapter Reengagement – Look at Us Now!

Formed in 1997, the AVHRA Chapter has had its ups and downs. In 2006, we almost lost our Chapter to Board disengagement. We needed to rejuvenate the Board members, get their commitment to support our Chapter now and for years to come. We met for a Retreat – planned and committed to support one another as leaders. We have committed Board members, a Board waiting list, established a Members Service Area, are planning college/community support to a town sixty miles away, a 100% passing rate study group, planning another study group, quality programs driven by members w/pre-approved credits, exceeding program capacity, excellent community involvement, a successful Member Appreciation Event, provide free programs to Board members, shortened/timely Board meetings, consistent and constant Board planning and communication, a $10,000 scholarship fund with a $1,000 annual scholarship, AVHRA logo’d member appreciation gifts, the SHRM Foundation silent auction that all Board members touch the community for donations increasing AVHRA Chapter awareness, and monthly e-newsletter are just a few. That Planning Retreat provided the opportunities for us to revitalize our Board and members and spotlight our Chapter in the community. By becoming a team of leaders at that Retreat we began to plan for the future leaders in our communities, the HR profession, SHRM and the AVHRA Chapter. We are now a very committed Board, have a strong growing membership and an outstanding reputation within the business community. It’s good to be back! Just look at us now!


Medium/Large Chapter

Empowerment Through Employment Job Fair and Training

NASHRM’s intent is to be the go-to HR solutions resource for our members and surrounding community, the Huntsville Metro Area.  Therefore, in 2014 NASHRM chose “We Are HR” as our theme and rallying cry!  Huntsville is known as the Rocket City, and as such, our main industry is government contracting.    When a new regulation, such as the 7% utilization goal for individuals with disabilities, is enacted there is a ripple effect of “what-do-we-do-now” throughout our NASHRM members.  Therefore, NASHRM through collaboration with ADRS, OFCCP and Wage& Hour, created the “Empowerment Through Employment Job Fair and Training” to provide a solution to our members regarding the 7% utilization goal, as well as serving the IWDs community.  This program provided for a two-fold experience, one for the job seeker and one for the HR representative.  This one day event comprised of a half day job fair for job seekers with disabilities followed by a half day training program for the HR representatives to learn the ins and outs of this new regulation.  The job seekers were given an opportunity to find meaningful employment as well as resume critiquing and printing, while the HR representatives were able to recruit and hire IWDs on the spot as well as receive training from the government agencies auditing our companies on the 7% utilization goal.  In summary, NASHRM provided a solution to our members, provided outreach to an under served community and solidified our relationship with local and state agencies.


Sarasota-Manatee HR Association (SHRA)
Taking Certification to another Level

Our Mission is to provide a forum for professional development opportunities to support the values of SHRM at the local level.    We had 2 universities in our area discontinue offering certifications classes at the end of 2010. The reason was due to low attendance. We decided we wanted to be the organization to offer the best certification classes within our community and so our certification initiative began.    We rolled up our sleeves and put together a certification chair and committee, all worked with the board members to make sure we set realistic goals and communicated effectively to let our community know they have a place to send their HR professional where they can attend a high quality class to earn their certification.     By beginning with communication within the membership, we began with our first class size of 5 attendees. The results for our first class were 4/5 passing the exam and earning their certification. We honored our newly certified professionals at our member meeting and we began hearing from our members that they "wanted to be part of the next class for recognition".     We then started getting more communication through social media however we saw our best results were from our members who attended our class and wanted to share why others should attend our chapters certification classes.     We believe strongly that our certification initiative has made a positive impact in helping HR professionals in our community earn their credentials and network with their peers.


Shenandoah Valley SHRM
Virginia Legal Forum

SVSHRM wanted to provide an event for professionals in our area that was lacking and needed. In addition, Virginia has a very high percentage of at-large members that are not affiliated with a local chapter. In order for our at-large members to see the value of our local chapter and to fulfill a need that was lacking in our community, we developed the Virginia Legal Forum.  We formed a subcommittee of chapter members who managed all aspects of the event. We began with a survey of our members to establish the type of event and had an overwhelming response for a Legal Forum that addressed the Affordable Care Act and Social Media. We obtained a list of at-large members, designed a letter, flyer, and speaker bios to send. We secured a facility and lunch for the event, as well as four sponsors. Our keynote speaker was the new president of James Madison University who is an attorney. The majority of our speakers were attorneys who, during concurrent sessions, spoke about the previously-mentioned topics, plus Hot Topics in Employment Law.   Our goals were met and exceeded. We offered free membership through 2014 to the at-large members. Nine became chapter members exceeding our goal of (4) members. We had 100 attendees for our first event, which demonstrated a need for this service. We conducted a post-event survey in which approximately 85% of attendees felt the event was helpful, the speakers were knowledgeable and effective, and would attend again with no changes.


