10 Words or Expressions That Will Result in Sanctions at SHRM 2015 Annual Conference


Here are my top 10 words or expressions that none of us should dare say at the Annual Convention under penalty of listening to Barry Manilow for 24 hours straight while reading the FMLA intermittent regulations:

10.       Matrix

9.         Synergistic alignment

8.         Sea change

7.         Paradigm shift

6          Knowledge share

5.         Change agent

4.         Value proposition

3.         Leverage best practices

2.         Seat at the table

1.         Think outside the box

I would like to emphasize that, if you think outside the box, you are still restrained by the box! Enough with the boxes already.

Listen for these words and avoid them at all cost. After all, you don’t want to be accused of “drinking the Kool Aid”

For other traps to avoid at the SHRM’s conference, see Matt Stollak’s "Eleven Things NOT to do at #SHRM15" or on twitter at: @akabruno.  

Matt, I am sorry I did not list “Seat At the Table” as #1.  But please be assured that I came up with my list only after a robust gap analysis with key stakeholders.  Still, I thank you for your value-added contribution that will help attendees pivot the conference successfully.








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