The Impact of Web3 On Workplaces

Flash back to the fail whales of 2008 for a second. Remember social media? 

I was a Gen Y’er who spent a year traveling around the country giving speeches to HR professionals about how social media was shaping the workplace. Facebook had just come out with pages where anyone could comment on a wall or a post. Twitter had hashtags. Reid Hoffman was attending HR conferences to convince HR professionals that LinkedIn was a great place to recruit. 

It was a time with more questions than answers. And...


How to Upskill Management while Increasing Individual Accountability for an Inspiring Hybrid Culture

In 2022, the management upskill begins with building new professional networks.

What do managers need? All the studies mention a solid managerial approach will be the cornerstone of the Future of Work.

For this reason, managers must learn how to be great communicators and coaches to develop their team members through supportive and consultative behaviors before challenging them.

This is the only way to build upon the Maslow Pyramid to reach the ultimate levels: the collective sense of belonging, and the esteem and self-actualization needs. Without individual accomplishment and satisfaction, we can’t have a...


Senior Executive Lookahead: Mental health and wellness will affect labor force participation and invite regulatory oversight

This is the fifth installment of our Senior Executive Lookahead blog series.

We have been counting down the top five issues that should be on the radar of every human resource and business leader in 2022. Today we explore Issue Five: Mental health and wellness will affect labor force participation and invite regulatory oversight.

Now more than ever, employers are allocating more resources to address workplace mental health and wellness, especially in hybrid and remote-work environments. As with previous periods of economic dislocation, workers may drop out of the labor force...


13 Strategies to Eliminate Workplace Isolation

According to SHRM Research, about 28% of workers felt lonely/isolated while at work after a colleague departed. What is one strategy for employers to eliminate employee workplace isolation? 

To help HR leaders tackle office place isolation, we asked workplace coaches and HR managers this question for their best insights. From practicing intentional gratitude to reestablishing a sense of structure, here are 13 strategies that can help you eliminate employee isolation in the workspace regardless of their position and type of workspace.

Here are the 13 strategies to...


Humanity First, Results Second


As the pandemic continues to trudge forward coupled with a rugged economy, the mathematical equation to meeting human needs requires changing the inputs. Organizations have assigned teams which are busy working to implement solutions around process issues, staffing and finding ways to increase efficiency within the confines of tight balance sheets. Organizations need more productivity with scarce resources, now.

As organizations wrestle with these challenges, teams appear to be working within the same frameworks as times of old. Hire more people, retain more people, use Lean Six Sigma...


What We Can Learn From State Retirement Plan Mandates

In the year 2022, the word “mandate” elicits strong emotions on both sides of the aisle.  So why do retirement plan mandates appear to have bi-partisan support?!

Perhaps, because at its core, this initiative is less about mandating what business should or should not do, and more about offering all Americans an equal opportunity to secure a dignified retirement.

The data is pretty evident: employer sponsored retirement plans are increasingly effective at getting individuals to save for retirement. In addition, the popularity of auto enrollment and auto escalation features are...


RX for Bad Meetings


In any group, in any industry, all we have to do is whisper the word, 'meeting', to elicit a groan, eye rolls and sighs. It’s no wonder. When I ask people what percentage of their time is wasted in meetings, the answer is always, always…at least 50% and often far higher.

It doesn’t take a math whiz to figure out how much that costs our organizations in lost productivity, lost engagement, and morale. People truly hate these unproductive meetings for good reasons. It’s often because most meetings are poorly planned and...


Our Time is Now


Fatigue. That seems to be the word of the moment. Everywhere we are hearing stories of deteriorating mental health due to isolation and uncertainty. The COVID-19 pandemic has prompted the practice of flexible leadership and workforce adjustment. Right when things seem to be returning to "normal", they revert to stagnation. All of this weighing on employees, managers, executives and (especially) Human Resource professionals. Per usual, HR is called upon to play middle (wo)man in connection with the news of the day and how it effects organizational strategy. Each day a new...


Hybrid and Remote Team Management Through Revising Performance Evaluations


The pandemic forced leaders to reconcile with the need for effective hybrid and remote team management strategies, including in performance evaluations. Research has shown the benefits of moving away from large-scale quarterly or annual performance reviews. Instead, systematic, frequent, and brief reviews focused on task performance, effective feedback and coaching, and guidance in wise decision-making, will replace it in organizations that want to survive and thrive in the post-COVID world. Leaders need to benchmark to best practices on performance evaluation for hybrid and remote team management in our new normal.



We Belong Together

To belong or not to belong? That is the question for 2022.

As the competition for talent intensifies, how can your organization create a true sense of belonging in the post-pandemic world?

Never has “belonging” been so front and center in the fight for talent, whether that is its attraction, development or its retention.

As organizations in all four corners of the globe experience attrition rates on an unprecedented scale, there can be little doubt, our expectations of the global corporate workplace have changed since the onset of...