The Importance of Management in a Virtual World

As a manager, you can learn how critical it can be to do your weekly one-on-ones with your team members over the months. If you skip one, you can still catch up at the water cooler. But, in the virtual world, that’s another story: you can lose your credibility if you don’t know how to maintain a good level of communication, and that’s the most frequent story for losing trust. You learn to be a good manager the hard way, and most of the time, after one or two resignations, you get...


Maybe We Won't Return To Work

For nearly 20 months, we've been pondering what the great "return to work" will look like. The COVID-19 pandemic has caused the greatest disruption to the working world in recent memory. Fortunately, advances in technology, production work-a-rounds, and nimble leadership have helped certain organizations maintain (if not thrive) amid chaos and uncertainty. With each working day in 2020 came another adaptation. In 2021, we've prepared ourselves for a return to normal. As a future without perfect forecast lines ahead, we are all doing our best to keep our heads above water (intent...


The Holiday Season Approaches: 12 HR Preparation Tips

What is one thing HR teams need to consider while preparing for the upcoming holiday season?

To help HR teams with preparations for the holidays, we asked HR leaders and recruiting specialists this question for their best advice. From remembering it’s not just the Christmas season to staying on top of employee burnout, there are several HR considerations to keep in mind during the holidays.

Here are 12 HR preparation tips for the holiday season:

  • Remember It's Not Just Christmas
  • Guide Executives in Employee Recognition
  • Give Yourself Grace
  • Focus on Employees
  • ...

National Apprenticeship Week! #NAW2021

Monday, November 15 kicked off National Apprenticeship Week (NAW) with the purpose of celebrating the success of apprenticeships and getting more employers to offer this time-tested program used by employers around the world in a variety of industries and occupations. Since 2011, there has been 70 % growth of new apprentices. However, the number of apprentices in the U.S. is still only 636,000. Is this because apprenticeships aren’t producing stellar results for the employers or the apprentice isn’t learning and being productive? Data suggests that is not the case as surveys...


Fat Rabbits, Quick Wins, Rocks, and Who Cares? Filtering Top Priorities From The Noise

Priority identification was certainly important prior to the pandemic. Today, getting crystal clear about work priorities it’s critical. There is so much change to juggle, navigate, adjust…you name it. No matter the project or challenge, if your job requires you to zero in on the most relevant data or factors within the data, create priorities, and then execute on them, you will need to first sort through the noise and get to the core issues or challenges. These days, you need to sort even faster and more effectively than ever before. Think of...


A Little Respect

It seems that almost every conversation these days is tenuous. People are hesitant to talk to each other about the most mundane subjects because they’re concerned about the potential reaction they’ll receive. This has led to people becoming more and more separated. The separation in turn leads to very slanted opinions and people dig their heels in on whatever is being bantered about.

We need to be able to have opinions and we need to be able to share them. We learn from each other and hear many perspectives when



Diversity and Inclusion Is So Much More Than D&I

The last year and a half have not only exposed our weaknesses and susceptibility to a global health crisis but have highlighted the deep-rooted inequity and discrimination that persists, leading to the social unrest experienced around the world. Many organizations have scrambled to understand the complexity of diversity and inclusion leading them to investigate their current processes and procedures for hiring and managing talent.

For many organizations, this is uncharted territory. Diversity and inclusion have been around for quite a while, but they’ve served as a secondary focus for most...


Vaccine Mandate Creates Virus Whiplash for HR

As an HR Knowledge Advisor, I have received many questions about the new federal vaccine mandate to combat the delta variant of the coronavirus. These questions often come with a frustrated tone of “virus whiplash” or a feeling of “here we go again” as the latest regulation deadline approaches. We all need to figure out and implement new policies once more. The stakes are higher on implementing this mandate. In the past, employers have implemented mask mandates, travel guidelines and work-from-home restrictions with agility, and employees were typically issued warnings when such...


To Pay or Not to Pay For COVID-19 Tests: That Is The ETS Question

A major question prior to the publication of OSHA’s ETS was whether employers could require employees to pay for COVID-19 tests. We now know the answer: “maybe.”

The ETS states that it does not require an employer to pay for any costs associated with testing; however, employer payment for testing may be required by other laws, regulations, or collective bargaining agreements, or other collectively negotiated agreements. In other words, the ETS does not, by its plain words, preempt other laws on this specific issue. 

Therefore, employers must pay for the testing where required by...


Machine Learning Allows Employers to Leverage Skill Data in Ways We Never Dreamed

In 2019, our team at Lighthouse Research & Advisory set out to determine if artificial intelligence (AI) is better than humans at some HR tasks. We know that automation can process some actions faster than a human, but what about finding insights in employee engagement data? Can a computer really do that better than we can?

In the experiment, we gathered 1,000 responses from workers across North America on workplace stressors, manager relationships, and more. We then shared that data with a few consulting firms for expert inputs and recommendations. The insights...