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We stand at the beginning of a new era in human resources. Global events thrust HR to the forefront to deal with complex workforce and business issues, and to do so virtually. We rose to the occasion, survived, and thrived. Now we are poised to move forward, and the new normal is ours to design. However, we are faced with some thought-provoking facts. According to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, as of June of 2021:

  • Ninety-one (91) percent of state and local chambers of commerce say
  • ...

Inspire the Desire for Employee Engagement



For 15 months I've been documenting the ever-evolving workforce experience via this blog (and others). We've been through a hundred different layers contrasting hope and uncertainty. There are those who have found positivity in solitude while others have been chomping at the bit to get back to seeing other humans IRL (in real life). The time of emergence (at least for now) is upon us. 

The pandemic has raised an interesting cross-section of organizations embracing social issues while individuals overlapped the personal with the professional. Has the work-from-home conundrum taught us...


From “No Future” to a New Pivotal HR Role in Agile Organizations

How to become the best people ally

What’s cool with the 2021 role revamp of HR is that the hybrid constraint pushes practitioners and business decision-makers to put people first in the competitive war.

Considering people are the best asset of modern management and top-notch companies, it offers a bright future to the HR role. What other functions can recruit, make all the people love their companies, grow and stay to such an extent? It’s also a huge responsibility. 

In one of his latest podcasts, Josh Bersin shared that he knows from facts and stats that the HR job has...


How To Win The War For Talent While Fighting Fairly: Realistic Job Previews


The temptation to make the job sound as good as possible to potential applicants is always there. Even if that means not being fully honest. When competition for talent heats up, that temptation intensifies. But giving in may backfire. According to Leadership IQ’s Global Talent Management Survey, up to 81 percent of new hires fail. One of the issues is the lack of motivation, which could stem from the lack of a realistic job preview, resulting in disappointment and poor performance.

Realistic job preview is defined as the presentation...


The Great Resignation … by Remote Workers



The Great Resignation. It’s been the headline of the day and the topic that looms large at any company trying to snap back to business quickly. About 4 million people —roughly 2.7 percent of all workers —quit their jobs in April, the highest level in about 20 years. Moreover, recent surveys show that anywhere from 25 percent to 40 percent of workers are actively looking for a new job.

The question is, which group is bolting the fastest?

According to many business leaders and human resources pros, the largest pool of employees quitting is...


Using Change Communication to Lift Employee Engagement




Making a major transition? This is the perfect opportunity to influence employees’ attitudes and productivity

Announcing a major change at the same time a company is trying to lift lagging employee engagement scores can seem like an impossible task for internal communication teams.

Yet, that’s exactly the challenge many communicators are facing. Change is constant and rapid in today’s business landscape, and it can sometimes cause anxiety for internal audiences.

So how can we make progress on improving engagement at a time when employees...


Skills Power Every Talent Practice: Building Your Skills Business Case



Like many parents in the last year, I’ve spent more time with my kids’ learning materials, re-familiarizing myself with the ins and outs of intermediate school math, social studies, and more. One of the concepts that sticks out to me in science is atomic particles because it has a very clear tie to how we make talent decisions at work.

Atoms are the smallest individual components of an element. They have the necessary characteristics to tell us what the element is and what its properties are, and you can’t break...


How Will You Lead Your Business Into the Future with Strategic HR Planning?


SHRM’s Ask an Advisor service is a member benefit through which SHRM's HR Knowledge Advisors share guidance, real-life personal and professional experiences, and resources to assist members with their HR-related inquiries. We receive questions from HR professionals on a wide range of topics, from COVID-19 to HR leadership.

During the unprecedented challenges brought on by the pandemic, HR became the workplace champion for businesses and employees. It was HR’s finest hour.

In the past, we heard employers say, “We can't have employees working from home. How will we know if...