Mega/SuperMega Chapter

SHRM Long Island
SHRM-LI's Virtual Human Resource Assistant Program

Unique! Fun! Educational! Partnerships! are the four words which described the SHRM-LI's Virtual Human Resource Assistant Program (VHR). In 2012, our Workforce Readiness Committee set out to create an innovative virtual internship program that would introduce high school students to human resources careers while building workforce readiness skills for the future. The fictitious company, TechnoBeats International, became the virtual office for the students, teachers and SHRM-LI member volunteers to collaborate together in completing ten instructional tasks and a marketing brochure for Human Resource careers. The Workforce Readiness Committee created a playbook of tasks, a media PowerPoint for class presentations and a website for 24/7 online access to resources. In the first year of operation, 180 students in 6 high schools were engaged by 25 human resources professionals in a real world experience such as (1) developing communications skills, (2) utilizing critical thinking and problem solving skills, (3) practicing entry level human resources tasks and (4) learning about the wonderful career path of human resources professionals. Students who successfully completed the training tasks received the "VHR" credential for their resumes and ePortfolios. The Virtual Human Resource Assistant program is a "Win-Win" activity for all SHRM Chapters as it brings together the business and educational world in the development of the future talent for our corporations.


Executive Breakfast Series, EBS

DallasHR leadership created the Executive Breakfast Series, EBS, for the approximately 200 member executives (defined as Vice President-level up, or the highest ranking HR executive representing an organization; typically minimum of Sr. Director) to support their need for local strategic education and networking opportunities amongst their peers in  non-competitive /non- threatening, small group environment.  We wanted to support executive members’ need to hear directly from peers about best practices to do with current critically important topics, to hear how problems were resolved in relevant situations in critical business activities, where mistakes were made / how addressed, and to have local connection for support needed at their unique levels.    We invite by personal invitation to those who are within our targeted executive membership of approximately 200 members.  We invite and accept RSVP responses until we reach the maximum 30 participants.  Then, we accept participants on standby basis  should anyone need cancel prior to event.  We do not commonly have cancellations.    Speakers are executives from multiple industries who present strategic best practices from their workplaces. We have 3 EBS each year, total now of 7 having begun 6/12/2012.    Member executives have benefited especially from the EBS launched in June 2012.  Executive attendees have benefited, but so have their organizations benefited greatly from the learning gained & implemented in their own respective workplaces.    Participants have learned tools to utilize at their organizations immediately and that can be shared across the organization.  We are affecting organizational performance by the education provided to their executive(s).


Human Resource Association of the Midlands (HRAM)
Excel with a Mentor

The Human Resource Association of the Midlands is pleased to have developed the Excel with a Mentor Program in conjunction with Offutt Air Force Base, Mutual of Omaha and HR professionals from other leading corporations including Nebraska Furniture Mart, C&A Industries, and Blue Cross Blue Shield of Nebraska.     The mentoring program provides a civilian work life preview for veterans separating or retiring from active military duty.   The partnership also provides many networking opportunities for both mentors (HR Professionals) and mentees (military service members).  Mentees are given a chance to practice their networking and interviewing skills before they begin their career search in the civilian community.    Indeed, the Excel program has proven to be so innovative that the Offutt Airmen and Family Readiness Center has already received the Air Force Best Practice Award for the program,  an award which recognizes a superior method or innovative practice that contributes to the improved performance or creation of a process.      Mentors and mentees in the program are matched for a six month period.  The pairs then meet a minimum of once per month to share ideas, review resumes, set up meetings with professionals in their career of interest, and practice interviewing.  In many cases, the relationship has been so successful that many of our matches have chosen to remain in contact after they have completed the six month partnership.   Approximately 80% of our mentors choose to mentor again, and the remaining 20% offered to volunteer again when they do not have a schedule conflict.


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