Virtual Water Coolers For a Thriving Team Culture in Hybrid and Remote Teams

Organizations will need to pivot their team culture if they wish to survive and thrive in the world of virtual collaboration after the pandemic. The most important changes will stem from the wide-scale and permanent shift to hybrid and fully-remote modes of working.

Why Did Corporate Culture Suffer During the Pandemic?

Culture refers to the social and emotional glue that bonds employees together into a community of belonging, motivates employees, and protects against burnout. It includes the norms and practices that determine how people collaborate. It also involves the values that guide...


Unplug Already: Why Stopping Work at the End of The Workday May Make You More Productive

As we head into the New Year and a new list of resolutions, many of us will make a pact with ourselves to have a better work/life balance. That may come in the form of turning off the screen and walking away from the computer at the end of the workday. And while some may feel guilty about not always being “on,” a new Korn Ferry survey of professionals shows it could make you more productive overall.

Although more than half of survey respondents say their company should have...


Top Nine HR Goals of Small and Midsize Companies

What is your top HR goal, and how do you plan to achieve the goal in 2022?

To help you identify and achieve your HR goals in 2022, we asked HR professionals and leaders for their best insights. From recalibrating and moving forward to increasing retention, there are several goals to consider for 2022.

Here are nine HR goals and how to achieve them:

  • Recalibrate and move forward
  • Develop employee expertise
  • Prioritize employees' mental health and well-being
  • Maintain culture
  • ...

A New Year; A New You: Make your Mental Health a Priority as HR Practitioners

This is the time of year when we start planning to once again declare our commitment to achieving our goals.  Whether it’s to retire, implement new HR programs, or get healthy, we always approach the new year with vim and vigor only to become a statistic of those that start the year with hopeful resolutions that are rarely completed.

As human resources (HR) practitioners, we are expected to be all things to all people, which can be overwhelming at times. And we often set goals meant to serve others, i.e.,...


How Important Are Allies in The Workplace?

When we look to build diverse and inclusive workplaces, we sometimes forget to harness one of the biggest forces of change and inclusion: allyships. Let’s start with a definition. Merriam-Webster dictionary defines allyship as “supportive association with another person or group … specifically: such association with the members of a marginalized or mistreated group to which one does not belong.”

As a SHRM HR Knowledge Advisor, I am often asked questions related to building inclusive workplaces and implementing initiatives to increase diversity. Sure, goals and well-worded statements are great,...


Employer Not Required to Provide Reason for Termination

As a SHRM HR Knowledge Advisor, I am frequently asked by members if they must provide employees with a reason for termination. Employers often hope that they are protected under the at-will employment doctrine.

Providing a reason for termination is solely at an employer’s discretion based on their policies, past practices, and, for some employers, state law. Aside from the at-will doctrine, some states have service letter requirements by which employees must receive a document upon separation that includes information such as the reason for separation, date of separation, unemployment insurance benefits...


Five Ways to Optimize Personal Energy

These days a lot of professionals can define their jobs using one metaphor: burning the candle at both ends.

After all, the world has been operating in the middle of a global pandemic for nearly two years, forcing everyone to adapt to new, unforeseen circumstances on a daily basis. Many have taken on more projects and more responsibilities while working with less support and fewer resources. As a result, people are diving into their personal energy reserves, becoming quickly depleted—so much so that, according to a recent Korn Ferry...


After The Love Has Gone: Seven Considerations Before You Break Up With Your Job

You have fallen out of love with your job. No amount of date nights, second chances, or counseling services will make the situation right. You figure that it is time to move on to greener pastures, but is it?

There are ebbs and flows to every relationship, and jobs are no exception. What attracted you to your current position — challenging assignments, a fun work environment, money — may no longer be enough to keep you interested and satisfied. However, before mentally checking out and looking for a new position, make the...


What’s the Best Work Perk of All? Contributing to the Social Good

As workforce demands increase and companies work hard to attract talent, the workplace has become far more competitive, with potential hires holding the cards. Flexible hours, continuing education, company stocks — once tools used only by the most progressive employers — now are commonplace. While we have a way to go, we can point to shifts that acknowledge team members as whole beings with responsibilities, obligations, and interests outside the workplace.

Many companies are engaged in active corporate social responsibility (CSR) programs devoting their resources and time to meaningful causes...


10 Techniques to Manage a Flexible Workforce

What is one effective technique or strategy to manage a flexible workforce?

To help you run a more flexible workforce, we asked business HR professionals and business leaders this question for their insights. From cultivating mutual respect and trust to focusing on results, there are several strategies you can use to guide a flexible workforce.

Here are 10 techniques to manage a flexible workforce:

  • Cultivate Mutual Respect and Trust
  • Be Rigid on Goals
  • Prioritize Regular Online Communication
  • ...