10 Business and HR Blogs Worth The Read

SHRM works hard to provide members with the best tools and resources for doing their jobs. In addition to trying to be as accessible as possible to our members, we’re all about learning from and sharing with others in the human resource and business space. From Harvard Business Review and HR Happy Hour to Next contributors Ross Smith and Susan Avello, bloggers are using social media to engage and activate business leaders and HR professionals on issues involving the future of the work.

Below is a list of 10 bloggers we think are worth following. This talented group includes folks who are the best at what they do – and we’re excited to see how they continue to help shape and uncover the future of work.

  1. Steve Boese – HR Happy Hour
  2. Craig Fisher – Fishdogs
  3. Jennifer McClure – Unbridled Talent
  4. Sharlyn Lauby – HR Bartender
  5. Jessica Miller-Merrill – Blogging 4 Jobs
  6. Kris Dunn – The HR Capitalist and Fistful of Talent
  7. Seth Godin – Seth Godin’s Blog
  8. Dan Rockwell – Leadership Freak
  9. Mike Vandervort – The Human Race Horses
  10. Laurie Ruettimann – The Cynical Girl

Think we missed someone or know of another business blog you think is relevant to Next? Lets us know!

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Thanks for including me on your list! I'm really honored to be listed with some of my blogging idols! :)

I'd include HR Ringleader from Trish McFarlane as well - http://hrringleader.com/ and Michael Hyatt | Intentional Leadership - http://michaelhyatt.com/ as great blogs for HR pros and leaders in general.

While this list is a good one, any list of business blogs that doesn't include Mike Myatt's n2growth blog (www.n2growth.com/blog) is missing out.

Trish McFarlane, Paul Smith, Frank Roche and Mike Haberman come to mind immediately...lots more out there. Thanks for including me though. it's an honor, and a great group!

Once again, the great Tim Sackett (www.timsackett.com and http://hru-tech.typepad.com/) is cruelly ignored.


Honored to be included on a list with bloggers you recommend. Thank you very much and continued success with your great work.

@Bejamin - Thanks for the additions!

@akaBruno - Thanks for the suggestions! We plan on including issue-specific blogs in future posts and will keep these two in mind!

@Jennifer - Thank you - we appreciate all the work you do! And thank you for suggesting Trish and Michael.

@Michael - Thanks! Your additions are great, we'll consider them for future posts.

@Dan - Great suggestion - thanks. We'll be sure to include Mike in upcoming business posts.

I know you can't include everyone on every list. So I am mighty proud to be on this one. Many thanks. Posting this has created quite a stir on my Facebook page :) Well done! Keep it coming.

Thanks very much for including the HR Happy Hour Show, which hopefully readers will see is a radio show/podcast rather than a traditional blog. But it is very cool to be mentioned as a resource for the HR community along with the other writers and blogs.

We hope to be on your list very soon.

Kevin Kennemer
The Chief People Officer

Nice list, thanks for posting. There are quite a few of these lists and it's always nice to find new HR blogs and experts.


I would also add http://womenofhr.com/ It's a very insightful blog!


I like your information.

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Amazing list. I like to read this blog. Thanks a lot for sharing.

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