Eight Simple Sourcing Innovation to Attract More Candidates

What is a simple sourcing innovation you created to attract more candidates?

To help your business attract more candidates, we asked HR experts and business leaders this question for their best advice. From leveraging AI to forefronting benefits offered, there are several tips that may help your business attract more candidates than ever before. 

Here are eight simple sourcing innovations to attract candidates: 

  • Update job descriptions often
  • Leverage AI For scheduling immediacy 
  • Create Internship opportunities
  • Utilize talent you already have
  • Send follow-up emails
  • Forefront the benefits
  • ...

Oh, I can do that, I’m exempt!


I recently had a call from a member expressing their frustration with their exempt employees strolling into work at a time that “works for them” and leaving when they feel their day is done versus following their employer’s work schedule. It seems that these employees are translating their exempt status into “exempt” from work schedules, time and attendance policies, leave approval policies, and other company rules. I explained to the member that employers do not have to tolerate this behavior, and yes, you can set expectations and even discipline exempt employees for violating company policies or rules!

The term...


How to Begin Your HR Analytics Journey


HR departments are now involved in analyzing HR metrics at more than 90% of enabled organizations, according to a recent employer survey.

That’s great news for HR as a professional group, but if you are a member of the roughly 10% currently outside the HR analytics loop, then you’ve got some work to do to level up. Fortunately, catching up has never been easier.

Companies often say employees are their greatest asset, but, typically, their employees are the part of the business they know the least about. HR can help fill in that...


The Pachyderm and the Pandemic


It’s no secret the pandemic brought unprecedented upheaval to the American workforce.

Overnight, many of us had to learn to work from home or take significant precautions at work. Over the first few weeks, thousands lost jobs.

The pandemic shocked us out of our routines and gave us a chance to see our work, jobs, and lives with a fresh perspective. The result was an exodus from jobs of all kinds. Some people decided not to return to the workforce for personal reasons. Others changed companies, or even...


Don't Forget to Remember


We've all been sitting in our home offices for a year and a half pondering the return to our corporate enclaves. For some, the office has opened back up, this means commutes are back and formality might override flexibility. Others may have embraced the work-from-home ideology as permanent, this means longer working hours as lack of commute and in-office distractions free up more time for extra project work. Then there are those who tried to go back and were thwarted by the delta variant. Another group has reconsidered long-term work-from-home structure and have...


What Are the Most Actionable HR Metrics Across the Employee Life Cycle?


Employee turnover is the HR metric that is most closely analyzed and acted upon by organizations, but it shouldn’t get all the attention.

In fact, a recent survey of HR professionals found that time-to-fill, employee absence, and cost-per-hire were some of the other most analyzed metrics after employee turnover.

While all these metrics have earned their spot on organizations’ most-watched lists, lost in the wealth of employee life cycle information are the following impactful HR metrics your organization should be putting on its watchlist because of their ability to add organizational...


Why Your HR Software Must Be Able to Talk to Each Other


Just imagine if your organization’s HR department spoke English but Accounting spoke only French, Operations spoke only German, and Legal spoke only Mandarin. How would you ever get any work done?

The same concept applies if your various HR software applications can’t communicate with each other. And given that companies have accelerated their move to cloud-based HR platforms amid the pandemic and are expecting adoption to grow in the coming years, it’s more important than ever to ensure the platforms you choose can all communicate with each other and share data...


When Panic and Anxiety Come to Work


If you do not suffer from panic or anxiety attacks, it is hard to understand the feelings that overtake a person when an attack occurs. I suffer from panic and anxiety attacks. The worst thing about these attacks is they are front and center for the world to see: My face gets flushed. I perspire profusely. And the more conscious I am of the visible displays, the worse the symptoms become. It is challenging to maintain a sense of professional decorum when it looks like you were either caught in a...


How Do We Do Things Here?


A lot has been written about the importance of culture within a team, a division, or the larger organization. It matters. Culture is akin to the air we breathe – it’s all around us, and even though you might, or might not, be able to see it, you can feel it, you know it’s there. You know it affects how you feel. And just like air, when the wind blows or a storm rolls in, you can feel that, too.

Every family, community, enterprise, and country has a culture that can...


Member Spotlight: Why Advocacy Matters to Me


I’ve been advocating for my industry in Washington, D.C., for almost 20 years. It’s been one of the most rewarding parts of my job as a chief compliance officer.

I remember my first congressional visit. Of course, I was nervous, but the association that I was working with assured me that I would be fine because one of the organization’s legislative team members would go with me to see my district’s congressman and my two senators.

That morning we had a brief breakfast meeting where we reviewed our...