HR: “Leading Up” for Organizational Success




We are finally pulling out of an epic situation where many workers were furloughed or told to work from home due to COVID-19. Thankfully, the worst is in the past in many places and people are returning to work. Many questions persist: What will the workplace be like? Will the office environment have changed? Will my job have changed?

One thing is certain, the returning employees’ value to the organization has increased. Everyone who is back at work is necessary and important. However, it...


2 Things You Should Never Do Right Before A Job Interview



Job interviews mark the ending period of your search, and after that comes negotiation and accepting an offer. I typically advise that clients keep going with their career search until they have a formal offer. Why count your chickens before they've fully hatched? Having more than one offer can also increase your bargaining power, something I spoke about here. 

Not getting the job you want can be disheartening, and that's why I wanted to share two things you should never do before an interview. 

1. Unnecessarily raise your stress levels...


10 Virtual Onboarding Tips For Remote Employees



When it comes to new hires, onboarding isn’t just job training, it’s your first real experience with your newest team members. Now, with most jobs being remote, it’s even more important that you take the right steps to integrate your employees into your company within their first weeks.

By making a well-executed onboarding process, you can be sure that you’re setting your new team members up to be successful. That being said, building a program that drives that positive...


The Four Aspects of Transformational Leadership



The basis of leadership can be charted in a model that illustrates the two competing sides. On one side is leadership that creates change by being process-oriented and the other side is a relationship-oriented approach. While transactional leadership involves determining the tasks, rewarding goal achievement and punishing failure in attaining goals, transformational leadership focuses on the critical human assets such as commitment and thus helps followers to effectively implement organizational changes with both efficiency and effectiveness. Just as leaders need to be both autocratic and democratic at times, they also...


How Will HR Technology Change Human Resources?



As more organizations expand their remote work policies, the need to talk about technology capabilities increases. Not just what a technology is capable of doing and the value it can generate for the organization. We as individuals need to be familiar and conversant about technology.

Organizations and employees are going to demand that everyone in the organization have an understanding of technology, even the technologies that offer human-like features such as artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Using technologies such as artificial intelligence and machine learning doesn’t mean that HR departments...


Am I Naïve to Still Believe in Civility?



There has been a lot of discussion about “civility” or more appropriately, the “lack of civility” in so many areas of society. You would think that it would be a “no brainer” that civility is a good thing, right? You know, by being polite, being respectful, actively listening, etc. However, some have argued from another position by stating that civility “is just a sham” and is only invoked by individuals and groups that want to silence the opposition with their warped interest of “civility.” Maybe I am just living in...


What Is Your 3-Minute Interview Monologue?



Right now, with high unemployment and seemingly endless competition for jobs, nailing your interview is critical! Almost every failed interview can be traced back to the first three minutes. Experts will tell you the first ten seconds, but these are the same experts who have never interviewed or haven’t interviewed in the past twenty years. The reality is a little longer, but not much.

An interview doesn’t really start until you’re asked to open your mouth. And, not the small talk crap that you do while people get settled and wait for...


How to Crush Behavioral Interview Questions. Every. Single. Time.


Do you want to know the step-by-step process on how to successfully answer behavioral interview questions? 

In this valuable video, Self Made Millennial Madeline Mann will show you everything you need to know including how to create a "Story Toolbox" in advance of your interview. 


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Corporate Alumni Programs for The New Normal



If you are like most people in today’s labor market, it’s unlikely that you are currently working at your first company. Like a lot of my friends and colleagues, my curriculum vitae lists a number of former employers. If you represent an organization and don’t expect to have future interactions with departing employees, you wouldn’t be alone. Yet, we’re discovering now that maintaining lifelong relationships after employment ends has significant benefits for both employers and departing employees.

The traditional end of the employment relationship is often characterized by an (at...


Repairing & Rebuilding Company Culture in a Remote Work Environment




As remote work was suddenly thrust upon organizations just a few months ago, businesses at large scrambled to find online tools to keep their workflow, and their culture, moving along. For many, this sudden shift to a more remote work environment highlighted culture issues and challenges that may have been hidden or not seen as important in the real-world office. Issues with culture can reveal itself in many ways, from how well employees get along and support each other, to how they take care of customers, and...