5 Ways to Deal with a Toxic Boss



Even under the difficult conditions of the pandemic, there were excellent, empathetic leaders. Unfortunately, there are lots of bosses who weren’t great—quite the opposite. They were obstinate, insulting, micromanaging, or a combination of all three.

If your boss has you thinking about quitting, you’re not alone. A recent Gallup Poll shows that the No. 1 reason people leave a job is because of their boss. But before you decide that you’ve had too much, there are ways to manage and even improve the situation.

Get a fresh perspective.



How To Challenge Employees To Perform Outside Their Comfort Zones: 9 Managerial Tips



What is one way you challenge your employees to perform outside of their comfort zone in 2021?

To help managers get their employees to get outside of their comfort zone, we asked HR professionals and business leaders for their best insights. From dismantling limiting beliefs to allowing room for mistakes, there are several ideas that can help you expand your employees’ skills for growing your business. 

  • Here are nine strategies to get employees outside of their comfort zone. 
  • ...

Communication Is the No. 1 Managerial Skill to Build Trust in Hybrid Workspaces


The concept of trust perception combines three psychological factors: competence, benevolence, and honesty. Considering that one of the most critical skills of a Manager (especially in the virtual world) is communication, you can’t build trust without being intentional about connecting with EACH of your teammates. And not just with teammates you like or know better or meet in person. 

Suppose you don’t compensate for virtual distance with an intentional mindset to make it a point (this should be a virtual work value) to over-communicate with fairness with everyone on your team....


The Connection Between Business, Universities, and Student Workers… A Win/Win for All


The current state of business relative to graduating students in 2021 is not particularly positive. The facts are:

  • 91 percent of employers prefer their candidates to have work experience, and 65 percent of them prefer their candidates to have relevant work experience. [1]
  • Average Student Loan debt is $37,172 and average student loan payment is $393 per month. [2]

Most students wait until their senior year in college to apply for jobs. And they need jobs to pay back their student loans.

Given these facts, what more synergistic relationship could exist than the one between...


Employee Expectations, Experiences and the Post-Pandemic Discussions About Time


When it comes to human resources practices and procedures in the workplace, time has been and always will be important. In many cases, it’s everything in HR.

The notion of time runs rampant through HR and at work—but I’m not sure we talk about its true implications enough.

For me, there are days when it gets to be eight o’clock at night and I find myself thinking, “gosh, I wish there were more hours in this day for me to get things done.”  When I was young and wishing to be...


Important LinkedIn Profile Basics


Today I’ll share some of my favorite tips to nail your LinkedIn profile basics. 

Optimize your profile! You’ll want a profile that’s filled out and tells your story before you start to connect, post and engage intentionally. Once you do start increasing your activity and proactively showing up in your network’s newsfeeds, you’ll notice your profile views and number of connection requests will increase – so you’ll want to make sure your profile has the information you want others to see and represents you well!

All-Star Status

Achieve All-Star status!...


17 Years !!

I live in the great State of Ohio are we are in the midst of a generational event. Brood X has emerged from their slumber to take over every outdoor space imaginable. What’s Brood X? It’s a giant number of cicadas. You can’t really picture how many there are without experiencing it. What makes this a different situation than most years is that broods only come to life after 17 years in the ground !! 17 years !!

Once they start arriving and burrowing out of the ground, they typically crawl up...


How to Manage Your Schedule When Your Hair Is On Fire


Overcommitment is sprinting into oblivion with your hair on fire.

Self-management is less about getting stuff done and more about your relationship with time.

Effect of overcommitment:

You can’t enjoy leading with a gaggle of tasks honking for attention. Relief is the fullest expression of joy for overcommitted leaders.

Overbooked leaders are riddled with mediocrity.

There’s no time to innovate; no opportunity to develop; and no timeline for improvement when a thousand puppies nip your fingers.

Nagging frustration worms into every situation when obligation exceeds capacity. Even the best of us...


Leadership Math (Algebra Much?)


I love the funny images on Facebook about not using Algebra since taking the class umpteen years ago. I mean, honestly, when's the last time you actually whipped out a pencil and solved for (do they still use pencils in school?). The answer may actually be more recent than you realize, and probably in a way you haven't even thought of. I've realized that math applies to many things and often a simple equation can be the answer to a complex problem.

I wasn't always good in...


The Pros and Cons of Mandating College Degrees for Employment

There’s a growing trend for companies to do away with mandatory bachelor’s degrees for employees. While higher education is more critical for certain roles (think nursing or engineering) is it necessary to require degrees for roles such as a project manager or salesperson?

The short answer is it depends how you think about it.

Pros of hiring people with college degrees:

Their ability to think differently – In a recent Korn Ferry survey of professionals, 69 percent said the No. 1 way their college experience helped them was to increase their ability to think critically. That philosophy class you took...