Every profession has its own words—words that we use and, at times, over use.
When does the use become overuse?  Well, when lots of us are together!
So as we enjoy SHRM’s Annual Conference next week, we need to be careful of HR lingo.  What are some of the words and expressions to avoid?
I have narrowed it down to a “Top 10.”  Out of respect to your colleagues, please avoid:
1. Knowledge share.  Yes, that’s the goal, but how about plain English? Good stuff.
2. Gap analysis.  Rather than doing a gap analysis on your skills or training, ask yourself: "What session looks interesting?"
3. Matrix.  None is allowed at the conference.
4. Paradigm shift.  Paradigm shift has edged our sea change in this year’s top 10.  Paradigm shifts are the “new normal,” so let’s not talk about them.
5. Win Win.  If you have to say it’s a win win, it probably isn’t.  Sort of like talking about how humble you are!
6. Leverage.  Whatever happened to “use?” A fine word!
7. Seat at the Table.  Those who are at the table sometimes ask:  "How do we give up this seat?"  Be careful of what you ask for.
8. Outside the box.  Stop with the box.  Whether you are inside or outside the box, you are still focused on the box. If you really want to think outside the box, ignore the box.
9. Synergistic.  If it’s synergistic, it must be good, right?  Wrong. And what does it mean anyway?
10. Proactive.  We must stop searching for proactive solutions to existing problems. Nice word; wrong fit.
Now, three wishes for the conference:
1. Have fun
2. Learn
3. Network
If you do all three, the experience will be truly “value added!”
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