10 Reasons Why I Love Being an HR Professional


Someone asked me recently how I ended up in HR and why do I like it. I’ll save that story for another time — but its no secret that HR choose me, not the other way around. It really gave me pause this week to think about what is it about HR that keeps me excited and engaged. And with Valentine’s day is coming up (and I love it!) I thought it was a perfect (albeit, cheesy) opportunity to come up with my top 10 of why I LOVE about being an HR Professional.

10 reasons I love being an hr professional

10. Variety – There’s lots of different facets to HR

There are a lot of different things to do and see with HR as a profession and career. My career has allowed me to see different parts of the world and meet a ton of new people/cultures — and I’ve got to touch different areas of HR along the way.

9. Never a Dull Day

It may not always be the day that I had planned when I went into the office, but I love the “x” factor of not knowing exactly what my day will bring and all the surprises (both good and bad, and most times its the former) that come my way. I thrive in that ambiguity — and I know that many of you do!

8. Continuous Improvement

The spirit of HR pros is always about improvement and how to make things better — whether we’re talking about development, recruiting talent, developing benefit plans, looking at new HR tech.tools or making HR processes more efficient, its an area where we are always looking at raising the bar and taking people or processes to the next level.

7. Ever-changing

Our profession is not static– where dealing largely with people or systems/programs that will impact people. And people are dynamic. Whether we’re talking about new legislation, change in corporate direction, a company re-org, taking on new HR vendors, or expanding into new regions or locations there is a element of taking what we know and applying it to another situation or scenario.

6. HR Tech!

Need I say more? I love this stuff! I could evaluate and implement new tools and systems all day (and sometimes I get to)! Its a bit of the science geek in me.

5. I learn something new (most) every day related to HR

It sounds cliche I know — but its so true. I actually thought back over the last 2-3 weeks and I do think that holds true, even for a seasoned HR pro like myself. Whether it about myself, a new facet of HR, something that is unique to my company, a project that I’m working on, or working through something with an employee or co-worker– even some of the work that I do for my local SHRM chapter, I find that  the “learner” and “input” in me is always satisfied.

4. Making an impact back to the company

I’m the kind of person that needs to understand that what I’m doing is something that fits into the bigger picture. Its one of the things that I find rewarding in my work. I not be making or closing the sales calls, but I can see how work that we do as HR professionals enables employees and the overall company to reach company objectives.

3. Helping others

Kind of goes without saying — we all get this one right? In HR, there are tons of ways of doing it too!

2. Innovation

Some of you wonder why this is on the list and why its number two. Innovation isn’t something that many people connect with HR — but I do. Innovation to me is like “out of the box thinking” kicked up a bit. So much of the people, process, and tool strategy that we put in place an implement as HR professionals is not only innovative, but also creative. When working on a project or initiative, think about all the requirements, stakeholders, budget/time constraints etc that you have to consider to have a successful implementation that process, program, or project. Can’t speak for you, but in my worlds (yes I know its plural ;))  I’ve had to come up with some solutions that will meet all those needs and requirements — its generally not something that I can get “off the shelf” — and that’s where the innovation comes in. I love coming up with new solutions to problems.

1. Other HR professionals

I heard something once years ago — basically, HR people like to hang out with other HR people. There is probably some ring of truth to that because many of my friends (at least ones that I met after college) work in HR.

Aside from the friendships that I have formed — I find that I am constantly inspired by other people in the space — whether they are thought leaders or colleagues I enjoy the people that I working and collaborating with other HR folks.


What do you think of my Top 10? Why do you love working in HR?

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