How Can HR Get Ahead of a Potential Recession?

To help you get ahead of a potential recession, we asked HR leaders and small business owners this question for their best insights. From including DEI in your recession mitigation plan to reducing your vendor spending, there are several tips that may help your HR department prepare for a possible recession.

Here are 12 ways HR can get ahead of a potential recession:

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Top 13 Priorities for an HR Department of One

What is one of the top priorities for an HR department of 'one' and what is a solution to this priority?

To help you best prioritize your HR roles as a one-person department, we asked HR leaders and CEOs this question for their best advice. From building solid processes to being ready to resolve conflicts, there are several things to focus on as your top priorities when running an HR department of one.

Here are 13 top priorities for an HR department of one:...


The Perfect Recruitment Strategy to Source Candidates Globally for a Diverse Talent Pool

Looking for the perfect recruitment strategy? Imagine you are a business offering an extensive range of services who would also like to maintain their quality. Your clients know you for your strong commitment and adherence to strict deadlines, so now that you want to expand your business and open up new positions, you seek help of outsource recruitment. But your talent pool still lacks that omph or the charm that you are looking for. What are you supposed to do in such cases?

That’s where the perfect recruitment strategy comes...


The Dangers of Armchair Psychology for Leaders

Imagine you’re driving along the highway, and see an electric sign saying “79 traffic deaths this year.” Would this make you less likely to crash your car shortly after seeing the sign? Perhaps you think it would have no effect?

Neither are true. According to a recent peer-reviewed study that just came out in Science, one of the world’s top academic journals, you would be more likely to crash, not less. Talk about unintended consequences!

The study examined seven years of data from 880 electric highway signs, which showed the number of deaths so far this year for one week each month as part of a safety campaign. The researchers found...


The 12 Most Pressing Issues in the Workplace

What are the most pressing issues HR is facing in the workplace?

To help you identify the most pressing issues HR is facing in the workplace, we asked HR experts and CEOs this question for their best insights. From maneuvering a competitive job market to creating strategies for effective collaboration, there are several important matters HR must currently maneuver in the workplace

Here are 12 of the most pressing issues in the workplace:...


Struggling with Diversity? Become a Fair-Chance Employer

When it comes to diversity, business and HR leaders acknowledge they’re not where they aspire to be. Since 2020, much of the focus has been on racial diversity - in particular, the share of Black people among applicants, employees, and leaders. However, despite the focus and effort, organizations continue to lag on that dimension, as well as on most other dimensions of diversity.

What have many organizations not yet tried?: Fair-chance hiring. It is a tangible, tactical, and highly effective way to boost diversity across multiple dimensions simultaneously.

What is fair-chance hiring?


Workplace Diversity and Inclusion for Evolving Businesses

Many of the businesses across the globe have incorporated workplace inclusion and diversity however, according to PWC's 2021 Global Diversity & Inclusion Survey, only 4% of firms are actually excelling in achieving key characteristics of successful D&I programming. The significance, relevance, and necessity of this has grown notably in the last decade. Gender, race have been studied extensively in this context. Is that it, though? Or is there more to it?

In the current period, what exactly is workplace inclusion and diversity? Workplace Diversity and Inclusion: a passing...


The Great Resignation, Stalled

Not long ago—like last month—job hunters seemed to have all the leverage. Nationwide, there were nearly two open jobs for every unemployed person. In some markets the ratio was closer to 3:1. But interest-rate hikes, a significant stock market decline, and the growing possibility of a recession—according to a slew of economists and corporate leaders—have dented the confidence of many would-be job seekers. The pace of new job postings has slowed on various online job sites. Early indications suggest that firms are pulling back on filling open slots. Major retailers have said...


14 Strategies To Reduce Employee Turnover

How can leaders in an organization help HR professionals reduce employee turnover?

To help leaders best support HR and reduce employee turnover, we asked business leaders and HR professionals this question for their best advice. From scheduling regular meetings to humanizing your hiring process, there are several strategies that help leaders and HR professionals work together to reduce employee turnover in their organizations.

Here are 14 strategies to reduce employee turnover:

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The Inevitable Great Resignation

The LinkedIn network is run amuck with people posting new career adventures. I had questioned whether the Great Resignation was a theme more than a reality. I also questioned if mass professional exodus was a sign of disengagement or simply a trend to bolster individual empowerment. Make no mistake about it, the Great Resignation is here.

There are a few distinct things that drive people from their job:

1. Bad Bosses

2. Lack of Upward Mobility

3.  No Alignment with Company Values

4. Ineffective Products/Solutions

What seems to have been over-looked in the malaise of the Great Resignation is that most of the above is avoidable through individuals taking ownership...