How Do You Engage and Retain Gen X?

As the economy remains resilient, companies are in a battle not only to hire capable talent, but also to retain the workers that are assets to the organization.  Much has been written about the impact of the Baby Boomers and Millennials in the workplace. However, what about the smaller Generation X cohort that is sometimes the forgotten middle child of the generations? While they may be outnumbered by the Millennials and Boomers, their influence has shaped US companies during years of technological advancement and corporate change. What are the characteristics of Gen...


11 Ways to Celebrate Women's Equality Day (With a Hybrid Workforce)

Women's Equality is observed on August 26 in the U.S. Give one way a company can celebrate this national observance with a hybrid workforce.

To help your company to best celebrate Women’s Equality Day, we asked CEOs and HR leaders this question for their best ideas. From supporting local female-owned businesses to getting a panel of female senior leaders to share on a virtual platform, there are several ways your company can celebrate this national observance with a hybrid workforce.

Here are 11 ways to celebrate...


4 Steps To Increase Retention During The Great Reshuffle

I first heard the term The Great Reshuffle while scrolling through Tiktok, like the cool elderly millennial that I am.  Headlining this new chapter in the American history book is the fact that two-fifths of the workforce are considering leaving their employer in the next year.

The Great Reshuffle is such an...


13 Strategies to Address Mental Health in the Workplace

As an HR leader, elaborate on one strategy your company is applying to address mental health in the workplace?

To help you address mental health in the workplace, we asked HR Leaders and CEOs this question for their best strategies. From partnering with the Nation Council for Mental Wellbeing to hiring internal coaches to support employees, there are several strategies that you can adopt to address and support mental health initiatives in...


Turning Feedback into Action

The last time your manager offered feedback on a project, presentation, or as part of your performance review, what did you do with that information? Did you ignore it and move on, or did you consider how to use it to get ahead? A recent poll finds that only 14% of employees strongly agree that a performance review inspires them to improve.

That’s a problem. Accepting and acting on manager feedback could separate you from your colleagues and show that you have the potential to be a leader. Feedback is often about your blind spots. If you’re...


A Talent Strategy For Troubled Times - Stability + Agility

We’re all wondering the same thing: is a global recession coming?

A few months ago, it seemed as if worker shortages were the greatest business threat for 2022; the talent war to hire and keep the best people was on. But now, as companies tighten their belts to prepare for a worsening economy, there are different talent challenges on the horizon.

Keeping talented people is paramount in the year ahead because it is our people that will ultimately deliver a healthy bottom line.

The companies that succeed and even grow during troubled...


Ask An Advisor: FMLA Leave for New Fathers

Did you know it’s not just new mothers who get time off under the federal Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) for the birth of a child? That’s right. Fathers can also take leave under the federal FMLA to do late-night feedings, be showered with baby spit-up and change diapers. In fact, an increasing number of fathers are asking for time off to do just that!

FMLA regulations outline that both parents are entitled to FMLA leave for the birth of their child....


Why Remote Work Will Win This Fall

The monumental battle over remote work is heating up this summer as more traditionalist business leaders are demanding that their employees come to the office much or all of the time. Google maps workers, asked to come back to the office full-time recently, fought back with a petition and threats of a strike, and won a reprieve of 90 days. Elon Musk demanded that all Tesla staff come to the office full-time, resulting in Tesla staff getting recruited by other companies.

Yet what these traditionalist executives are failing to realize is that...


Why Skills-Based Hiring is Here to Stay

Skills-based hiring is coming to the fore. Harvard Business School analysts suggest that "only 27% of the pivot to skills-based approaches in the hiring processes are "cyclical resets" or short-term responses to the recruitment crisis, while the majority (63%) are "structural resets."

In fact, hiring based on skills is five times more predictive of future performance than hiring by education. And by removing minimum degree requirements from appropriate positions, recruiters can unlock new swathes of eligible candidates. But how exactly can skills-based hiring help recruiters measure a candidate's performance abilities?

How to...


How Can HR Get Ahead of a Potential Recession?

To help you get ahead of a potential recession, we asked HR leaders and small business owners this question for their best insights. From including DEI in your recession mitigation plan to reducing your vendor spending, there are several tips that may help your HR department prepare for a possible recession.

Here are 12 ways HR can get ahead of a potential recession:

  • ...