After The Love Has Gone: Seven Considerations Before You Break Up With Your Job

You have fallen out of love with your job. No amount of date nights, second chances, or counseling services will make the situation right. You figure that it is time to move on to greener pastures, but is it?

There are ebbs and flows to every relationship, and jobs are no exception. What attracted you to your current position — challenging assignments, a fun work environment, money — may no longer be enough to keep you interested and satisfied. However, before mentally checking out and looking for a new position, make the...


What’s the Best Work Perk of All? Contributing to the Social Good

As workforce demands increase and companies work hard to attract talent, the workplace has become far more competitive, with potential hires holding the cards. Flexible hours, continuing education, company stocks — once tools used only by the most progressive employers — now are commonplace. While we have a way to go, we can point to shifts that acknowledge team members as whole beings with responsibilities, obligations, and interests outside the workplace.

Many companies are engaged in active corporate social responsibility (CSR) programs devoting their resources and time to meaningful causes...


10 Techniques to Manage a Flexible Workforce

What is one effective technique or strategy to manage a flexible workforce?

To help you run a more flexible workforce, we asked business HR professionals and business leaders this question for their insights. From cultivating mutual respect and trust to focusing on results, there are several strategies you can use to guide a flexible workforce.

Here are 10 techniques to manage a flexible workforce:

  • Cultivate Mutual Respect and Trust
  • Be Rigid on Goals
  • Prioritize Regular Online Communication
  • ...

13 Ways HR Leaders Are Reskilling For a New Future of Work

What is one way you are reskilling for a new future of work? What area of HR are you reskilling?

To help HR professionals consider what skills to update, we asked HR leaders, recruiting specialists, and business professionals this question for their insights. From reinventing job postings to using people analytics models, there are several ways HR professionals can reskill for the business world’s ever-changing landscape.

Here are 13 ways HR leaders are reskilling for a new future of work:

  • Optimize Decision-Making With Analytics
  • ...

Looking Ahead: SHRMLab's Better Workplaces Challenge Cup 2022

Last month, SHRMLabs launched its second Annual Better Workplaces Challenge Cup, opening the registration period for entrepreneurs in workplace technology. This year, we are excited to expand the competition and we are seeking applications from around the world, not just the United States. This allows us to seek out the most innovative workplace tech solutions from around the globe.

When we devised this competition, we wanted to have a positive impact on workplaces while bringing forth needed technology to HR professionals. What we have done is devise a competition that aims...


8 Risks and Rewards With AI in HR

What is one risk or one reward of utilizing AI in HR?

To help you understand the risks and rewards associated with using AI in HR, we asked HR professionals and business leaders this question for their insights. From setting realistic expectations to considering litigation risks, there are several risks and rewards to consider when implementing AI in HR.

Here are eight risks and rewards with AI in HR:

  • Set Realistic Expectations
  • Increase Efficiencies
  • Minimizes Repetitive Tasks
  • Consider Litigation Risks
  • Evaluate the Validity and Accuracy of Data
  • Balance AI Insights with
  • ...

Can an Employer Invite Its Employees to Self-Identify Their LGBTQIA+ Status?

I have occasionally received the question of whether it is acceptable to invite employees to self-identify their LGBTQIA+ status or sexual orientation. The answer to this question is yes!

Why would an employer want to invite employees to self-identify their LGBTQIA+ status?

Although some employees may feel uncomfortable disclosing their LGBTQIA+ status (just as some may be uncomfortable disclosing disability status, veteran status, gender, or racial identity), employee self-identification provides an opportunity to bring cultural and social awareness to an organization. This can definitely impact the company’s initiatives and investments related...


Here’s What Needs to Happen When a Complaint Is Filed Against an HR Manager

As a SHRM HR Knowledge Advisor, I received an interesting question this week. An employee who works in HR filed a harassment complaint against their HR manager for creating a hostile work environment. Would this situation be treated the same as other harassment claims in the organization? The HR manager would normally conduct the investigation. But if the complaint is against the HR manager, who handles the situation?

These are good questions. An employer should always investigate any complaint filed and discern if the allegations are founded, even if the situation arises...


The Importance of Management in a Virtual World

As a manager, you can learn how critical it can be to do your weekly one-on-ones with your team members over the months. If you skip one, you can still catch up at the water cooler. But, in the virtual world, that’s another story: you can lose your credibility if you don’t know how to maintain a good level of communication, and that’s the most frequent story for losing trust. You learn to be a good manager the hard way, and most of the time, after one or two resignations, you get...


Maybe We Won't Return To Work

For nearly 20 months, we've been pondering what the great "return to work" will look like. The COVID-19 pandemic has caused the greatest disruption to the working world in recent memory. Fortunately, advances in technology, production work-a-rounds, and nimble leadership have helped certain organizations maintain (if not thrive) amid chaos and uncertainty. With each working day in 2020 came another adaptation. In 2021, we've prepared ourselves for a return to normal. As a future without perfect forecast lines ahead, we are all doing our best to keep our heads above water (intent...