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My mobile phone is my most important piece of technology I own. It’s the first thing I reach for when I wake up and the last thing I touch as I set my alarm before I go to bed. Aside from ensuring I get a proper wake-up call each morning when I travel, my mobile phone helps to enhance my travel as well as conference experience. It quickly connects me to attractions, events, and happenings while also maximizing my time in the city I happen to be in.

I’ve compiled a list of 12 mobile apps I use when traveling for conferences, work, and events. These are my go to’s I use when I travel that I wanted to share with you.

12 Mobile Apps To Make Conference and Work Travel Easier

Yelp. Yelp allows you to find different and interesting bars, restaurants and shopping to enjoy anywhere especially in Nola. I love Yelp because of their review features and menus. It’s perfect to satisfy even the pickiest eaters. My favorite lunch spot in New Orleans near the convention center was a find on Yelp called blah blah. Literally, walking distance from the convention center, they offer a nice selection of vegan, vegetarian and regular options. (Google Play | IOS)

OpenTable. In New Orleans, locals eat dinner twice first with a first dinner and then later with a second one. My suggestion is keeping with small meal portion when following local customs. Open Table is a great app to help you quickly secure reservations at restaurants for whatever meal you are enjoying with friends. (Google Play | IOS)

Lyft. In light of Uber’s recent sexual harassment and other troubling allegations, I’m on team Lyft. Use Lyft to get around New Orleans and bypass the long taxi lines at hotels and the convention center. Snagging a Lyft car can be a challenge at the New Orleans airport as the Uber and Lyft drop off is often congested which is why I might suggest using the Shuttle Service to your destination. (Google Play | IOS)

YelpEat24. Is a great option to grab food from your favorite Nola restaurant delivered directly to your hotel room. It’s great especially if you are looking for alternatives to the hotel restaurant or room service. (Google Play | IOS)

SHRM Conference App. The SHRM Conference App allows you to manage your schedule, view presentations and connect with other members. One of my favorite mobile app features is the Expo Hall Directory so you don’t wander aimlessly. (Google Play | IOS)

Twitter. It’s my go-to conference too to connect with other attendees by hash tag as well as sharing with friend’s information and resources you have learned from your favorite sessions. (Google Play | IOS)

Snapchat. Be on the lookout for some Workology exclusive Snapchat filters we’ve cooked up just for the SHRM Conference in New Orleans. I love experiencing first hand the conference from friends and colleagues throughout the week using Snapchat. I hope you will too. Here’s a list of HR and recruiting leaders on Snapchat to get you started. (Google Play | IOS)

TouchRetouch. This is an amazing photo editing app I recently came across. Edit and remove objects from pictures effortlessly. For example, I recently used the app to remove a lawn light in a picture of my daughter. The app removed it and the picture looked fabulous. It’s worth the $1.99. (Google Play | IOS)

Airline App. Most airlines offer a mobile app that allows you to check in, change flights and be alerted to any flight delays or gate changes. I think we all agree there is nothing worse than finding out 10 minutes before boarding that your flight moved 25 gates away. Consider downloading your hotel’s mobile app as many offer a mobile check-in and have technology live Hilton does where your phone serves as your room key.

Apple Pay. Using Apple Pay makes purchases literally hands free. By setting up Apple Pay on your IOS device, you can pay with your credit card without pulling it out of your wallet. For iWatch adopters like myself, you only have to swipe your watch to complete your purchase. It might just be too easy when it comes to those 2 for 1 hurricanes in the French Quarter. (Instructions on setting up Apple Pay)

Evernote. This app allows me to quickly access important files and information. I use it for note taking from sessions, scanning business cards and storing important travel information I can access from anywhere. I recently had the unfortunate luck of having my iPhone crash while in mid travel. Having access to Evernote allowed me to quickly access all my travel information including my airline and hotel rewards numbers making for a less stressful travel and check in. Offers in app purchases. (Google Play | IOS)

Starbucks. While I am an advocate of shopping local whenever I can, Starbucks’ mobile app not only makes payment a snap but their mobile ordering service allows you to order your drinks from your hotel while walking to the New Orleans Convention Center. Because that conference coffee line is always long and filled with impatience, longing, and regret. (Google Play | IOS)

Mobile apps provide us a way to maximize our travel experience whether your reasons for visiting are personal or professionally. I hope you enjoy your time in New Orleans.



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